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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 16, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 22 Pacific stars and stripes 35 3 religion january 1983 Pope Nti Nues to diversify Church Vatican City a Pope John Paul is appointment of 18 new cardinals two weeks ago expands a Vatican trend to diversify the roman Catholic Church and lends prestige to some Church leaders in communist it was Only 50 years ago that italians dominated the College of cardinals and a Little More than six years ago that european representation dropped to 50 percent for the first time in modern Joseph Louis analysis John the first polish carried that trend further by putting Europe in a increasing third world and nearly doubling the number of Eastern european in naming the new who will be installed the Pope made a Point of saying that his choices reflect the universality of the since the cardinals elect the the shift in the balance of Power increases the possibility of another no italian Pope and of the first no european Pope since the Church Early the United while gaining a new archbishop Joseph Louis Bernardin of has continued to lose ground Over the dropping from a High of 12 cardinals to under John cardinals have assumed More importance in run times Here is a thumbnail sketch of archbishop Joseph Louis Ber Nardin of who was appointed one of 18 Cardi Nal designate last week by Pope Paul John the appointment raises to 10 the number of archbishop Joseph Louis Ber Nardin of Chicago is chairman of the United states Bishops committee on peace and which last november made Public a proposed pastoral letter on nuclear weaponry that was sharply critical of the nations military he became head of the archdiocese of the nations largest Catholic Arch on succeeding John Cardinal who died in the archbishop suggested that his Elevation to Cardinal was a sign of John Pauls approval of the american Bish Ops efforts against nuclear the 54yearold archbishop is viewed As a seeker of consensus who does not Wield archbishop Bernardin Power with a heavy hand and who lives routinely working 12 to 14 hours a Church insiders say his direct and informal style were factors that led the Pope to name him to the Chicago he had previously been a Bishop in Atlanta and archbishop of Ning the twice during his rare event in previous fou year the Pope has John the first no italian summoned All the cardinals to Rome Pope elected in More than 450 to advise him on Church a also moved to reinforce the Church in communist Eastern Europe by naming four new cardinals including the first Cardinal living in the soviet archbishop Juli Jans apostolic adminis Trator in other than a titular Church in Rome and a red the promotion provides few special Powers to the new who now number nine in Eastern but it does give them considerable prestige in Deal ing with their communist govern for the 87yearold the promotion is largely symbolic be cause of his but for archbishop Jozef primate of the red hat was a sign of the papal support Glemp needs in order to Deal with the communist government in the overwhelmingly roman Catholic the 18 appointments raised the number of cardinals to but Only 120 of them Are under the age of 80 and therefore eligible to vote in a conclave to elect a the Pope named 10 of whom three Are italian two Afri cans one North american two latin americans and one each from the Middle and new the Asia Cardi Nal designate is Michael Michari kit Unchu of in the conclave that elected John Paul in Europe had exactly half of the 118 votes while the third world had now Europe has Only 59 of he 120 and the third world has red hat for latvian surprised soviet officials by John Burns times Moscow a spokesman for the soviet organization that oversees Church affairs says there was no prior Contact with the Vatican about the Elevation to Cardinal of archbishop Julijans Vaivods of it was a Surprise to the the spokesman for the Council for religious affairs said in a Telephone we have not been officially the Council acts As a coordinating body for the activities of the officially registered the roman Catholic Church among and exercises a wide degree of control Over their can go to Rome the official said that archbishop who is 87 years had been to Rome before in his capacity As apostolic administrator of and would be free to go again to receive his red hat at the consistory that will formally install him and 17 other prelates named last week by Pope John Paul ii to become there should be no difficulty in he there was no official comment on the Popes action by the Kremlin or the soviet Western diplomats Here said the move seemed certain to sir unease within the soviet which is already angered Over speculation in the West that has linked the soviet Security and foreign intelligence the to the shooting of the Pope in Peters Square in no reprisals expected direct action against archbishop Vaivods is considered soviet catholics in recent times have been subjected to incidents in which priests have been beaten by unidentified assail ants at the have had their Vestrie ransacked or in one Case in Lithuania two years tortured to death by but the archbishops age and the worldwide attention focused on him Are expected to afford him immunity from any personal by unofficial there Are fewer than two million catholics among the 270 million soviet and most of them Are in the Baltic republics of Latvia and and in the at an earlier stage of soviet Rule the Catholic Church was the largest Christian denomination after the russian orthodox but repeated campaigns of repression have taken their toll and protestant both registered and now count More hostility toward catholicism has deep roots in russian going Back to the time in the Middle Ages when Rome pressed military campaigns in an attempt to end the split in the Christian world and wrench orthodox believers away from their loyalty to repressive measures by the polish Crown against russian orthodox believers com pounded and the marxist enmity to religion built on these after catholics sent to labor Camps catholics were among the victims of stains terror in the but the most concerted attacks on the Church occurred after when Stalin annexed the Baltic republics and Eastern then and when soviet authority in the Baltic republics was being reestablished after world War thousands of catholics were shipped off to labor Many prominent Church figures died and the majority of churches were closed and their property was an attempt at a limited rapprochement began in when Nikita Khrushchev Aleksei who was editor of the principal government was received by Pope John Xxiii in the Pope Paul i undertook an initiative to open contacts with the leaders of the officially atheistic countries of Eastern Europe that still had Large Catholic in 1966 foreign minister Andrei Gromyko had an audience with Pope Paul i and the next year Nikolai then head of was also Pope Paul also sent archbishop Giovanni Benelli on several trips to Eastern european countries for talks with communist officials and local Church Gromyko has been received on several occasions since including an audience in 1979 with Pope John Paul the in named a representative to the recent funeral of Leonid Vatican group went to Kremlin there has been no formal diplomatic Recagni but a Vatican disarmament group met with Brezhnev in the Kremlin a year ago and the two sides have maintained steady contacts Over other including efforts by the Pope to win More Freedom for believers and clemency for some of the More notable victims of it is not known whether these diplomatic contacts have continued since the storm broke Over allegations by authorities in Italy that the bulgarian secret a close adjunct of the might have been involved in the attempt to kill Pope John the allegations were based in part on statements made by Mehmet Ali the Turk convicted in the a bulgarian airline employee in Sergei is under arrest in the some Western officials have said that if the bulgarians were involved the Trail might Lead to the which was then headed by Yuri who took Over from Brezhnev As the soviet All Moscow says the soviet reaction has been to Issue a statement dismissing the allegations As lies and to charge that they were spurred by Western Intelli gence agencies in a bid to foment ant soviet feelings among the worlds particularly in the reaction has been accompanied by a flurry of articles in the soviet press about Pope John Paul and the direction the roman Catholic Church has taken in the four years of his the articles appear to reflect divergent views among the soviet

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