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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 18, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 2 personalities Pacific stars and stripes january 1983 Lansky stamped Legal on crime Miami up Meyer who died lifted organized crime from the Back alleys to the Board rooms by devising ingenious ways to launder the mobs dirty death caught up with the Little jewish immigrant at 6 at mount Sinai medical Center on Miami a Hal world away from his beloved neither his second nor any other family member was with him when he funeral plans were not but Lansky had expressed the wish that his remains be shipped to which kicked him out in Labelling him a danger to Public although police had never succeeded in putting him behind bought burial plot in Jerusalem cemetery if i cant come Back to Israel at least my body Lansky said after purchasing a graveside at Jerusalem mount of olives cemetery in the Story of How who quit school after he graduated from is 34 in new York City As a trained tool and die then teamed up with the close knit sicilian crime families in the Early has never been told and now perhaps never will it began when at the age of fell in step with a group of hoods that provided Protection for liquor shipments during it was Here he became friends with such founding fathers of organized crime As Charles Lucky Benjamin bugs Vinnie Jimmy Blue eyes Alo and Frankie they had the and Lansky had the financial finesse unbelievably intricate schemes which he tucked away in his mind where Elliot Ness could not there were persistent rumours that amassed million to million from skimming untaxed profits from the Gam Meyer Lansky bling operations which the mob began setting up in 1934 with the establishment of the Flamingo Casino in Las three irs agents travelled throughout the Bahamas and great As Well As the United to track the flow of crime funds into Legal fronts masterminded by he was brought to trial in 1972 on Casino skimming but a Federal jury in Miami cleared the following year a Federal appeals court threw out a contempt sentence he had been Tom head of the irs said in Miami before the skimming trial i sincerely feel Vou could not fathom in your minds Eye its almost admirable in a sheer organizational Way the sophistication which has been i think the news Media and the Public will finally learn about a sophistication in crime which is the epitome of top organized crime in labelled organized crime a myth Lansky insisted to the end that there was no such thing As organized Labelling the charges an american but the Kefauver Senate crime committee heard testimony in the Early 1950s about How mob Money was sent out of the then returned in the form of Legal which fuelled the International growth of organized Rode out these As he did so Many without the Law Landing a solid about the closest they came was in when he was arrested for felonious assault in new the charge was later reduced and he paid a Fine without Ever serving any jail after his retirement to Miami Beach in the Early he became a familiar figure along Collins a frail Little always neatly dressed and usually strolling with his Fluffy Little despite reports he was Worth Lansky lived modestly and reported annual incomes of to in his late his checking account maintained an almost constant balance of in february doctors removed a tumor from one of Lansky and in addition to the tumor he suffered from heart chronic ulcers and he entered the Hospital for the last time on suffering from he had announced three years earlier he was dying of cancer and said he wanted to visit Israel one More but the israeli government denied him a Challenge pays off a an Auto worker who told general motors chairman Roger Smith in a letter that most employees Felt he had made tons and tons of Money received a Telephone Call in and a personal an assembler at Gas Assembly division Plant challenged Smith in the letter to match a donation made to the pm raw care and share food distribution program by an employee participation group Murphy Murphy said in his letter that Many pm employees believe Smith is Smith accepted the Challenge in a person person Call to Murphy at the Plant and then sent a personal Twitty backs 100 club a country music Singer con Way Twitty has donated about to the 100 which assists families of police and firefighters killed in the line of the Money was raised last month from proceeds at Twitty City a museum and related tourist attractions Twitty oper ates in this Nashville Twitty has said he Hopes to make a similar donation an he is the singing partner of Loretta Chutis Dies in sky dive California up a Veteran stunt Rian and parachutist was killed Friday when he apparently failed to pull his ripcord during filming of the final scene from the movie the right he was identified As Joseph of a Veteran with More than jumps to his officials of Ladd production producers of the film based on the Book by journalist Tom said Svec and cameraman Randy Deluca jumped from a plane to film a 30second insert for the which had completed principal filming in the sequence they were filming depicts famed fighter Pilot Chuck the first Man to break the sound ejecting from an experimental aircraft when it loses Power and begins to they were at an Altitude of feet in a planned camera said Bob manager of the California City at Randy Deluca opened his but Joe Svec was falling Flat and Phelps said he examined both specs primary and backup Para chutes and found nothing wrong with Warner which is releasing the is also the distributor of the Twilight an Accident during the filming of that movie july 23 killed actor Vic Morrow and two child look for it at most Pacific stars and stripes bookstores and army and air Force Exchange Pacific stars and stripes usps417900 Apo san francisco96503 published daily 25 cents per copy or per second class postage paid san Calif

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