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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 27, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Chemical warfare reviewed Camp Korea 10 there is no reason to be More afraid1 chemical biology Cal radiological than any other kind of if you know what to says 1st James Sher assistant division chemical this is the philosophy of the 2d car school at Camp my both an no and an officer class graduated from the on week which is Given quarterly by the division chemical in recent car agents have aroused a great Deal of con Cern As a probable weapon of future apart from their immediate of car agents have a great psychological spreading panic among troops through fear of the unknown and the division car school Aims to replace this fear with proficiency and Confidence in recognizing and countering these men from company level units throughout the division attend the school to become qualified As car officers and cos and re turn to their units Able to give car training to the most of the course is devoted to the detection of car agents and their the United states has no in Tention of initiating a car Offen says but in the event that these against we must to Pacific stars stripes phones i Korea area supervisor Yon san news Bureau Yon san 7th Camp Casey 458 2d Ideal 224r2 Bascom Seoul Yon san 3650 i corps up red Cloud 2770 Chinchon Camp Page 172 Ascom 2547 Osan 2014 Pusan 3400 Taegu 2748 267 4138 Ramon Perez instructs 7th men during an artillery Liaison class at the i corps group artillery specialist Academy at Camp the class is designed to train students As Forward observers for artillery Usa i corps artillery Academy trains korean troops Reward for Good students i corps Korea employees Here Are taking advantage of the opportunities for employees studying conversational English Are reimbursed 75 per cent of the tuition fee upon satisfactory completion of the evening courses Are offered at the foreign language Center and foreign language since last 15 korean employees have enrolled in these English and nine have completed the course and been refunded a total of by the korean employees Are also eligible to participate in army Extension provided at no since last 37 employees in this area have enrolled and 13 courses have been subjects taught include account effective logistics and Camp Korea 10 the i corps group artillery specialist located at Camp Barbara in the 7th is designed to train soldiers of the command in specialized Fields of study relating to the 7th plays an important role in the operation of the school through its student participation and cadre personnel As signed sixty six members of the Divi Sion Are now attending the facade mys six in addition to the student the division furnishes several cadre members who instruct and supervise work during the three and four week the courses taught at the acad Emy Are artillery fire artillery Liaison and motor maintenance for Katusa and army per seventh div cadre at the school Are headed by 2d George assistant com mandant of the and 1st Charles twelve of the 32 members of the staff and cadre at the school Are furnished by the 7th these men Are chosen through tests and their practical working knowledge in a specific they Are assigned to the school on a temporary duty try basis from throughout the division and usually serve there for the Dura Tion of their and Katusa personnel at tending the Academy Are also assigned on a try follow ing completion of their students return to their Home during the 1966 school approximately 800 division men graduated from the on return to their these graduates who completed a minimum f 60 Days working in their newly Field were eligible for mos radio news on the hour unless otherwise 27 Parade Parade analysis Parade Parade Cook world for moderns report report you believe it Doremus music time weather sports Security file and issues of Law analysis country Hall with Diane editor Midnight 28 flight music music music music time or music show party calling Vagabond pm me 27 of sound reflections regular Vagabond am programs aired on pm from 11 to to Channel z in Kunsan and Pusan Channel 4 in second division area Channel 12 in Taejon and seventh division area these listings Are subject to change times Are approximate 27 in sound Capers Security in action film Oclock report special Van Dyke show an about family Kaye show headlines will travel country third Man news round up final 28 in sound Kangaroo Billy report Gummings show film thin Man three sons game Oclock report highlights Welk show March of Scotland Yard Boone show night the movies Bishop show of the week unexpected show final Vunic the following music Grams May be heard daily Over the voice of United nations Seoul at 1100 to the Highway to popular music to music to classics to ing music to test hour to classics to the Highway to Rean popular music to music to festival of music voice of America recommended korean Standard time program contents English feature and cultural program 6075 you a question today 6075 in the news to Asia news analysis and feature 17765 week in review and opinion Roundup 17765 press Roundup alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature 17765 to Asia 7235 the week in review 9730 and opinion Roundup 7155 press Roundup alternate weeks 7155 and cultural program 7155 program and opinion Roundup 6195 press Roundup alternate weeks to Asia 7155 7155 in the news to South Asia 7155 7155 and feature special English 6145 Usa 715 american concert and music Usa 7155 american concert to midd Leasia 7155 Only Only Uso schedules 4 Seoul Tours Seoul Usk a bus will leave the downtown Uso Satur Day at for a tour of the Taip Yung Yang cosmetics factory and the of at saturday the bus will leave the Uso for a trip to the Midora department store and then on to a korean sunday morning at the bus will leave the Uso for a trip to secret and at a bus will leave for Korea Thomas Camp right assistant 7th com Mander for combat gives 2nd Thomas 7th Supply and transportation a certificate of ment at graduation ceremonies of the 7th and radiological car school at Camp Meyers was Honor graduate of the Al officer Usa 28 officers receive car school diplomas 7th Rea 10 Twenty eight officers received diplomas from the 7th dive biological and radiological car school during a graduation ceremony held at the school at Camp three Honor graduates received certificates of top Honor was won by 2d Thomas 7th Supply and transportation second place went to 1st John troop 2d 10th 2d George 2d 31st finished third in the class the course consisted of training in car area and prop erty first Aid for car and methods of car graduates of this course Are qualified to instruct personnel in their Gerald Divi Sion chemical was guest speaker at j Thomas Camp assistant division commander for combat gave diplomas to the 28 Pacific stars stripes 17 1967

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