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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 27, 1967, Tokyo, Japan1st Day will be Apollo s toughest Moo shot by Howard Benedict Cape Kennedy Fla. A barring additional troubles Apollo-1will Blaze into space with a three Man Crew next month to Start the flight phase of America s Man to the Moon project. It will be the first of several launching intended to test equipment and train crewmen for the great adventure of travelling to the Moon in 1968 or 1969.riding in Apollo-1 will be air Force it. Cols. Virgil i. Gus gris som and Edward h. White ii and Navy 0private rocket founds thrust height feet weight tons capsule weight pounds height feet diameter feet Mercury Redstone 78,000 74 33 4,000 9 6 Mercury Atlas 360,000 84 125 4,200 9 6 gemini Titan ii 530,000 90 166 8,000 t9 9 Apollo Saturn 1 1.8 million 188 650 40,000 36 12 10" it. Cdr. Roger b. Chaffee. Grissom Veteran of flights in the Mercury an gemini programs will be command Pilot. The Crew originally was to take off atop a powerful Satuni-1 rocket last no vember. But a series of problems mainly wit ii the spacecraft caused delays. The launch now is set for feb. 21." the Arth orbit Mission could last along As 14 Days but most officials doubt it will go the distance. Grissom gives thee raft a pretty slim Chance of making 14. Days because this is the first time we be flown. We Don t know exactly How to budget consumables such As or. Joseph Shea Apollo spacecraft manager for Nasa s manned spacecraft Center said we Are committing the Mission to what we Call an open ended concept. If the hardware is working adequately we feel now that we have enough Confidence Overall in space flight and in our control techniques so that we caplet the Mission run for As Long As every thing works a major goal will be to test the space Craft main engine the Power Plant that will provide thrust during a lunar round trip. On Apollo-1, the engine is to be fired eight times under various tempera Ture and other conditions with burning times ranging from less than a second to 42 seconds. The flight plan Calls for Apollo 1 to relaunched into an initial orbit ranging from 100 to 158 Miles High. An engine Burn the first Day. Is to elevate the highpoint to .270 Miles. On the sixth Day this is to be raised to about 280 Miles and on the ninth Day lowered to 195 Miles. The astronauts won t be As Cramedas were the Mercury and gemini pilots. Their three seat spaceship will allow them room to walk about. There even is room for two Hammock like Beds that zip up to keep sleeping astronauts from floating about in their weightless world. The one Man Mercury capsule weighed about 4,000 pounds the two Man gemini about 8,000 pounds and Apollo-1 about 40,000 pounds. Former congressman out to help Trust territory solve problems Washington up a Pennsylvania furniture maker who had a Bri Effling in. Congress is going half Way around the world to tackle one of the United states most vexing but least understood problems. N. Nieman Cra Ley 39, will be come assistant commissioner for Public affairs of the Trust Terri tory of the Pacific islands with Headquarters on Saipan. What that imposing title Means a. N. Craley is that Craley will help Micronesia adjust to a situation which it has not confronted in modern times self determination. Micronesia known As the Trust Terri tory is comprised of 2,000 islands and atolls dotting an area of the Western Pacific larger than the . Mainland. Over the centuries their affairs have been governed by outsiders the Spanish the germans the dutch the English the germans again the japanese and now the United states which has governed the islands since 1947 under a trusteeship agreement with the United nations. One aim of the trusteeship agreements the development of Micronesia toward self sustenance and political maturity. The Interior department which has Overall responsibility for Micronesia says Craley s main Job will t e to help micronesian understand the political alter natives available to them in the future such As Independence full . Territorial status either alone or in affiliation wit the nearby territory of Guam or even statehood by becoming a part of Hawaii. Craley is the latest addition to a new team of Young men who have been As signed in the past year to direct micronesian affairs. Beginning with the appointment last summer of William nor Wood of Honolulu As High commissioner of the territory the Johnson administration has swept House in Saipan in an Effort to Avert continued criticism in the United nations that it was neglecting its duty to the islands. A new Deputy High commissioner also has been appointed and the peace corps has assigned a full time administrator to Saipan to run its new micronesian pro Gram. Interior department