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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 23, 1967, Tokyo, JapanM Wing wins 2d outstanding award maj. Gen. William j. Crumm 3d air div. First unit to be so honoured during the first months commander presents the air Force outstanding following activation. The Wing also received a unit award to the 4252d strategic Wing for the second award for the period june 18, 1965-mar. Period Jan. 12-june 30, 1965. It is believed the 1, 1966. Usan honors pile up for no at Clarks a Philippines Bureau Clark a titles for a Man who works under the dual hat concept have been Given to senior sgt. Wesley Shaner supervisor programs and requirements and chief Contin gency comm. Branch Southeast Asia comm. Region sear. Shaner was recently named no of the year for hq., sear and no of the Quarter for sea Shaner attributes his awards simply to hard work and Long hours his citation is More specific ". Shaner possesses All the qualities desired in an no. He enjoys the rare ability and Capa City for sensing what must be done under any set of Circum stances. This coupled with his positive attitude tenacity and ability to motivate his subordinates has resulted in numerous outstanding achievements credited to this the citation indicated that 96 major emergency communications electronics meteorological editorial department and news bureaus Tokyo All offices 402-4101city desk and reporters 402-4101 ext. 41-42-57okinawa news 53222. 31213, 52268. Night news Bureau 52122guam naval station 32-6239 32-6145taiwan hq., support activity circulation department and District offices Taipei 48313. Night phone Yang Ming Shan 73 Philippines Clark air base.48243. 41184. Night phone 2841/ Subic Bay naval base. 44-2123,Manila, 48086 Langley Point. 507 night phone Manila. 88-92-51south Vietnam Saigon i Guam naval station 32-6239 32-6145anderson fab 62-1135 Al Midway rm1 William Dante i Midway i v?2459 Waker. Howard Luis yet Wake 370 Philippines Clark Bclark off base Bali ago 1484-r-2manila 48086 Sangfat it. Is 507subic Bay no 44-2123 Taiwan Taipei 4171 and 48313 Tainan As 502 Okinawa Camp Hansen. 284-652sukiran 32296 and 54110kadena 68201 Naha a Wabash 7119 Machi Naha. 72324 Taiwan East West Taipei As Linkou Tien Mou grass Tainan b. Bowl. Kelly mon.1 35 68 911 Philippines 1315 tue.2 43 7 1012 1416 titles 1. The Oscar Stephen boyd2. The psychopath Patrick Wymark 3. A High wind in Jamaica Anthony Quinn. James coburn4. Kid Rodelo Don Murray 5. The secret of my Success Shirley Jones Stella Stevens 0. Ship of fools Lee marvin7. The Hill Sean Connery 8. Frankenstein conquers the world Nick Adams Denchiro Kawaji �. Fireball 500, Frankie avalon10. Goodbye Charlie Tony Curtis 11. Sergeant Deadhead Franki Avalon 12. The pawnbroker Rod steiger13. That Man in Istanbul Horst Buchholz Sylva koscina14. Out of sight Jonathan Daly 15. A Fine madness Sean connery16. Johnny Reno Dana Andrews programs were developed As a result of programming conferences initiated by Shaner. In his primary capacity As chief. Contingency comm. Branch for 13th of under the dual hat concept Shaner is responsible for insuring All deployments by the first Mobile comm. Group and 5th tactical control group Are realized in a timely and effective manner through direct coordination with Acaf 5th tac 1st Mobile and . Seventh air forces. In his additional duty As superintendent programs and requirements Shaner. Reduced the top secret account by 40 per cent and insured destruction of 4,000 secret documents. He established and is conducting a comprehensive proficiency train ing program for All enlisted personnel and civilian equivalents As signed to this directorate. He is responsible to review and Evalu ate All subordinate units pro Grams and requirements replies to annual in inspections. In All cases Pacific comm. Area has concurred with Shaner s com Active no also processes manpower actions from sear Headquarters and assists other units with manpower require ments. He maintains the sear detail