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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 22, 1983, Tokyo, JapanSaturday january 22, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes food 9 it s All in new York on Pushcart new York a vegetarian Klishes the pharaoh s falafel japanese tempura italian ices Frozen bananas tamarind shakes mexican tacos Cornish game hens spinach salad Frozen Yogurt fresh fruit and nuts ice creams of Al descriptions greek shish kebabs and of course the ail american hot dog. It s All Here All on Pushcart ready to eat and ready for Quick departure should the police decide to enforce the Fine print of All the regulations that cover these entrepreneurs. It is the Avenue of the americas. That s sixt Avenue to new yorkers. In this Section near the Rockefeller Cente Complex vendors peddle their wares a Block from the finest shopping in the world Saks fifth venue Tiffany a Gucci and in the Shadow of the boardrooms of corporate America Exxon,. Penney Mcgraw Hill. There s food and rhetoric on the West Side of the Street merchandise on the East. The merchandisers Are mostly unlicensed Selling shoes purses watches clothes you name it from Brown corrugated boxes clothes Racks or drop cloths just spread on the Street. The official anti Reagan Button intone Geoff Rolat in what is clearly the Best hawking voice on the strip. Why is it the official Button asks a Street Wise new yorker. You buy it and put it on and i la Tell you teases Rolat. When customer bites he explains you re an official citizen Aren t you and you re wearing the Button. That makes it nobody gets mad. It s a Good natured crowd for the most part office workers on their lunch hour tourists shoppers College kids. Rolat 31, says he makes about $50,000 a Yearin the Button business. He retired from the 9-to-5 world during the 1976 democratic and designing buttons was far More appealing and profitable. Food is the big attraction tall and balding he s a Nice Guy with winning manner and a copy of a new Law passed by the City Council tucked in his pocket. That for the likes of officer Monroe a Young blonde member of new York City s tells him to take his act elsewhere. Whipping out the piece of paper he proclaims i m so Legal it s sickening. You re new Here Aren t you i spoke to the sergeant yesterday and he. His name of i Don t remember that. He s Abig Guy a Little heavy. Interjects officer Monroe if you had his name i might have believed but look at this paper. See it says that anyone Selling printed matter does not even need a Vendor s License. Right Here in Black and White. I m not kidding. Believe me i m so Legal it s sickening Well see about that the officer said and moves Law was passed to protect newspaper salesmen but the language is vague enough that he might squeak under. Rolat does t bother with a Pushcart. He leans his Board with the buttons against a City trash can. A Man comes by to empty Guy cleans my office everyday banners , however is the big attraction and the smells alone attest to the melting pot that is Thea venue of the americas. Some of the vendors Are College students working for 15 to 30 percent of the Day s take. Others Are in business for themselves. Some do it Only during the pleasant weather others Are out All year from the dog a s Pushcart is one of the More elaborate and expensive at $4,500, and his License the most expensive at $375. That s because he grills beef right there and that s called processing. Days of August to the Bleak Winters when fearsome winds blow Down this Canyo Ned Avenue. A lot of the full timers Are greek immigrants like Bill. He Sells shish Kebab with a red hot sauce or a Yogurt based White sauce. He s been on this Corner for seven years. When i first came to this country i was without a Job for four months. It was terrible. This is every Day. I Don t have to look for a Job s Pushcart is one of the More elaborate and expensive at $4,500, and his License the mos expensive the City has $375. That s because he grills the beef right there and that s called processing. Those who bake or boil the food can get a less expensive License for reasons that elude most of the vendors. Bill worries about the swarm of Colleg students on the Street. They Cut into my business he says. In the Winters he easily sells100 shish kebabs a Day but Only 60 a Day during summer Are a fact of life for these licensed businessmen. One year Bill paid $1,500 in Man next to him he says paid $6,000. Sgt. John Connolly of the peddle detail reports that the police go after these people Only in response to complaints. We re too swamped going after the illegal vendors most of the time. But you d be surprised How Many vendors complain about other the ice Cream Guys. There s an ice Cream War on. But we re Wise to a few of year the City collected $193,500 from the food vendors mostly health violations and$102,600 from the merchandisers. But that s Small in relation to the number of summons 16 percent of the food tickets were paid and about 5 percent of the merchandisers bothered to Send in their Laws Are As profuse As the vendors must be 20 feet from an Entrance to a building 10 fee from a subway Stop 10 feet from next cart 12 feet from any building and the police can always find one which applies. On the other Side of Bill is Judy Anderson Selling homemade cookies. Bill s teaching her the ropes. She s asking 75 cents for the Oatmeal cookies and 90 cents for the chocolate Chip chocolate Peanut butter and Raisin. Bill says make them All a Buck. What s a Buck today the cookies Are huge Saucer sized. Brother and sister team Helaine and Lawrence Fisher a brother an sister team from Manhattan came up with a new idea which was to net about $6,000 during summer vacation. Helaine 20, is a student at Cornell and her 19-year-old brother attends Franklin an Marshall in Pennsylvania. They re Selling Frozen bananas dipped i chocolate and sprinkled with either Coconut or peanuts. This Novelty abounds in places like Disneyland but had hitherto eluded the Pushcart spoke to some professors at Cornell a school famous for its restaurant and hotel management and figured out it would Cost her about $1,000 to go into business $850 for the cart,$75 for the umbrella and $175 in License fees. Bananas she later Learned Cost about 11 cents piece when bought by the Box. She talked her parents into permission and out of some Cash. We paid them Back by the second week she the High rollers who want to eat on the Street a popular Manhattan restaurant tavern on the Green in Central Park drives a truck Over every Day to offer Rock Cornish Hen at $9.25,charcuterie for $8.25 and sliced Steak for $10.25. Normal Tariff is about $2 for shish kebabs an sausages and $1 for the craze that was introduced last summer the Chidwich an ice Cream Sandwich nestled in chocolate Chip cookies. And if you have to ask How Many calories Ashe saying sort of goes your metabolism can t afford it. Everything is is Avenue of the americas. Salad from California gourmet salad it s a combination of wild Rice pecans Ham Golden raisins scallions and an Oil and vinegar dressing. By Cecily Brownstone associated press food editor famous food stores in Large cities All Over the country no specialize in take out dishes often salads. Some acquaintances of mine decided to copycat one of these salads sold in a Sanfrancisco Bay area fancy Gro Cery shop and sent me their recipe. What makes it outstanding Isth irresistible combination of wild Rice and pecans plus the sweetness that Golden raisins add. Ham and scallions go into the salad too and an Oil and vinegar dressing perfects it. Wild Rice and Raisin saladl/2 cup wild Rice y2 cup 20 Large Pecan halves 2 Pound lean Ham cup Golden raisins soaked in hot water and drained a cup thinly sliced scallions 1-3 cup Olive oili/4 cup Rice wine vinegar v4 Teaspoon Pepper lettuce cups in a 3-quart sauce pot generously cover the Rice with water turn into a Strainer to Drain repeat several times to Wash the Rice thoroughly. Return Rice Tosfau depot and add 2 quarts water. Bring to a boil cover and boil gently without stirring until tender and each Grain has opened 40 to 50 minutes. Have extra boiling water on hand to add toward the end of the cooking so that the Rice is covered with boiling water. Rinse under hot running water draining a Small shallow baking pan spread Pecan halves in a single layer bake in a preheated 350-degree oven until toasted 10 Ham into % to v6-hich-wide and 1-Inch Long strips. In a Large bowl stir together Rice Ham raising and a Small bowl whisk together Olive Oil vinegar and Over Rice mixture toss. Cover and chill. At serving time turn into lettuce cups Garnish with 6 Servings

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