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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 23, 1967, Tokyo, Japan67 8 8 99 1010 12u 34 5ti 66 77 s9 1012 121 armed forces radio television afro am Vietnam wednesday Jan. 25 30music by candlelight 05swinging 60 05jaxz concert 80night beat 00aussie news 1.0night beat. 00news and sports 30nifrhtlval thursday Jan. 26 05br still and know i5nighl train 05 pc mall world 05bill Stewart show 05country Corner 00news 10morning meditation 3,r Dawn Buster 05morning meditations-.10dawnbuster 30ira Cook-.05bill Stewart show 05destination noon-.00news and sports of Uso show 05afr feature report0america s popular music 00country music 05aremoon break 0, 00news and sports afro pm Vietnam wednesday Jan. 259 00 enchantment of 9 music by candlelight10 00 Ray Garland reports 10 05 our musical heritage11 00 Limoli Dit thursday. Jan. 268 05 Toscanini 9 00 enchantment of music9 30 music by candlelight 10 00 Ray Garland reports10 05 our musical heritage 11 00 limelight aft Vietnam wednesday Jan. J5batman, part 1 new where the action is my favorite Martian Porry Mason news & sport feature film 6 30 7 007 05 7 to 8 008 50 9 05 6 ? Batman part 27 00news 7 00perry Como special8 0012 o clock 1-iis h 8 to news & sports9 0,r Addams family 9 so voyage to Bottom of the sea aft Saigon wednesday. Jan.j5 6 -0npw. Headlines 7 1 0batman7 30"nc-ws & sports s 00perry mason9 00- Rog for Miller 9 ?,0channel 11 Thaler thursday. Ian. 366 so news headlines c4.e. College bowl7 00batman 7 30nows and sports8 00the 9 00joey bishop9 ?,0have gun will travel 30 00milton eerie aft Danang support cd. Qui Nhon Vietnam 10 col. Jay d. Vanderpool a Veteran of 30 Active army years whose duties have twice led him behind enemy lines As an intelligence officer has assumed command of the . Army support command Here succeeding retiring Brig. Gen. Charles r. Monk Meyer. When asked what memorable experiences he could recount Over the years lie medic gets ii. L wednesday Jan. 25 6 30 batman7 00 news 7 05 where the action is7 30 my favorite Martian 8 00 Perry mason8 05 news & sports 9 05 feature film afro radio Korat wednesday Jan. 85news on the hour headlines on the half hour 12 00 Nite owl show 5 00 country corner6 00 top of the morning show 8 30 Ira cook9 00 Small world 10 00 Burnt Toast and .coffee1 1 00 Bill Stewart show 12 00 news sports &. Weather12 30 America s popular music 1 00 swing along2 00 Monitor 3 00 John doremus4 00 Barretts it Godown 5 00 music till six6 00 news. Sports and weather 6 so of Friday Only you Are there 7 00 just music8 00 musical flight 9 00 a Date with chris10 00 news. Sports and weather 10 30 the tonight show11 00 the late show Liui Shivy Jan. 28news on the hour headlines on the half hour12 00 Nite owl show 5 00 country corner6 00 top of the morning show 8 30 Ira cook9 00 Small world _ editorial department and news bureaus Tokyo aj1 offices 402-4301city desk and reporters 402-4101 lot. 41-42-5?South Vietnam Saigon Arvn i1952washington room 2e756, Pentagon. Washington . 20301 circulation department and District offices Hong Kong Swindon Book co 18-15. Lock rd., Kowloon 6-2040thailand Bangkok capital hotel 70070south Vietnam Saigon. Lynx 331 dus to copyright restrictions subscriptions cannot be accepted for delivery to addresses in tha United states. Talent tied up in towels in the running for a new title is Marsha Metrinko miss new York City who is being boomed in Hollywood As the Towel it All stems from the number of pictures she s appeared in while wearing a Towel. The latest was the 20th Century Fox film entitled stars and stripes welcomes poetry from its readers. Contributions should be typed or bloc i printed and double spaced Send the to Boondocks. Bards Pacific stars and stripes Apo 9g50s. Editors Reserve the right to reject or Malte minor changes. All contributions whether used or not become the property of Pacific stars and stripes. No poems will be returned and editors will not Enya Yein correspondence about them. Time these Long lonely Day when will cease when will our country Ever be at peace questions questions questions i have Many problems you solve any do you miss me i presume approximately one half As much As i do you i find it hard to believe True anyone could miss anyone As Ido you of these Days endless Days i seem to live in an endless Dae. Cai ital tji Kater Bangkok 1. In harm s Way John Wayne. Kirk Douglas. Jan. 24magi fire go Home Dirk bogarde Susan Strasberg Jan. 2f 3. Or. In dding James Garner Jean Simmons Jan 26 & 27 4. Las vegas he billys Jayno mans Field Mamie Van Doren Jan. 28 5. The apr Loosa Marlon Brando Anjanette Comer Jan. 29 & 30 6. Or. Who and the a leks Peter gushing Jennie Linden Jan. 31 sixty seconds to the minute sixty minutes to the hour Twenty four hours to the Day one More time and 1 will holler tis the Way i spend my Day counting time All different longing for the Day when Home you come for goo to stay miss Mary Lou Doolittle Michigan you of lonely Soldi Eroh lonely Soldier wherever you Are. Our hearts