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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 26, 1967, Tokyo, Japan And gop leaders say Washington up re publicans tuesday assailed presi Dent Johnsons budget As Dis they said it understated overstated and came up with an artificially Low deficit key democrats promised efforts to Cut the chief executives spending but gave John son credit for having already made some hard Economy judg chairman George of House appropriations where some of the crucial Money Battles will be fought in the 90th said that the past three years Johnsons budgets have proven to be More accurate than those of his recent but Melvin Laird r chairman of the House re publican sounded his party keynote in attacking the budget As highly confusing and larded with Laird said Johnson had under estimated the Vietnam War arid other defense costs by at least billion based on current continued from Page 1 said that the order was dated the four organizations taken Over were accused of committing crimes against the peo including a throw the plot to Over it said they tried to turn the entire province into a strategic base for the revival of capitalism in these organizations were accused of setting up secret intelligence network using secret agents to install listening devices to gather they also were accused of using secret agents to compile a list of leaders of revolutionary or classifying t he s e leaders into three categories with the intention of eventually assassinating in another broadcast the official new China news Agency Nina hinted that resistance existed in the anti Mao stronghold of Tiangsi province in Southeast it said after revolutionaries seized Power in Trade arid finance departments in Tiangsi they set revolutionary production commit tees and groups and adopted Many revolutionary in other Japa nose reports from peking Kang and a both officials of the Allchin federation of Trade unions were dragged around the reports said both had cards which read counterrevolutionary spending rates and without any allowance for further in addition Laird suggested con Gress May want to put More Money into anti ballistic missile abm defences than j Ohnson Charles Jonas r the second ranking Republican on the House appropriations said the budget could be Cut by a minimum of this was the first Esti mate of How much the gop wished to Well certainly reduce it very Russell Long assistant Senate democratic Leader and chairman of the Al important finance com it remains to be seen if we can Cut enough to avoid the 6 per cent surcharge tax a Tornado ripped off the roof of the High school foreground in killing 1 student and injuring 14 others and a a radio photo record budget tops Bil continued from Paige 1 abm pending Aims limitation talks with the soviet r the deployment of abm de would Cost up to billion will be Johnson but he in the event these discussions with Moscow prove we will re consider Bur deployment Deci Sion the sacrifice asked by John son included the 6 per cent sur charge incorporation and most personal income proposed in his state of the Union As Well As a further speedup in corporation tax payments and More user taxes on successive in social Security taxes in 1968 arid 1069 would be required to pay for the Benefit increases Johnson pro posed to Congress elements tied around their Hontas Virginia mine blast kills2 a an explosion ripped through a deep Shaft Coal mine near Here tues killing two construction work ers and injuring eight a company spokesman All the injured were removed by and none appeared to be seriously the spokesman the mine was not in operation but was being prepared for open ing sometime next the spokesman said this accounted for the Low number of the blast was in the Island greek Coal Beatrice Poca Jphnson pinned rising Revenue expectations to continued High he forecast National output in Calendar 1967 at massive billion in crease from yet lower than Mahy published predictions by i the Outlook for decor breaking individual income tax collections is based on a projected Bil lion total of personal Johnson and a near record corporation tax take will be generated by before tax profits of up billion from last Johnsons revised budget for 1967 shows a billion Federal second biggest world War was exceeded Only by president Eisenhower billion of red Ink in the proposed 1968 budget has a deficit of the budget carried few sur although it called for an unmanned Landing on Mars in 1973 and Earl stage construction third nuclear aircraft car v keeping his pledge of no Retreat on his great society programs of welfare and Johnson called for a modest in crease in Domestic by contrast with the military the recommended Domestic increases were among the in spending were million to extend project head Start into the elementary grades with followup million to help create jobs for slum dwellers and million for the Model cities Slu eradication the office of economic Opportunity which directs the War on was budgeted for billion in fiscal an lbs to sign space treaty Friday Washington up presi Dent Johnson will be Host at a ceremony Friday for the signing of the United nations treaty barring military use of outer officials announced tues representatives of the United the United kingdom and the soviet Union will be the first 24 Pacific stars stripes 1967 three signers among 25 or More nations who have indicated their willingness to sign the new agree White House officials said that similar signing ceremonies will take place about the same time in London and United nations ambassador Arthur Goldberg and Secretary of state Dean Rusk will sign for the United states in a White House East room ambassador Llewellyn Thomp son will represent the United states in signing the treaty in Moscow and ambassador David or the charge Daf Faires in the american will sign in after the United states has the treaty will be submitted to the Senate for the treaty prohibits armaments of any nation to be placed on the Moon or any other increase of about million from eos 1967 spending total after Congress finished cutting it last fall Johnson recommended be Cut Mil to billion without delay ing the Effort to place a Man on the Moon by decision to build a super sonic with the govern ment paying nine tenths of a estimated billion Bill be delayed further while design work goes a million Al Lowance for contingencies would Coyer the starting Johnson an affirmative decision be made to Only million in spending is contemplated in fiscal 1968 under the Model cities plan for a Man sided assault on slum Johnson said he will ask the full million authorized by Congress lastly the rest would be channelled to the cities in future president asked Congress to provide Vietnam veterans with benefits equal to the Bill benefits Given other the budget went to Congress in a 478page prefaced by presidential message and backed up a separate Pendix the size of a Large Tele phone 1 killed As plane crashes into Home san a student Pilot has been killed and his instructor critically injured in the crash of a Light plane into the front porch of a House in san the Lone occupant of the House escaped in jury in the Accident killed was Stephen of Pacific his in Richard of mar was taken to holy Cross history on film Philadelphia a the University of Pennsylvania says it has signed a contract to acquire one of the worlds largest collection of English Renaissance University authorities said the contract is for filmed copies of All books published in in 1475 and a total of Over school Tornado sent a High school roof crashing onto students in Orrick killing a student and injuring 14 other students and a the Missouri Highway patrol at least two other persons were Muju Rcd when the twister dam aged other structures in thiss Northwestern Missouri comm the Tornado first struck the Southern part of the town of 800 population damaging s e v e r a houses and the the patrol said it apparently lifted then and hit the Northeast Section of the spawned by a Cool front colliding with ing january also caused property damage in the Joseph where a House and garages were de and near Excelsior where House trailers were blown up world weather Usan weather Central Tokyo area wednesday night fair Low mid 20s thursday mostly fair High 50s tuesdays temperatures Low Tokyo Chitose it nuke Seoul temperatures 24 h e 52 40 15 2 51 34 45 22 Naha Taipei Manila Guam Saigon h 66 64 86 82 58 63 70 74 84 73 by United press International album ii Anchorage Atlanta Bassfield Bismarck Boise Boston Buffalo Chicago Cleveland Denver h 37 12 69 52 12 36 62 57 58 38 68 53 l 22 2 46 45 4 27 50 43 68 54 Des Moines 41 Detroit Fresno Helena 61 52 71 22 53 28 31 45 65 Hong Kong 66 59 Honolulu Houston Jakarta 80 77 71 63 89 73 City 73 Bumpur 89 71 Las vegas 52 London 48 40 Memphis Miami Milken min Polis Moscow Orlins Omaha Paris Phoenix pit Burgh Reno h 61 t 49 73 63 74 68 34 51 41 6 73 61 38 48 61 60 43 38 19 6 61 54 32 41 34 36 50 33 32 Sacramento 54 42 Louis Antonio Salt Lake san Diego san fran Seattle Spokane 75 55 52 45 33 15 60 54 47 42 34 35 26 43

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