Pacific Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives January 22, 1983 Page 12

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 22, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 entertainment Pacific stars and stripes january 1983 january 1983 Pacific stars and stripes 13 Hows this for a to series with class know i said id never put together another television but the other night i got this Flash for a series that would give Dallas a run for its listen to wed put this British family on a compound in downtown London say a and the miss Ellie character would be played by a Queen who wears hats to shed have two sons one the heir to the throne who goes to funerals for a living and his younger brother who does there could be a daughter who has been off a horse Only twice in six years both times to give the older son would be married to a former schoo marm a Pam Type who is Sweet and pretty with unlimited possibilities for commercial ventures hair the younger son is a War hero who has been on r and r for Over a year with a film Star who makes movies requiring parental his the Queen has a sister who needs a country to Call her own and a husband who walks like he always has a Surprise behind his How do you like it so far Erma Bombeck i dont have the storyline worked out in detail but the Queen could be a frustrated social worker and invite people with problems to her bedroom late at night to sip wine and too far out no we could give her an office with we could probably cast a hatmaker who knows everything a in the first theres a Power the older brother is sick and tired of going to affairs where Hes the Only one in a Short his brother Doest do the Queen makes a she will split the Empire Down the Middle and give them a year to see which one makes a the one who ends up with the greatest resources becomes the showgirl sue Ellen and the former schoo marm Pam vow this will not affect their although the schoo marm secretly wants to Trade Northern Ireland for the Queens who was Given a Token settlement and is out of the will get a Job but keep an Eye on we could Call the series Palace too crazy defies reality no one would buy it youre probably now Benny Hill that real Field enterprises weekly television schedule Korea 22 circus world of Jac ques Cousteau Tea sports legend kingdom train Sevareid news boat people can you hear the laughter the amazing Hughes Delph Bureau to adventure Oclock High theater to the Bottom of the sea squad five project 23 9 and the spoken word Home with the Bible a vision the press week in review Tea facts of life goes to Paris id Gold world of Disney minutes Valley of the dolls 81 this week and Hutch 24 minutes show Kerr Hope Hospital Street Campbell feud say the darn est things bunkers place is enough Valley of the dolls 81 tonight show Letterman 25 bunkers place asked for it Tyler Moore Simmons Kerr Hope Hospital Street country feud say the darn est things Merlin asked for it Law Valley of the dolls Young lawyers show Letterman 26 rising asked for it Kerr Hope Hospital Street store feud kids say the darn est things Haw a living the Man out Side 27 of health Kerr Hope Hospital company big Blue Marble Bear in Rock feud say the darn est things to5 House on the Prairie Bureau immortal tonight show Letterman Tempo 28 h to5 Kerr Hope Hospital company racer Beauty feud say the darn est things Guy a living but i dont want to get married Hill show gospel show at the improve asked for it Okinawa 22 8 Blue Marble Albert Man Beauty blazers racer train Tea Ray Leonard this week Haw Paradise Shirley Grant the Day War Sullivan Blockhouse ride beyond vengeance Man who would not die love for rent classic theater 23 8 closeup of Power heart week in re View the Day War sports legends Tea classic theater sol id Gold in the news minutes of Disney or movie world in a cold climate 24 asked for it search of feud say the darn est things Hospital Hope minutes combers Street Kerr news Days Japan h Wolfe Tea Thomas store Hospital 25 Sevareid Chron icle Cronkite universe feud say the darn est things Hospital Hope a living Wolfe Calls company kingdom Kerr House on the Prairie fun titanic of Sullivan special general Hospital 26 Simmons about pictures feud say the darn est things Hospital Hope Grant in a cold climate Street Kerr Japan a break fugitive family of Carson country Hospital 27 of health adventure family feud Hospital Hope a break company in Rock Kerr Merlin special Bermuda Triangle evening at the improve glitter Hospital 28 asked for it feud says the darn est things Hospital Hope Street Kerr project prime Cut search of Philippines 22 7 Street Blue Marble and Paddington Bear blazers racer Albert Black Beauty train bowl the Day War this week Calls code red a living Crest room Haw variety 23 7 Street closeup of Power project week in re View Reagan address Ray Leonard football this week kingdom Sevareid chronicles minutes Days boat fever i survival of Dana Russell comedy Gold Hill glitter 24 asked for it feud kids say the darn est things minutes fever Calls Street Hope Hospital happening highlights and Shirley night 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Letterman special great movie stunts ice Story happening people 28 Simmons Hospital Hope flatfoot Street Beauty feud 5 w h a t s happening Campbell Valley of the dolls Misawa 22 space Angel fat Albert big Blue Marble spider Man gaining Speed racer Nickelodeon sugar Ray Leon Ard Orange bowl of Magazine soul train news to marquee Aloha Paradise variety special family classic theater nurse solid Gold 11 night owl theater to marquee Aloha Paradise variety special 1 family classic theater nurse sol id Gold 23 at Home with the music and the spoken word Tell a vision insight Washington week m review greatest sports leg ends in nil football this week in thenal Marvie Tea 5 latin Tempo Eric Sevareid Chron icle news sixty minutes 5 4 us 9 i 6 3 6 by Hal Kaufman Hals pals dear Hal ill bet you cant name the capital of every state in the Union in less than a what say dear pal youre on How about Riddle Methis which fish is part Donkey the which Flower leads a Boring life the Dull which Wood draws flies Natty which potato Speaks up the candid sum tally diminish any whole number of two digits or More by the sum of its and the remainder will always be divisible by give it a who zoo arrange these animals names in a Square and the name of another animal will appear diagonally what animals name will appear e is strange problem try this challenging word add a letter before or behind the letter a to form a two letter word in the first Blank to these two scrambled or other add another let Ter to form a three letter resulting eventually in the Bottom word definitions you like rested afternoon Getto gaze shreds no peeking be what can or few of Complete the sewing task under Way above to find add lines from l to smash hit add the following colors neatly to the skating scene above Seal 495 z so i spellbinder score 10 Points for using All the letters in the word below to form two Complete words earphone then score 2 Points each for All words of four letters or More found among the try to score at least 50 Jeau ado tuej6eueaiqssod puzzles prizes fun bet you cant Pat your Mead with one hand and rub your stomach the other you can 2 lets youre Only half you probably know where your head but if you thought your stomach was near your Belt buckle youre your stomach 15 higher right under your just what doctor mouthwash kills patient but How do i get them to take it z can you Neure out How the parts of 7he body fit into the crossword some of the letters been filled in to you Bones Skull stomach ankle brain heart Scalp shoulders ears knee Back skin nose lips le3s swin Wair e a a go b b a to 0he3c t3hhb b 3 e3 a Yosei filhe Aliffi b answer Stine very Busy Man who spends most of his for holes and filling them can you rearrange the letters i 5 name so that they spell the name of profession a 3m2s 2 o the cro55bone5 in old Are human Bones called femurs you know where Skull to see what your femurs Are Over each Puzzle write the letter that appears before it in this weeks top prize question Mollie what Are Blackland Blue Marks 2 when Vou receive a Sharp blood vessels break inside your blood plows into the bruised and the bump becomes swollen and the blood that trapped in the 8uaap later becomes dark and when the bluish color shows through your we say you have a Blacken Blue other 1983 United feature inc prize Brett Crowley Marcy bank5 Jeff aau Sklerov vaudo5ta boys and win Omot Johnny won Demul Prim ii your it motion your qum on and your name and ago to Johnny wonder Titia Nat paper Box Santa 95061 ;