listing and coordinates on manpower changes. Shaner is also Active on the hq., sear no advisory coun cil and the . Thirteenth air Force no advisory Council. On the latter he was responsible for initiation of a Central base classified destruction Plant presently under construction. Ules ant Taiwan Taipei-1560 .taichung-1570 . Monday Jan. 236 00 evening report 6 15 sports6 30 Carousel 8 05 radio novels8 30 you Are there 9 05 Bill stewart10 00 ten o clock re port10, a a 10 30 tonight11 05 China night " tuesday Jan. 24news on the hour unless otherwise indicated.12 15 signature 12 20 countdown1 05 blast off 4 05 Small world5 05 country Corner 7 00 first report7 15 commuter 7 55 Newa analysis8 05 closing stocks 8 20 billboard8 30 breakfast club 9 05 Arthur godfrey9 30 Ira Cook 10 05 Small world11 05 country Corner 12 15 billboard12 25 Ray Garland 12 30 Continental Vari e -4 ties -. 1 05 musical showcase1 30 discs and Dougher t. 3 05 Quarter Century of swing 4 05 commuter5 05 going Home show 5 30 billboard5 40 going Home show ant pm Taiwan Taipei-100.1 , Jan. 23 following programs Are Only those that differ from regular am schedule.12 10 nit Cap 6 05 overture11 05 song Shoppe 1 05 siesta1 30 Continental Varie tie_s2 05 Jim Ameche 3 05 Milton cross4 05 adventure in listen ing8 05 our musical Herlt v age 10 30 music by Candle Light tuesday Jan. 24following programs Are Only those that differ fro regular am schedule. 12 10 nitecap6 05 overture 11 05 song Shoppe 1 05biesta1 30continental Varie ties2 05jim Ameche 3 05milton cross4 05adventure in listen ing8 05our musical Herit age10 30music by Candle Light ant Taiwan Tainan-1590 . Monday Jan. 236 00evening report 6 15sports6 30carousel 8 05musical heritage9 05bill Stewart 10 00ten o clock report10 15intermezzo 10 30music by Candle Light 11 05china night tuesday Jan. 24 12 00news12 15signature 12 20nitecap4 05small world 5 05country corner6 08overture 6 50ol burny7 00first report 7 20commuter7 55news analysis 8 05closing stocks8 20billboard 8 30breakfast club9 05arthur Godfrey 9 30ira cook10 05-�Small world 11 05song shoppe12 00midday report 12 15billboard12 30continental Varie ties1 057th army sym phony2 05john Doremus show3 05milton Cross 4 05adventures i listening 5 30adventures i listening american forces Philippines network master schedule for Al stations. For programs listed As local time see schedule under individual Jan. 23 6 Oor Evenmo report6 20sportscene 6 30-just music7 30information 7 55point of law8 00world news 8 05the army hour8 30music room 9 00monitor10 00report 10 30the purple grotto11 00news 11 10dreamland11 30tonight tuesday Jan. 24 12 10night line3 05small world 4 00sports4 05country Corner 5 00news analysis5 05the morning show 8 00world news6 05the morning show 8 30world news6 35morning How 7 00armed Force digest 7 15local time7 30don Mcneill 8 00world news8 05bill Stewart 9 00world news9 05network time 9 30america s pop music 10 00world news10 05arthur Godfrey 10 30ira cook11 00news analysis 11 05rlocal time12 00mid-Day report 12 30local time12 40music for dining 1 00news1 05monitor 2 00world ntews2 q5john Doremus 3 00armed Force digest 3 15visits with nature3 30local time 4 00world news4 05local time 5 05country Corn Rclark ab-1520 Kc-94-Mc Camp John Haybaguio-1300 pc tuesday Jan. 24 7 15clark topics11 05luncheon Date 3 30commuter4 r05commuter Subic Bay-1300 pc tuesday Jan. 247 15subic billboard la 05-music varieties3 30jukebox Jamboree 4 05unforgettable show Langley Point-1220 pc tuesday Jan. 24745--Sangley scene 11 0&top of the morning tunes 3 30john place4 05sangley to the Point san Miguel-1520 pc tuesday Jan. 247 15once around san miguel11 05swinging sol 3 30jukebox jamboree4 05countdown show arts to Philippines Clark a . Monday 23 1 of news Hollywood Palace 2 00danny kaye3 00kraft to theater 4 00news4 05preview time 4 08cartoons4 25movie 6 00ebf6 20clark topics 6 30report7 00addams family 7 30hullabaloo8 00m-squad 8 30biography9 00danny Thomas special9 55news analysis 10 00report10 15voice of