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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 27, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Moment of truth Ray Crumley ipes serving All the services an publication of the armed published in four editions daily at Japan by Pacific stars and Apo the c1ncpac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions Are not necessarily those of this Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to personnel in the Pacoma area for 10 cents 1c cents Sau Mlay or subscriptions monthly or yearly and must be paid in per a 2so5 and afr personnel in Aitho fixed papers without through their unit second class postage paid at Post san William Usa officer charge to tsar executive officer Darcy to Sec officer Morton Usa Vietnam Skean Clet Ieval i Erhest Puchter managing editor Bob Considine Considine the Kickoff 6f tie 19g7 american cancer society fundraising As Noble a crusade As exists in the realm of private featured appearance on stage screen of such prime support ers of the War against cancer As Sophia Frank Joan Bill Sammy Loren and Mutual of Omaha who succeeds Gregory Peck National but the Star who brought 800 dedicated volunteers to their feet was Charles the chips of the University of Chicago Ben May Laboratory for cancer motto is is Wiir among its discoveries was Huggins Marrable treat nent of prostate cancer by Means of female hormone in his whimsical hug who is Way up As we used to say about the age of a said you its a terrible thing to get a phone Call at in the but this one was from Arthur the science writer for the Chicago daily i listened to what he had to Tell me and then went into the Huggins had just put the Bacon and eggs in the pan and lighted the would you like to go on a Little trip to Stockholm this december i asked Good what is it this time she Busy with i the Nobel she paused for a moment and then she put the Bacon and eggs in the refrigerator instead of on the in his tribute to the Aid he had received along the Road to the finest prize of them Huggins said first in my thoughts is gratitude to my who has endured much As a is gratitude to the wonderful col leagues with Satchel and shining morning they keep the pot there is gratitude for the wonderful advantage i have enjoyed of a medical the doctor is blessed above All men in his right and privilege to care for sick the University provided me with a clinic where there were cancer patients for whom Little could be research enshrines the prayers and the needs of sick in the beginning of discovery there is nothing a then comes the dream and its High Quality is the Genius of the dream is creation of the imaginative research is a form of fantasy conies in one one must translate fantasy into it can be clone but Only if nature permits its translation through its conformation to natures nature will allow discovery Only if the investigator can think As nature nature did not go to Yale medical one wangles a Corner of a lab Bench and a few Little things Are got one makes his Start and nothing comes of it Man Falls and then rises and dusts himself off and sometimes he starts that is Why we have erasers on the tips of but usually one strike is a few Hardy souls Are Strong enough to try and perhaps this time there May be there will that which had not with great Confidence one anticipates wonderful things which nature will disclose to him this once the need to discover lasts lifting Man far above causing him to neglect All other wordly so great is its science has become an a Nobel prize is very Strong he it can turn your head if you Arent i have my own i crack not Good but they help me deflate the the american cancer and the Are Lucky to have Huggins on their King features Syndicate a round Man cannot be expected to fit in a Square Hole right he must have time to modify his Twain 0 Pacific stars stripes this analysis of cur rent trends in soviet Russia has been compiled by this reporter from several dozen reports by Kremlin watchers in Bourg and Scandinavia the latest reorganization of the top Kremlin echelons practically signifies the end of collective Leonid first party has established himself in that Brezhnev has consolidated his he is at tempting to control growing toward liberalism n Spe ech and thought by Means of harder political the principle of subordination to the party is being More rigidly a party disc Gromley Pline is being committees for party control to play a greater to the party has been made More Dif party Rales Are being made More a Call has been for in creased worker participation in decisions Agricula Riding successfully through desperation Ture but at the same time Tough phase terrorism by Ca troite communists in Are being Institute strongly placed now to take the Leader role in the 1967 latin american Summit set for the late1966 red outbreaks gave a misleading impress As one european analyst puts of resurgent Ca troite the new Kremlin line is a strange and grotesque attempt by the soviet leadership to con Bruce Biossat Sion 01 resurgent Ca troite strength earlier in the guerrilla bands roving the venezuelan hinterland had been Virtu ally destroyed As an organized terroristic taking Refuge in Cara picked up their old Boh ibs an bullets Rou Tine in a last gasp Effort tip Dis credit president i Raul Leonis b 1 e democratic the undertake Biossat ing was worse than Leoni clamped Dow i he dared what no previous venezuelan Leader would do he eliminated the Central univer Sites status As a political and terrorist unearthing a Rich Cache of arms and arresting he emerged stronger than before the bombs were this course of events illustrates again the capacity of communists to outflank they Long ago targeted Venezuela budding democracy As the most vulnerable spot for assault on the South american the net of their efforts has been to strengthen St it would also be mis leading to suggest Leoni having carried the Day with widespread popular Venezuela not to mention the rest of latin America is hence Forth Safe from red an undercurrent of grave men Ace today latin american Popula Tion exceeds 200 in the final third of this Century it is destined to tremendous economic growth rates will be needed to lift presently Low living standards prevailing generally throughout latin Venezuela own Economy has been banging along at an annual growth rate of 6 to 7 per hopeful still better news is the fact that it is steadily to the Point where manufacturing May soon pass the nations celebrated Oil output As the chief economic the population imperative hangs like a sword Over the whole continent and adjacent hence the importance of the forthcoming latin the Little Summit in Bogota last Leoni and presi dents Frei of Chile and Lleras of Columbia shaped a preliminary blueprint for bigger in Deavors in social Reform and economic Phe underlying idea is simple get a really Mammoth undertaking fully rolling before the population explosion overwhelms latin Amer Ica and opens it far wider than today to the threat of communist the Alliance for Progress is hailed As offering great largely with Leader ship from the hopeful Democrat Peru and the latins believe they must Point the Way in the next big newspaper Enterprise Tine with economic measures the necessary conversion to a modern Industrial society on the and to prevent the social political and spiritual effects of such a con version on the As a economic targets Are not being though soviet leaders Are seek ing solutions by shifts in Industry and say the Krem the present soviet crisis As one puts above the almost religious Faith of stains time has not been replaced by any doctrine capable of mobilizing a the soviet who Are More pragmatists than Are perfectly aware of this to the Point that certain of them have reached the Point of if it is not a Good idea to take out of the drawer whatever part of stalinism will revive the Faith of the the As predicted by the Kremlin watchers a sterner and More disciplined life within the soviet Union in sofar As the Kremlin can enforce with heavier crackdowns on those who newspaper Enterprise the Purnell Bailey vf7 bread of life effect did the social pronouncements of Walter Rauscher Bush have on his own attitude and actions How were those lofty attitudes applied to the daily walk of this philosopher and re former an incident in Rauscher Bush late when he was quite May Tell us More than All his because of his he did not hear a trolley car come clanging Down the he was knocked to the ground and badly the average Man says what comes to his mind under the so did Rauscher Bush in do excuse me for getting in your Way that same evening the Good professor wrote the Motorman at letter saying that he was and he enclosed to make up for the trouble he had been to the Driver of that and whosoever shall compel thee to go a go with him

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