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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 23, 1967, Tokyo, Japan In James Hays Center is escorted across the flight deck by a helicopter crewman and medical corpsmen after his Rescue from a crashed a4e a ten pm setup near View Dong Vietnam 10 How to Aid like your in chewing gum or life savers this question was once an everyday occurrence at the northernmost army Post Exchange in when the 1st 40th moved into Dong six Miles South of the there were no Exchange drawing on his experience in Turkey Kenneth Garner of officer of Headquarters set up an Exchange account for the Batta the Exchange is stocked by a Supply run made about every two to an empty convex Container is shipped by water to Danang where the supplies Are obtained and then shipped Back to Dong one of the first problems faced by the Exchange sp4 Ronald Hebner of bad aboard the Coral sea realized almost immediately after the cat shot that the plane just want going to stay in the i pulled the handle and prayed these were the of off As he described his miraculous escape1 his a4 skyhawk duffing a test a Veteran of 100 launches since join ing 22 aboard the Coral said e v e r y t of n g seemed Normal before the but something failed and the plane began tocliose1 the1 75 foot Gap Between tire flight deck and the water at am alarming instinctive Hays punched out at the last Possi ble major wins Star for was Lack of Small hence the life savers or chewing gum the Exchange operates out of three convex containers but Gar Ner plans to build a More per manent Garner said items such As radios and cameras Are hard to allotted by draw ing names Froni a my biggest problem has been the battalion sergeant major John san Garner he keeps coming around and asking for shoe polish and White shoe Malmstrom a Silver Star was presented Friday to the Man who the Iii Force says shot Down the Fiirst communist mig21 Over North the Paul award at Malmst Roii Gilmore flew 130 missions while stationed in Vietnam from to last including 81 Over North it was a Miracle that his Chute had time to open Andi break fall into the observed one Pilot who saw the due to High wind and heavy seas Hays became entangled in his Parachute after entering the the Coral helicopter in lost no time in hovering Over him and a crewman Down to free i didst see theplane1 go in but i did see the Jim officer Ine Harge of the Rescue i could see the Pilot was hav trouble with so i sent my Rescue of Down the Cable to help the seas were running very High and my Jack of and i had our hands full holding steady As our hoist operator struggled to keep the Sling near tire he tie pick up took a Little longer than the record time established by this but Weatherly acid de the Pilot didst appear in trouble and i wanted to make cer Tain the pickup was done safely and Hays to the Coral sea with nothing More than minor cuts on face and Tongue and a few bruises on his Chest and Nha Trang air support requests Are routine for the lit i commando ac47 but one recent cry for help was far from the response earned the dragon ship Crew letters of con mentation from the a Twolla toot task 2d 35th discovered a communist base canape after making heavy they were surrounded and suffered heavy the beleaguered troops requested ground a company size Relief Force reached the troops and was sur mortars and automatic weapons inflicted additional losses the afternoon and during the late the pc Helda Pep Complete with bugles and the ground believing this to be a buildup for a full scale close anac47 piloted by Doug Las of answered the cry for Whipple on arrival Over the Battle the Crew could locate Only one Small Hole in the thick Jungle the Hole was marked the1 ground by the use of a single for the next hour the drag per remained on firing its entire Load of the William red of Panama used enemy ground fire to locate tar gets through the next army troops found 106 enemy bodies and Evi Dence that Many More bodies had been in a letter of commendation the 2d 35th expressed their appreciation forthe help of the Crew Fredenberg of be Hemd of red Charles Sanders Alc Rob Ert of Eliza and a1c John h of Bur namesakes ale Al fit View Cam rank Bay 10 two army Mem with the same last name and living in the same travelled Halfway around the world to meet at the 1st command the two Are John Boudreaux of new com manding officer of the 123rd transportation and newly arrived pfc Danny of an ordnance Mechanic Ini his the two Gam Ranh Bay sup port command Are not Mansfield saves life of trooper an Vietnam Ergeant major of the 1st air 1st brigade acted1 As a Yuihan shield save a wounded sky trooper during 0p e r a t i o n Thayer John Pearce Arrast salted into the outskirts of a Small enemy held Hamlet with 1st 12th the company soon met Resis acid Pearce volunteered to Iea Ive the company Headquarters and move to the1 to help evacuate the Pearce dashed 40 Yards through an open area swept by enemy automatic where he observed a seriously wounded Pearce stretched the Man the ground and shielded him from mortar one of which exploded both men were wounded1 by Ajjie also wounded by another saved the other marts life when a Large piece of mortar which otherwise would have struck the Manin the face or head1 hit Pearce in the should i Pearce Mer super Vised the evacuation of the also giving them words encouragement although on the Point of collapse himself from Joss when All other wounded had sea loaded for evacuation finally consented to his own pilots change of command plei Vietnam 10 Guh James Adamson took command of the 4th 2d brigade from Judson Mil Ler in recent ceremonies at the a Vietnam Thomas of Des de scribed1 a recent Mission As the most unusual operation he has flown support for since arriving in the psychological warfare assigned the 5th air commando was referring to the first Allair Fouce psycho Ogi Eal warfare operation conducted in the huge i clips in the All missions flown by the 14th air commando Wing unit were in support of a brigades Forward Conrand Rise corps or army of the Republic of Vietnam Arvn this particular Mission began when Edwin of a Forward air controller began waving at the people in a Small fish ing Village near hoi an during a reconnaissance the villagers began waving Baek at the Proctor began dropping Candy to the children in the1 everything went Well until recently when the major received ground five from a clump of Trees close tothe1 Proctor called in air strikes against the suspected communists inthe during the strike she was careful not to damage the Homes or boats of the after the Proctor re Quested that Pywar aircraft Fly Over the area and explain Why the strike was Cochrane loaded his u10b courier with and tapes which explained the reason for the strike and told the villagers air Force was not strik ing Cochrane reported that the response was the he Rair out and picked up the leaflets and started waving at colonel helps Cut spending Vung Vietnam 40 through a continued policy of providing entertainment to his r of colonial ing officer of the 1st com mands Vung Tau Subarea Hopes to help control Piaster spending the problem of Piaster expenditure has concerned Republic of Vietnam government since the beginning of the american up in during their Offe duty soldiers frequently spend their Money on the namese paying higher and subsequently raising prices for the in order to solve this problem Church command has attempted to provide alternate enter Tain ment troops in the Tau in the past few the Vung Tau Subarea command has open Dan marts a noncommissioned offi cers an army air Foree motion Ai Craft shop and has started an intramural football Pei Etc stars stripes 7 1967

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