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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 19, 1983, Tokyo, JapanWednesday january 19, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes one of the Saddest things americans will have to face in 1983 is the demise of Mabell who at the urging of the Justice department ingoing out of the Telephone business and into computers and esoteric communications. Fro now on each one of us will be at the mercy of his or her local Telephone be always been very sentimentally attached to the old Gal so i went Over last week to say goodbye. We re going to miss you a " i told her Ashe was packing some Cable and Silicon chips in her suitcase. All my children i m going to miss every last one of you she said. You were All my children and we shared Many Good times and bad times does t seem right to break you up i said bitterly. You were the Best Telephone system inthe whole wide world. I never told anyone this before but you were the Only monopoly i i did the Best i could she said wiping Awaya tear. Some people did Call me a monopoly but i was a benevolent one. I had to make a profit forthe widows and orphans who owned my Stock. But i also made it possible for almost everyone in this country to own a Telephone. I soaked the Rich on Long distance Calls so i could subsidize the poo who wanted to make local you were the last american monopoly reach out and touch someone my Only desire in life she said was to reach out and touch someone i handed her a something went wrong with your phone she sobbed i sent one of my people out there right away to fix it and i never charged when we got Lucky you always let us keep the change we found in the Coin Box at a girls i trained to be operators were the friendliest women in America. And i respected people s privacy. If you did t want to be in the phone Book i always found you an unlisted let our fingers do the walking in the yellow tried to make life a Little easier for me a of All the innovations you Mabell hangs it up thought up during the years which one were youth proudest of the collect Telephone Call. I made it possible for generations of children to keep in touch with Art Buchwald their parents. I doubt without the collect Call i parents would have Ever heard from their kids a Mother would have thought of the collect Telephone Call i put a Princess phone and a touch tone dealer in her suitcase. The Justice department viewpoint 13 never did like me. They be been out to get me forbears. Well at least i wired up the country before they won their if it had t been for you there would t be Telephone poles Strung across this nation from sea to shining you use an old switchboard she asked me. I d like that. It would remind me of the wonderful times we had Well i guess i m All packed she said. Twas Nice of you to Stop in and say goodbye. Most people la never forget you. Every time the phone rings i la say to myself ask not for whom the Bel tolls it tolls for a " tears started to Well up in her eyes. Suppose now that i be been broken up you la never Call me course i la Call you a " "when?""friday." mrs. Estrin s son Melvyn Calls her los Angeles times v vat Mimi it women appointees strengthen White House in one announcement president Reagan provided two reasons to anticipate Good things from his administration. One is named Elizabeth Hanford Dole and the other is named Faith Ryan is going into the Cabinet to succeed Drew Lewis As transportation Secretary. And Whittlesey is coming Back from her Post As ambassador to Switzerland to take Over Dole s Job As the chief of Public Liaison on the president s staff. The Only reason one cannot say that Reagan has strengthened his administration by these changes is that Lewis was the Star of the Cabin Etin its first two years. He took policy initiatives and carried them through with a political skill that impressed everyone in both parties who dealt with him. His loss to private business will be Reagan sure has t Hurt himself by getting Liddy Dole into the Cabinet. And Whittlesey a who is much less Well known Here than her predecessor will make her Mark As the Whitehouse official dealing with business labor agriculture and the vast array of voluntary organizations. High political Impact if Reagan runs again these Are two of the most important political jobs in government. The transportation Secretary does business with governors and mayors the Auto trucking Railroad aircraft and shipping industries an their unions. The Public Liaison chief on the White House staff manages All of the president s interest group Reagan who has been derelict about bringing women into major policy posts finally has two women in positions of High visibility an responsibility is a major plus. But these two people would be assets to