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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 30, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Newsmen see bombed town Yemen accuses Egypt of Gas attack Yemen a Twenty Western newsmen have seen this primitive Capi Tal where tribesmen accuse president Nasser egyptian air forces of having dropped Poison Gas that killed one Quarter of Kenaf s Popula saudi accused Egypt of bombing and rocketing the town of on where doctors reported treating survivors of the alleged Gas four persons were killed and three others injured in the according to saudi Egypt often has accused saudi Arabia of giving support to Yemen royalists and Hajran has been described by Egypt As a staging ground for ant Republican Ger egyptian forces have been sup porting the Republican regime in Yemen since when Imam Mohammed Al Badr was de throned in a revolution and began mustering royalist forces to re gain the throne and drive out Nasser the who arrived in Kenaf thursday after a 27hour journey on donkeys and on were More than 100 freshly dug As Well As scores of dead donkeys and cows which bore no external Marks to show what had killed the trip was arranged and led by Bushrod a washing ton lawyer who serves As publicity agent for yemeni villagers of Kenaf Emir Ahmad bin commander of the royalist Yemen forces in Northeast told the news men they estimated 120 to 200 Quarter of Ketas in the the newsmen were shown medi Cal reports diagnosing Gas Poison ing and listened to ragged tribes men describe Clouds of twice As High As a that killed everything wherever the wind blew mud houses of the town showed Little no doctors or pathologists accompanied the newsmen to con firm that Gas was the two pakistani doctors in a hos Pital at saudi said they treated 118 survivors from and that All had the same dry watery breathing difficult Chest pains and All symptoms of Gas were pre sent and we concluded it was said Radbod a former army Rockefeller pick name for son new York new est member of the Rockefeller family Friday was named Mark Fitler by and Nelson j the child was born prematurely thursday and was reported in excellent Mark is the second child of the governor and the former mar Garetta Happy Fitler saudi arabian soldiers dig through rubble for Hajran on killing four persons and i bodies after 10 egyptian air Force jets bombed Juring a radio photo firemen to save 10 new York a firemen rescued seven children and three women with an Aerial ladder during a fire Early saturday in the Blaze broke out in a 2story Frame multiple firemen John in Iago and John Wagon Man raced into the building and up to the second where they led the children and adults Down the about a dozen including nine other on the first floor fled to one Louise remained in Kings county Hospital for treatment of a severe Cut of the right treated and released were Rose and Ella cause of the Blaze was not pollution problem state health departments poll Tio measuring device is useless when the wind blows from the a department official said the wind caused smoke and soot from the departments smoke stack to Settle on the rooftop in causing it to give an abnormally High pollution to of debt to widow Bahamas Clayton Powell said saturday he intends to pay tuesday on the court judgment held against him by a Harlem at a news conference on this Island off whom the House refused to seat earlier this said that would satisfy the judgment won against him in 1963 for defamation of interest and penalties because of his Long delay in paying have sunup the the Money will go to Esther who sued pow Ell for calling her a bag or graft collector for the Viet Veteran Dies in crash Pilot Donald who flew 157 combat missions in was killed Friday in the crash of a propeller driven sky Raider near the Lemoore naval air the Navy said Kamburis plane shortly after Takeoff and crashed As he was trying to make an emergency saturday Powell referred to her As that delightful Powell said the Money to make the payment would come from royalties from a Long playing rec Ord of his sermons just the who was also said million records have already been ordered and he expects to sell 4 Powell will 22 cents for each ill be the first Clergyman in the history of the world to get a Gold Platter for Selling a Mit lion said who is a an ordained pastor of one of new Yorks largest negro Powell also said he would appear before the House committee investigating his qualifications to be seated in Congress when my counsel advises the com Mittee is due to Start work next week and has until 23 to recommend whether Powell should be unit oks new envoy Washington up the Senate foreign relations com Mittee has unanimously approved and submitted to the Senate presi Johnsons nomination of John Henning As ambassador i to new patient dead 90 minutes is revived England a two doctors at Southport general infirmary brought a Man Back to life after he had been dead for 90 the British medical said this is the longest technical death from natural causes which any one has survived in Britain details of the Battle to save the life of the a 53yearold 4 Pacific stars stripes were disclosed Fri Day the Man collapsed after a heart attack following an operation at another he was taken to Southport infirmary but four Days later he stopped breathing and his heart he was revived by an Indian Hospital Upendra of and a 23 year old physician fresh from medical Roderick Don they began artificial Respi ration and electro cardiac Mas Pati said that while they were trying to revive the patient his heart gave recognized death electric shop treatment was used to try to turn this tremor into Normal but the heart developed an irregular pattern under Shock treatment and drugs had to be Given to Stop said after aft hour Therewa still no sign of any heart beat or spontaneous respiration but after an hour and a half we could hear his heart beating and he started if he continues to improve As he is said he will be Able to return Home to his family in about two the lifesaving Battle took place 8 Days the mans identity is being kept secret said he Doest know he cry try sukarno1 Indonesia up Over indonesian students Snake danced through the streets of Jakarta saturday chanting Sukarno is a communist investigate spokesmen for the hordes of said it was just a up before getting Down to the business of ousting the students wore Sandwich Type advertising boards and carried i a c a r d s which Sukarno was involved in the coup try Sukarno investigate they Sang As they Sukarno is King of the Sukarno is a communist dog Sukarno is the great Leader of the they demanded that Sukarno be brought before a military tribunal As soon As possible and be tried for High treason for alleged complicity in the 1965 communist coup spokesmen this was just to show our Force just a they said their leaders meet sunday to draw up plans for next weeks probably would include a full scale demonstration in front of the parliament building Early in the the students skipped their usual pre March speaking rally on the University Campus and quickly formed columns and snaked their Way Over a preplanned downtown route that was guarded by troops and local police Loyal to army strongman there were no signs of hostile pros u k a r of o marines whom Sukarno reportedly has threat ened to unleash on the students if they bother grandson arrested Rome up police Friday arrested a grandson of fascist Dic Tator Benito Mussolini for trying to a Wreath placed at the Tomb of Italy unknown Soldier by visiting soviet president Niko Lai count Marzio son of Mussolini oldest eur and executed fascist foreign minister count Galeazzo was charged with attempted aggravated theft and seditious a Giuseppe was also police said they watched Ciano climb Over the Iron Gate leading to the Tomb and take a Large Wreath of carnations and roses placed there by Podgorny wednes Cianos Mother is still alive and resides a luxury Villa on the Isle of Podgorny meanwhile visited a Milan Auto works which has received major contracts from rus then travelled to Venice for Faisal to make state visit to London up King Faisal of saudi Arabia will make a state visit to Britain in May As the guest of Queen Buck Ingham Palace has he will arrive May 9 and stay about nine visiting other parts of Britain As Well As Lon i j

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