sources say further changes Are being contemplated. Democrat Craley s interest in Micro Nesia began in 19u5 after he was elected to Congress from Pennsylvania s nor Mally Republican 19th District. It was my first and Only try a politics he says. Before 1964, he helped manage a family furniture manufacturing Enterprise at red lion a. He was assigned to the House Interior and insular affairs committee and quickly took an interest in territorial went to Micronesia on inspection trips twice and was enchanted by the place he said. I decided pretty Earl that if anything should happen to me in november i wanted to help with our work out As it turned out republicans re gained Craley s seat last november. He asked for a Job in Micronesia and the administration was More than willing to accommodate him. Craley unlike Many liberals does no feel . Dollars Are the. Main answer to the Trust territory s problems. We could plunge in there with our Money and build everything up for them but that would make them More dependent on us he said. The new assistant commissioner say she s going to Micronesia with an open mind about the area s future , while he was in Congress he advocated joining the Trust territory with Guam into a single territory and opposed a proposal by sen. Hiram a Hawaii to create a Pacific state comprised of american Samoa the Trust islands and Hawaii. Craley sees his biggest Challenge As building up a legitimate Friendship be tween the High commissioner s staff and the micronesian must establish a rapport that will produce an atmosphere of Trust he said. We must help them to be genuine i their reactions. Micronesian have Al ways reacted the Way we want them to , a father of four is leaving his family behind at their Home in York,pa., for the time being. Suss farms on Way out by John Weylandt Roscow a private farming is on the decline in the soviet Union an experts believe it will disappear. Reporting this the official news Agency Tass contended that since Farrier were guaranteed a minimum wage last year they will have Little interest in continuing to work their private plots and sell the produce on the free Market. The private plots and free Market shave always been Felt Here to be at variance with True communism. The have been tolerated because state and collective farms were unable to Supply the food needs of the people Enterprise agriculture has provided some 40 per cent of soviet vegetables milk and meat All of which Are in Short Supply from 3.5 per cent of the arable land. The prediction of the eventual disappearance of private farming has Bee made Here before. Its repetition now could indicate that the government will make a new attempt to do away with this surviving Factor of the old system. Voluntary9 gut the government reported earlier that new successes by collective farms had caused members to reduce voluntarily the size of their private plots. Western experts expressed doubt about the of reductions since Farmers have shown a Strong desire. To keep doing work on their own. Public announcements of voluntary decision shave Long been a sign Here of a govern ment decision to do something a Long study on private farming by commentator Ivan Artemov Tass re ported that the share of the individual sector in the marketable products of agriculture fell to 11 per cent last had been 13 per cent in 1965 and 24 per cent in 1950. Free markets supplied by collective Farmers number More than 7,000 in the soviet Union. Housewives go to the because although their prices Are higher they usually have scarce items such a fruits and vegetables in the Winter which Are not available at state Farmers get about four fifths of an acre each for their private can consume the products from this themselves offer them on the free markets or sell them to the state. Work harder foreign observers have often maintained that the. Farmers work harder on their private plots and prefer this Way of using their time to joining brigades on common Tass analysis claimed that production on collective and state farm i showing dynamic growth and cited this As a Factor along with a minimum wag for All Farmers making for decreased importance of the individual farm production reached a record High of 68.5 billion rubles $68.3billion in 1966, a 10 per cent increase Over the preceding new guaranteed wage is designed to vary according to individual work Don and the Prosperity of different farms. In general it is supposed to raise the income of farm families by 35 to 40 per cent Over the next five income of collective Farmers now is 33 Pel cent below that of Industrial workers by soviet estimate. This would about 60 rubles $66 a experts believe this Esti mate is too High. Pacific stars & stripes 9 Friday Jan. 27, 1967 v

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