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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 19, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint january 1983 Flat tax being led to the Slaughter a s a formula for the so called Flat tax is hard to this is Why its shocking to hear these rumours that a conservative like president Reagan May urge it on the in its pure Flat tax Means that everybody pays Uncle the same percentage of in no More taking deductions to beat internal if the rate was set at 14 everybody would pay 14 Rich or you pay 14 i pick the 14 percent figure at it might be higher than but it would be a lot lower than most people now since free riders now paying Little or nothing because of their deductions would have to contribute to the zillions of exceptions what is revolutionary Here is not the abandonment of the theory of the graduated income which holds that people who make More should pay at higher in this theory has been abandoned for thanks to zillions of exceptions written into the Law to help the moneyed classes escape the big the truly Radical aspect of the Flat tax lies in its cancellation of these which create our famous if a Flat tax were enacted in pure for you would to longer be allowed to deduct interest payments on housing if you were buying real you would suddenly be in the same underprivileged position As people who rent real renters get no tax they get soaked so real estate buyers can enjoy a tax the government created this inequity years ago to help the building Industry and encourage private Home having decided that these were healthy social the government used the tax Law to promote buy a House or else do As we want and buy a the government and Well Cut your tax if you persist in Well give you the full so we All bought though we didst actually buy or we borrowed with Lon term deducted the interest and got a tax Cut which enabled us to borrow Money for a new the government let us deduct the interest on the car when payments on the monthly mortgage principal began to exceed payments on the we refinanced the mortgage to Cut our taxes by increasing the interest the refinancing gave us enough capital to assume a mortgage on a second and we got another tax Cut for paying interest on the second i am describing the Way Middle class americans lived from 1946 until very recently when usurious interest rates closed the housing Market to All but the Rich and those who had entered the game Back in its Here was the most commonplace example of government using the tax Law to shape our you didst have to be very Bright to see whether you wanted to own a House or youd Russell Baker better buy a House or the government was going to soak by the use of tax Law to shape american society had become if Thomas Jefferson had been a child of the he would have held the most self evident rights of Man to be Liberty and the Pursuit of tax people began living their lives according to patterns Laid out in the latest tax Law City dwellers who Tell a Guinea Hen from a candles egg bought cattle herds in return for a tax people who wrote books for a living and fix a leaking toilet went into syndicates that built High Rise Glass and Why not the governments tax policy stated that writers were to be America didst particularly need it needed High Rise Glass i know people whose habits Are so chained to the tax Law that they rarely traffic socially with anyone whose food and drink cannot be after nearly 40 years of shaping their lives to humor the latest whim of the tax americans have become habituated to a system so complicated that even internal Revenue employees Arent sure whats and so absurd in its inequities that a Nelson Rockefeller can escape All taxes for a full screams of horror dismantling this Absurdity at a As the Flat tax would would destroy the rules our generation has Learned to live the screams of horror Are easy to they would come first from a Middle class that sees loss of its mortgage interest loophole As an assault on the american Way of this will be scrapped on its first Day in on the second All the other free riders will enter combat to preserve their own special deductions without which the nation would when the lawyers and for whom the monstrosity present tax Law creates a billion Dollar enter the what is except nothing perhaps id expect 200 new amendments that make the Law even More baffling than it already times Iran hostage release Day of heroes the second anniversary of the liberation of our hostages is the right time to speak of the term is used too casually these applied to football and even that websters ghost growling to Rock like the heroism has too often been but there Are still those who deserve the accolade and among them Are those who often in self imposed to bring those hostages let me drop a name Warren Christopher was an authentic hero two years he met websters definition As a Man of distinguished courage or admired for his Brave deeds and Noble negotiator at Algiers Christopher was Jimmy Carters Deputy Secretary of shortly to retire to private but As he prepared to step he showed us distinguished ability and Noble he worked himself into exhaustion during the negotiations in at one Point going without sleep for More than 48 Carter would say that without Christophers negotiating skills and selflessness the whole thing might have blown some of us May not remember but the history books will give him lain it was in fact time of those Days before the hostages flew Home to heroism was in Carter a Lam Duck and members of his team vice Andrew Tully president Secretary of state and Treasury Secretary William All ended their last Days in office drained physically and emotionally by their nonstop labors to reach an agreement with an irresponsible iranian regime drunk with there was also the flavor of Ronald always a gracious the iranian madmen had hoped to humiliate Carter by holding the hostages until he left not while Reagan was they no one is going to humiliate a president of the United states an honorable Man like Jimmy Reagan told his National Security Richard in asking president Carter to go to Germany to Welcome those hostages i want those hostages to meet the Man who worked so hard to bring them to this that was the frosting on the cake of a Beautiful time in the republics the iranian rulers were cheated of this last attempt to degrade not Only that decent and compassionate Man from Georgia but the american people As National self respect in the decent men acting decently in decent anger and dedicated to civilized behaviour preserved our National and suddenly patriotism was not from Maine to americans could indulge themselves comfortably in love of country and in gratitude to leaders at All Levels who performed with style and Grace and with the heroism that is not confined to the Battlefield or the roaring temples of Mcnaught Syndicate

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