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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 18, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 4 world Pacific stars and stripes january 1983 dying n Stellite w months and was paid by Rte gave no indication of the possible reentry West the Moscow the soviet Union has backed off trajectory of the radioactive which he said Cost about a feb Paul from its assertion that radioactive material in one was purposely separated from the main body of the soviet of its satellites will Burn up completely when the the satellite on several including the United satellite reenters the earths Belo Serkovsky confirmed most of the Basic Britain and have set up teams to Monitor now the soviets Are saying that when the spy assertions of experts in the United who the Progress of Cosmos Stellite reenters the atmosphere in warned this month that the military recon Ais Are being reviewed for fal t mid feh Ruaro most but of chaos not All of the Sance satellite had malfunctioned and that its radioactive fragments in the event mat any Laitio reactor nuclear components would fall to the Earth along an emergency search with the rest of the team has been placed on stand boy officials of the North american aerospace particles that survive the plunge into the atmosphere will pose no health the soviets a cleanup defense command said it is difficult for even the Belot Serkovsky main deviation from the More than a few hours warning of Oleg director of the american description of the situation was his Jere the fragments Are Likely to Moscow physic technical said that Contention that fallout would no exceed limits when Ana were me a when the fuel Core of cosmos1402 Burns its recommended by the International commission part of the concern about Cosmos 1402 stems materials will be dispersed into finely divided on radiological the commission is a from its relatively Large Nve its United nations body that studied the from its relatively Large five its nuclear reactor contained More than 100 pounds in lieu rnai ions Luuy uial Pic a should these particles fall out to the american experts have noted that when a of with a similar Cosmos generate electricity to operate me Bai Eime s radiation situation will be within the limits similar satellite with a similar reactor Cosmos recommended by the International commission plunged into the atmosphere in several radar observing the movement 01 the Wona s on radiological he radioactive fragments landed in Canadas North peking paper prints agony column for lovers w n i by Ted Chan United press International China Little Liu is to blame for her shameless handling of the love meeting other boys while maintaining a Romance with Yihua and forsaking that not a quote from a chinese romantic novel its a letter to the peking evening one of the liveliest newspapers and cheapest forms of entertainment in while National newspapers like the chinese communist party Peoples daily drone on about socialist ethics and Model the fou Page peking evening news addresses the Nitt Gritty of child care to bureaucrats the newspaper carries everything from tips on child rearing to complaints about poor bus service and unhelpful it peels away the political cover to show the real concerns and gripes of the chinese and As love supposedly makes the world go so it has conquered the newspapers weekly family Page and the hearts of countless love is a topic which puritanical communist leaders have Only recently opened to Public in the discussion of the facts of marriage and divorce was the Domain of neighbourhood political but As taboos have been the peking evening news has opened its pages to love and readers responded in at the the social letters asked How to get said be Deputy editor in chief of the marriage and divorce people wanted to know How to meet prospective they asked about courtship and worried about paying wedding Bills and establishing a new be people want to know How to get a he stressed that the different line letters from readers Are selected by an editorial staff member of the peking evening news for publication on the family up of questioning does not indicate major social change in people have always had these kinds of he they just feel Freer to discuss them in the the topic turned to jilted lovers seeking it began with i a Downto Earth Auto Mechanic who is a member of the communist youth league a Good catch for any after introductions to several Yihua befriended Little a saucy but after 10 Little Liu decided to break up the Romance because her parents Dis approved of i Huas family Back one of his Brothers is mentally i found Solace in alcohol and one summer night tried to attack Little Liu in the police caught him not the answer a letter written by one of i Huas friends sparked a flood of others which said revenge is not the Rui Chen confessed that he threat ened his wife after she suggested a a country Zhou in a letter entitled confessions of a woman recounted How her boyfriends decision to leave her prompted her to throw acid in his she was sentenced to five when All is quiet at i shed lots of remorseful tears at the thought that he is handicapped All his life when Only 25 and i myself reduced to such a what a bitter fruit retaliation has she stinging satire the peking evening news also has created a mythical character named a who has a quizzical approach to daily life in the National capital and delivers stinging satire on shortcomings of society and the communist one of his most recent subjects was the Lack of sizes and colors for women in China the theme is baggy and peking City officials read the front Page letters and often Send staff members to investigate and Correct the letter operation thus is the closest thing in China to consumer sometimes we warn people we have received a complaint about their service or product and ask for a reply from them before we publish the be other times we dont say any thing and just wait for a intern action Al nazis extradition sought la Bolivia up the attorney general has recommended that alleged nazi War criminal Klaus the Butcher of be extradited to West Germany after 31 years of free Dom in the bolivian supreme court will make the final decision within a few held responsible for the deaths of thousands of jews and French resistance workers when he was Gestapo chief in enjoyed the Protection of righting military leaders after he came to Bolivia in but the governments attitude changed when the Cente left civilian administration of presi Dent Hernan Siles office last Zuazo took massacre hearings end Tel Israel up the commission looking into the Bei rut massacre held its final hear ing ending almost three months of investigation into the Slaughter of hundreds of palestinians at the Sabra and chatila refugee it will be up to the Threeman commission to determine whether israeli officials and military men should have foreseen the Slaugh Ter that took place near israeli army observation posts or stopped it the commission will review some pages of evidence before it releases its final find expected in

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