Firestone 10 40markham11 10colonel Flack 11 35decoy tuesday Jan. 241 00newsdanny Tho Mas special2 00m-squad 2 30biography3 00addams family 3 30hullabaloo4 00news 4 05preview time4 08movie 5 30tac library6 00panorama afro Okinawa monday Jan. 23news on the hour unless otherwise indicated.6 00evening report 6 15science editor6 30music by Candle light7 05pro football 8 05john Doremus show9 05jazz Book 10 00late report10 15oki opry 11 35tonight show tuesday. Jan. 2412 05around Midnight 1 05small world2 05nightline 4 05monitor5 05-country Corner 6 05clockwatcher6 55morning Media tions7 00morn be report 7 15clockwatcher8 30ira Cook show 9 05coffee time10 00small world .1 0flchuckwagon.2 00noon report .2 15sports scene12 30continental Varie ties1 05monitor 2 05jim ameche3 05around the Island 5 20service notes5 30america s popular music afro pm Okinawa monday Jan. 2312 00news & weather 12 15enchantment of music 12 45your america1 00news analysis 1 05concert time2 00news 2 05sounds for an after noon 3 00calendar of events3 05sounds for an after noon4 00sports 4 05silver platter4 30spectrum -5 00point of law5 05john Doremus 6 00news6 15rendezvous with hi-fi7 00ray Garland re ports7 05tt-one 8 00news8 05jim Ameche 9 00boris karloff10 00news 10 15jazz potpourri11 00nocturne 12 00news Sab Okinawa monday Jan. 284 05commuter s carousel4 30ira Cook 5 10around the island5 30family worship 5 45evening news6 00melody in i i 8 00laymen s hour8 30words with music 9 00-evening concert10 30haven of rest tuesday Jan. 245 45strength for the day6 02wake up to stereo 6 30news headlines7 55news 8 00coffee time8 45news wrap up 9 00back to the bible9 30masters in Minia ture9 55news 10 00stories of great christians 10 15kaleidoscope11 30bit of heaven 11 40news 12 01luncheon date1 45call of the Orient 2 00afternoon concert3 00splendor of sacred songs3 30commuter s Carousel Sab pm Okinawa 1020 . Monday Jan. 23 5 55manna in the morn ing 6 00wake up to music6 30news headlines 6 32wake up to music6 55ksab news 7 00guidelines7 05wake up to music 7 30news headlines7 32wake up to music 7 55ksab news8 00good news 8 15coffeetime8 55ksab news 9 00back to the Bible broadcast 9 30masters in Minia Ture 9 55washington re port 10 00kaleidoscope10 55ksab news 11 00lamplighter11 10kaleidoscope 11 45ksab noon news12 00portals of prayer 12 03luncheon date12 55christian Emp a sis1 00luncheon Date 1 55world wide radio2 00afternoon concert 3 00through the bible3 30commuters Ca Rousel 3 55ksab news4 00commuters Ca rousel5 00family worship hour5 15commuters Ca rousel5 45ksab evening news6 00guidelines 6 06melody in High Fidelity 7 55day by Day wit Jesus 8 00vo a news fro Washington 8 15interlude8 30evening concert 9 30tomorrow9 35melody in High Fidelity 9 55focus10 00melody in High fidelity10 30haven of rest Ksyk Okinawa monday Jan. 23 asterisk denotes simulcast programs. News on the Lour unless otherwise indicated. 5 00music for a Happy morning 5 53morning devotion6 05mike Mandel show 9 05johnny Douglas show 12 00high noon news12 15bob Wales show 2 30jay Sherwood show4 00doug Greene show 6 00ksbk news6 25ron Newman show 11 05doug stalker show1 00news-sign off tuesday Jan. 24asterisk denotes simulcast programs. News on the hour unless otherwise Indi cated.5 00music for a Happy morning5 53morning Devotion 6 05mike Mandel show arts to Okinawa monday Jan. 233 45patterns in sound 4 00first report4 05felix the cat 4 20e.b. Film4 31matinee movie 6 00evening report6 30joey Bishop 7 00danny Thomas show 7 30andy griffith8 00sing along with mitch8 51service notes 9 00perry mason10 00late report 10 30cavalcade of America 10 56starlite theater12 34last report tuesday Jan 243 45patterns in sound 4 00popeye cartoons4 33discovery 4 56e.b. Film5 16science report 5 30do you know6 00evening report 6 30death Valley days7 00lawrence Welk 8 00combat9 00milton Berle 10 00late report.10 30national health agencies 11 00tonight show 12 17last report Pacific stars & Stripe monday Jan. 23, 1967

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