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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 16, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Sta ipes serving All the services necessarily those of the department of this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions Are not necessarily those of this s Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorised personnel in tha Pacoma area for 10 cents 15 cents saturday or subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance Pei a 2305 and personnel in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san William Usa Ollice Richarge executive officer Darcy usic officer Morton Usa Vietnam Gordon general manager Ernest managing editor Bob Considine War would Force Russ hand the president could silence his critics Declar ing War on North though the nature of the fighting might not change a the open rebellion against it in this country would Dis for All the present conscientious objectors and draft dodgers probably would be As rare and As unpopular As they were world War they would be routinely imprisoned or conscripted into non military but if he declared with the easy consent of a Congress which is far less patient with to Chi Minh than the president he would Force Russia to come into the fray or forfeit its position As the first among the of the communist Russia has the same signed and sealed obligation to assist Hanoi in the event it is attacked As we have to help we have chosen to contract Russia Lias chosen to Chicken out on the Busy with Many costly matters ranging All the Way from trying to Best the in the space race to getting ready to fight has confined its Aid to Hanoi to occasional Russia wants no part of this it could not move considerable numbers Considine of men and machines to it except by crossing which is not longer to Date its principle contribution has been its surface to air we attack them Only if they Are positioned to guard a High priority other our planes Fly courses that put them out of missile if Russia was forced to enter the War it would weaken its continued preparation to Deal at some later Date with the chinese of Welcome it would give them a priceless period of Grace which they could devote to the build ing of a much More ominous nuclear capability than they now and the modernization of their co the president spares the soviet Union the anguish of having to make such a titanic he suffers the Kremlin propagandists their abusive the name he is Mere As of one in authority appears to doubt that if there is a sino soviet War in the foreseeable we would help the soviet Union As we did in world War China is restrained in its Aid to Hanoi for two reasons 1 to Chi Minh Doest want the chinese in his country and 2 Mao has serious Domestic problems which might be further aggravated if peking went All out to save the comrades of North the consensus of our military planners in Vietnam is that China would Send volunteers against the and Allied forces Only if we invade North we invaded North we appear to have no intention of doing that in this world War ii was a Korea was a police this one has no name at it is prosecuted with astonishing finesse tact by who have the Power to reduce that whole Section of the world to dust in a matter of it is being fought with most sophisticated weapons Ever placed in the hands of foot As an american medical study just released four americans were wounded by bows and arrows last and More than 200 were hospitalized by poisoned Bamboo slivers imbedded along paths used by our Vietnam is now the most drawn out War in american his it is the so far As history wherein the morale of the men doing the fighting is higher than those who Are secure at it is immensely but it has not resulted in rationing or even a thing of of that it is a King features Syndicate makes you feel kind of Doest it Dick West Ralph Mcgill americanism spreads in during a wait Between planes at the Germany i sat in the crowded outdoor it was a warm summer a Glass of Mosel and an order of Knack Wurst and Kraut a Young German executive asked to share the the German was soon he you Ameri cans Are corrupting too much american he began to Point out the were wearing wants in one Western cloth ing is replacing the local Robes disappear in Japan and Many other areas of the such As China and Southeast in and As in the Sim More easily worn Western dresses replace the i t electronic Marvel at rare intervals say once in a thing happens that makes you truly proud to be a member of the human i had that feeling this week when i saw an advertisement for an electric waste this is not to suggest that the invention of the electric Finger Nail file and numerous other milestones in the Onward and up Ward March of civilization were not also they in deed they but they didst make me sort of Tingle All Over the Way the elec tric wastebasket advertisement i you a disciple of which holds that mans greatest problem is getting rid of f the electric which Sells for Only fits that theory it Doest just collect Dis carded paper like the Garden shreds obsolete and important papers says the makes sure what you throw away is really the ads admonition to be Safe and when destroy old records gives the wastebasket an Aura of i How that its real Merit lies in thwarting dont breathe this to1 a but i have reason to believe now agents in the Ger Field Are at work on devices to offset its Security to electronic snooping has advanced to the Point where Bug Ging an electric a wastebasket should be fairly one method to mind would be the surreptitious West local the process con installation of a miniature Xerox Mcgill it continues not because it is american but the re placements Are More Satis fac machine in the lid of the waste when obsolete or important papers Are dropped into the they Are copied be Ameri Caris and the japanese fore they Are a tiny the test and use of mans education is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of his Warzun stars stripes Many of whom Blue they Are Vul Gar imitations of your Cowboy Chil he if you will Pardon i you do not know what it is you t h e mothers put Blue jeans on their children because they Are they Wear longer than european childrens they Are easily they look better As they grow and they even have a better appearance after they Are obeying a sudden i left my seat and approached a couple with two Jean Clad Chil both my German was woefully but i asked them to come to the ask i said to the Why they put jeans on their the woman told him the jeans were they did not Wear out quickly and did not require Spe Cial care in Aphis is perhaps a too lengthy preamble to the Progress of what unfairly and unreasonably is called in Europe and other areas of the the americanization of our the american the Ameri can colossus and so it is True that there has been Grandfather used to have a clock by his bed that would what is called americanization keep Good time Only when it was on its set it up in a natural at of Rosput to Down on its Back Early those of Europe to a tick away through the hours Russia and that grandmother once commented that the clock was like some people is to the convenience of the she had the Only time they seemed Able to be god when they were Flat on their sick and f were going to die let them recover and they forgot that the lord was the Shepherd of the healthy As Well As the sick the lord is thy psalms Are the nations most on what is called r and d research and the Field of chemicals and american firms Are becoming More and More Domi research and development have made drugs clean and other nations pro Duce drugs that Are riot what the Label so in Many countries resentment grows against Ameri can influence and dominance rather than being directed lat microfilm camera would accomplish the same another obvious method would be the development of a shredded paper it takes the shreds and pieces them Back to Gether you stranger things Are happening every this leads me to conclude that the True value the electric wastebasket is it could be invaluable at new years office their own companies and direct for Torso r and the phrase for which those letters an Industrial society most Ful the Hall when the affair really gets just drop a few inter office memos into the wastebasket got in Stant United press International Purnell Bailey t of Lite Cess it continues be cause such markets Are More one gets what one

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