the administration regardless of their gender. By Good Fortune both Are people i met sometime ago and it took no brains at All to see How talented they Are. Elizabeth Hanford As she was then was the assistant consumer adviser in the Nixon White House when i met her at a Wisconsin High school forum arranged by then defense Secretary Melvin r. North carolinian and a graduate of Harvard Law school she dealt with the students question sin a serious straightforward manner devoid of David s. Broder any Trace of condescension. Her approach to he later Job As a member of the Federal Trade commission was similarly professional. And when encountered her from time to time on the Campaign Trail she was the same approachable likable out professional person. You got the feeling that whatever the setting Dole was going to give the group and the Job at hand the full measure of her considerable Whittlesey was even More of a Chance thing. I had gone to Delaware county pa., in the Spring of 1978 to watch some of the candidates in the Republican gubernatorial primary perform and found to my Surprise that the Star of the evening was Whittlesey. She was then running a Uphill and ultimately unsuccessful race for the lieutenant governor nomination against Williamw. Scranton Iii. I knew after the first meeting that she had Tobe included in a Book about younger generation political leaders that was then in my did not have to hear her talk More than 15 minutes to know what a Tough self assure politician she is. She had to be that to survive. Pregnant with her third child she went up against six male rivals and was nominated and elected to the Pennsylvania legislature in 1972.then widowed she took on one of the last of the corrupt old line Republican patronage machines the Delaware county War Board and became its new master. Party discipline a staunch conservative who picks and choose for herself among the women s movement issues she is pro Choice on abortion but anti Era Whittlesey is most of All a believer in party discipline. I know that without the imposition of party discipline we cannot maintain an organization which can deliver votes on crucial issues and for candidates at any Given time she said when we told a Philadelphia newspaper Back then that to Call a Man Tough politically forceful an Strong minded is considered a matter of Praise. But if these same attributes Are seen in a woman she is called arrogant ruthless and lacking in compassion. A woman is supposed to be weak an submissive. I won t play that that kind of spirit is going to be needed in the Reagan administration in the Tough Days ahead. By picking people As smart As Dole and As toughs Whittlesey the president has done himself and the country a Post an authorized unofficial publication of the . Forces overseas published daily except i january at 23-17, Roppo Ngi 7-Chom. Minato Kun Tokyo lot Japan. Apo san francisco�6soj. Contents at this publication opinions and views expressed by columnists and cartoonists and the appearance of Disu lavs concerning commercial publications do not necessarily represent the official it a nor constitute an endorsement by the i. S. Government. Department of defense commander in chief Pacific or this newspaper. Available to authorized personnel for 15 cents daily subscriptions Are monthly paid in Advance per a 230-1 afr 174-1 mail subscriptions Are available for minimum six month periods Lor 139.00. Third class postage paid at Zabu Minato Kun Tokyo Lor local mailings second Valais postage paid at san Francisco calif., for Apo. Fpo and official . Addresses. Copyright restrictions preclude acceptance of subscriptions for delivery to individual addresses within me Continental United states. Pacific stars and stripes col. Joseph e. Burlas Usa commander editor in chief i. Col. Denis m. Mehigan Usa Deputy commander business maj. John w. Higginbotham Usan Deputy commander marketing operations or. Timothy r. Hutchens executive editor 229-33io. 310 Don Mccaffrey Pacific editor Tokyo m9-31s2 Dwigh trimmer Usan Washington Bureau chief Pentagon 727-6695 Steve Davis Usa Korea Bureau chief Yon san 7mo, 7050, 7447 Helen Webb Usa Japan Bureau chief Tokyo j3�-3374,3153 Dave Ornauer Usan Pacific sports writer Tokyo 239-31 is Danny Layne usic Okinawa Bureau chief Mak Minato 437-1610 Pete maker us Philippines Bureau chief Subic Bay im4m1 Laura Neiti Guam Bureau chief Navy regional medical Center 471 14? 31w circulation Telephone numbers Japan military 225 .1505, 4506, 4507 or commercial 4049449. Singapore 2931422. Kuala Bumpur 23737. Hon Kong 3025251 ext 20. Korea Yon san Butler 6352010. Philippines Wea manager Clark 25202. Clark distribution 43296. 2524. Subic Bay distribution 44123, Manila embassy 59 m it ext. 2752. 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