want to reach from near and afar. We want you to know we really do care. Whatever we have we want you to share. Though you re a stranger and we Don t know your our hearts you Are Welcome just the same. May the Good lord watch Over whatever you do. For we too Are lonely while waiting for k. Vick Lancaster Cal. Chuckled and offered i be served As an intelligence officer behind the japanese lines in the Philip Pines in world War ii trained and supported anticommunist North korean guerrillas behind lines during the korean War and helped develop the . Army s concept of vertical envelopment the use of armed and troop carrying helicopters to surround the the 49-year-old colonel i old How he had volunteered to take a Long Range intelligence patrol into the philippine islands in the summer of 1944, months ahead of the main Landing Force. Myself and a i Man patrol landed by the Navy submarine Cero on the Eastern Side of Luzon. We paddled ashore in canoes and made our Way toward Manila in what ended up As a 1-month trek. After we arrived inthe outskirts of the philippine capital we took a Canoe trip across Manila Bay and set up operations in the mountainous area of Pico Del Oro. From Therese radioed daily weather and intelligence r e p o r t s to general general of the army Douglas Mac Arthur s Headquarters. In addition to our intelligence activities i coordinated the activities of some 7,000 Friendly filipino Vanderpool a major at the time of his Clandestine activities told How the japanese had Takena special interest in him and had put a High Price on his head for used to sign my name and add major general staff corps the japanese mistakenly converted this to major general staff corp he grinned and went on it was unfortunate that the . Army did t make the same mis take at the pay the korean War started in 1950, Vanderpool with his pre Vious experience in intelligence work was selected to head up a 21,000-Man army behind North korean too Many people knew of our activities but we had a going outfit. My army was made up of anti communist North koreans who volunteered for guerrilla activities to harass and disrupt North korean army activities. We made our Headquarters and sup ply bases on the islands off the Western coast of North when asked if the North koreans had taken a special in Terest in him As had the Japa Nese he said no they did make the mistake of promoting me. But they certainly took an in Terest in my Job done Law unfair says divorced loser St. Paul Minn. Up Arnold p. Olsen 31, was Given a two year suspended sentence for. Illegally keeping his children away from his recently divorced wife. Olsen told the judge he would serve the sentence spending his time writing a Book on divorce Laws and court practices he says discriminate against men. Korntum Vietnam to pfc Patrick Murphy of Philadelphia a 19-year-old paratrooper of thelml brigade 101 is airborne div. Stared death in the face to save the life of a wounded is the weapons platoon medic in c co., 1st in. 327th airborne inf. While on opera Tion Pickett Northwest of Kon Tiern the company s first platoon came under intense enemy fire As they moved along a Trail in the thick Bamboo Jungle. The initial burst of fire wounded three Para troopers of the first platoon. He was one Hundred Yards Bac when the firing broke out and the Call medic echoed in the six of us went up to where the Guys had gotten explained. Things were really hot up there bullets were whistling All once the objective of his 100-Yard dash had been reached Murphy hit the dirt and begun looking around for the wounded. One of the Guys was Only five feet from where i Lay so i started to take off my pack to treat him he said. As i started crawling toward him. They opened up on me from about 30 Yards away. Then i Felt something slapping my sides like Sharp Little i looked Down and my ammo pouches had disappeared Fromm web gear he said. They were about three feet from me and smoking. For a moment i thought i was hit but i did t see any blood so i counted myself Damn closer than Murphy realized. Heater found half a do in Bullet holes in the left lower pocket of his fatigue his medical kit bag Murphy crawled the remaining five feet to the wounded entrenched North vietnamese army Nova soldiers kept up a steady barrage trying to pump the medic full of holes As he patched up his wounded Comrade. This was the first time that the Young medic had treated anyone under fire and he seemed concerned Only with keeping his patient he could do no More Iti the Way of medical Aid Murphy shielded the wounded Man fro further Nova bullets and started throwing Back Lead at the enemy with his m-1.6."i just was t going to Lay there and have some Guy with a gun Rob me of my Success he said. Salt rubs it in Brilon West Germany a thieves Here stole a heavy truck with Beer advertisements painted on the sides. But they re due for a letdown. The truck contained nobler just 200j Acks of Salt. Pacific stars & stripes a monday Jan. 23, i%7

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