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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 20, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Attempt to Burn off Jungle b52s rain fire on pc stronghold Vietnam Bureau Saigon b52s dropped tons of incendiary bombs Over a Viet Cong base Camp area lighting up the mid after sky like the fourth of an american witness to the unusual raid world War i Type magnesium incendiary bombs were dropped in 10 passes Over a 16squaremile Jungle area Northeast of the raid was called to strip foliage from possible enemy positions and was the first of its kind since last the witness the observer said he flew near the uninhabited target area in a helicopter at feet when the Crew spotted the bombs exploding nearly a mile higher than their it looked like the fourth of the witness Black smoke like a California Forest fire billowed from the burning he1 the observers said the a few Miles South of the Dong Nai River in Long Khanh was designed to Complete previous attempts at chemical Jungle in the he is triple by Trees 200 feet Ordinary chemical defoliation must be repeated three times to be and then the top layer grows up he Michele Kay Gold Seaman tour Hoa a former Barry Goldwater of Arizona chats with Jonathan Seaman com Mander of Field Force ii in As Gold water Tours Bien Hoa Goldwater was to visit a vietnamese redevelopment project thursday be fore leaving for Hong up radio photo Viet Cong dead toll near 500 As Cedar Falls enters 10th Vietnam Bureau Saigon fifteen Viet Cong were killed tuesday As operation Cedar Falls went into its 10th Day in the Iron Triangle North of the joint of Viet Nam Force has now killed 495 ene my and captured a record tons of Rice As Well As 37 individual and 14 Crew served Wear a grave with 19 enemy bodies was found by a 1st 14 Miles North of Saigon in Binh Duong seven tons of Nice was located by another 1st 26 Miles North of Sai elements of the 173d airborne brigade engaged a reinforced pc tuesday in a Trench system in heavy Jun the whose cured the area found five enemy bodies wednesday the american troops also uncovered 15 Booby traps within their another unit of the 173d discovered a Large Tunnel Complex nearly 400 Yards Long with at least two Levels 24 Miles Northwest of Saigon in Binh Duong a search of the heavily mined and Boob trapped tunnels uncovered one 60mm four a Chin guns and 78 individual Wear a Pacific stars stripes 1967 a second arms Cache was Dis covered later by the airborne containing 65 the arms included German 9mm three three m two four Thompsons sub machine guns and four Chine elements of the 1st air and 3d brigade task 25th killed six enemy and captured three in operation Thayer ii in Binh Dinh there were no Friendly a cii47 Chinook helicopter from the 1st downed by enemy ground fire seven Miles North of Bong there were no Friendly casual another Chinook was downed 80 Yards to the Day and removed in other action elements of the 3d 1st air killed three enemy and captured four tuesday marines killed five enemy tuesday in scattered actions South of the Marine casual ties were the Viet Cong inflicted heavy casualties wednesday on a popu Lar forces squad defending a Posl in Vinh Binh province 60 Miles Southeast of Viet Cong also hit vietnamese forces in Chuong Thien province with mortars casual ties were without suffering casual vietnamese troop killed 11 Viet Cong and captured 10 in scattered actions in Binh Thuan province Kidnap by Viet Cong but ment she had to prolong her miss rays shares his grandfathers the boy is left with his grand parents every time miss Ray goes on a Long and that is born and raised in miss Ray was had a got a and left on a three year adventure in when she was on miss Ray be came a in her parents she decided to break into with three other she made a trip in a Small French car from Alaska to the Southern tip of South she gave lectures after last october she decided on an other Shell come one of her friends everything will work out All right and she will have some Good stories to Tell Hanoi delegation arrives in peking Tokyo a a North Viet namese delegation led by Interior minister ung Van Khiem flew into peking radio peking the chinese language Broad cast monitored did not say what the Mission invited by the chinese ministry of Interior affairs would do in that France disappearance in Vietnam of French correspondent Michele Ray came ask Only half a Surprise wednesday to her son and friends they think she was trying to be kidnapped by the Viet the 26yearold adventuress and journalist had said before leaving last november that in going to make a film there on the theme Meir in but i will not be satisfied to see Only the Ive got to go to the Viet Cong Side arid the Best Way to get there is to have myself miss Ray was last seen driving into Viet Cong the girls Jean a land was worried never we have been waiting for her from one Day to the he we have had several let everything was Fine and she was going to be Home for but at the last to his own in Australia Australia with 700 demonstrators chanting one two three go Home South Vietnam prime minister charmed his Way into australians Capitol wednesday pacified a press conference of Tough and at times hostile Fielding every question that came his Way with a prime minister Nguyen Cao by insisted that his visit was not to bolster his regime but to thank the people of Australia for their sacrifices in behalf of his denied that Adolf Hitler was his hero or that he had Ever fought for the Vichy regime in France was Only 12 years or had Ever taken part in the algerian War for reaffirmed his intention to visit the United states revealed he had no objection to the National liberation front sitting in on negotiations to end the vietnamese War so Long As they Are part of the Hanoi when the Premier had met every question with a Combina Tion of wit and forthrightness there was a burst of enthusiastic by held to the stand he took at the Manila conference of temporarily accepting the partition of Vietnam if lists stopped the War but conceded that he had never abandoned the Hope of some Day reuniting the country in free asked what would happen if the communists he replied then we will be slaves of red would be jets bomb 11 Miles North of Hanoi Vietnam Bureau jets bombed two radar Sites North of Hanoi tues damaging one installation 11 Miles from the communist the raids were the closest major strikes to Hanoi in recent damaged heavily in a 16flight raid was the thai Nguyen rail Road Yard 40 Miles North of the air Force 750pound bombs wrecked rail lines and antiaircraft Sites the area and touched off 10 Large secondary pilots said the rail Center was enveloped by thick planes dodged Light to heavy ground fire in unusually Clear skies near weather Over the Panhandle remained one plane was spokes men said an air Force rf4c phantom failed to return from a reconnaissance flight tuesday the woman Crew is a Navy sky Hawks from the Carrier Coral sea attacked a Russia built Sam site 28 Miles Southwest of the jets damaged the site and nearby Supply dumps and hit eight trucks parked at the missile two other Sam Sites were hit near Thanh but poor weather hampered damage Over the South air Force and Marine pilots flew 447 including 204 in support of ground air Force planes flew 302 damaging 85 enemy bunk ers and eight Marine aircraft damaged 82 enemy two bunkers and three samoans in 145 South of the two air Force f4c phantoms bombed and strafed an enemy Force attack ing a Friendly position near Quang Tri

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