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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 16, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Wont hit Hanoi Mig Wheeler Washington Earle Wheeler indicated Friday that the four Jet bases harbouring Russia designed Mig fighters in the Hano Haiphong area of North Vietnam Are Safe from bombing for the foreseeable chairman of the joint chiefs of talked to reporters on his return from a weeks tour of the fighting fronts in the Republic of Wheeler went directly to the White where he spent about two hours reporting to president he was accompanied to a luncheon conference by Secretary of state Dean Rusk and de sense Secretary Robert i think weve managed to Deal rather Well with the migs so he said when asked whether the Jet bases would remain on the list of possible targets where bomb ing is Wheeler apparently was referring to the destruction last week of nine super sonic mig21s which were shot Down by pilots without an american there May come a time when we will have to do something More about bit it int he the United states has shot Down 36l migs while losing 10 planes in encounters with the North vietnamese air Force is believed to have fewer than 10 of the speedy mig21s it has approximately 75 mig15s and but these Are slower than sound and considered no match for Wheeler returned to Washington amid renewed discussion As to whether the Mig bases in North which so far have gone should be three of Phuc yen and Gia in the Vicinity of the just South of the port City of it was pointed out that while avoiding these the United states repeatedly has bombed secondary North Viet namese airfields at such locations As Dien Bienna and Dong hoi some officials fear that if the Jet bases were bombed the North vietnamese air Force might withdraw to Fields in communist with severe International complications resulting if they then attacked from across the Saigon Navy minesweeper Sank saturday after colliding with the norwegian motor ship Mui finn on the Long Tau River about 30 Miles Southeast of three of the seven crewmen aboard the Navy boat were listed As the Navy said the Accident occurred near the Mouth of the the principal waterway leading to the South vietnamese both the j which was towing min sweeping gear at the and the norwegian vessel were moving up the cause of the collision was in the Navy the four men rescued were picked up ten minutes after the one was said to be injured seriously and one injured v the Navy Bott Sank Ift about 30 feet of water and the Channel was the sunken boat was sighted and preparations for Salvage were Hanoi reflects Cambodia plea Saigon up cambodian Prince Sihanouk has asked Hanoi and the Viet Cong if they would be willing to negotiate a settlement of the Vietnam both parties replied the Prince in a 185minute speech heard said that he approached the North Viet namese and the Viet Cong on behalf of Western diplomats but specifically said they were not in record Effort Vietnam Bureau planes were lost Over Vietnam As american pilots flew a record 549 sorties Over the the new wartime Mark was marred by the crash of an air Force super Sabre As it attacked a Viet Cong position Southeast of a Navy skyhawk was reported shot Down Over North Vietnam As pilots flew 73 missions Over red both pilots were listed As miss pc overrun Viet outpost Saigon least two Viet Cong battalions overran the Deole Post in Quang tin prov 6 Miles Northeast of Hau due District just before Dawn a government spokes Man the defended by a popu Lar Force lost communication with District three members of the embattled platoon escaped and reported the it was not known by saturday evening if the Post was still in enemy ing in spokesmen said the two brought to 457 the number of american planes downed Over North Vietnam and to 147 the losses Over the South the record sorties Over the re Public included raids on enemy base infiltration routes and water forty one and vietnamese air Force planes struck an enemy base Camp and trails Northwest of Nha Trang in the Central prov Ince of setting off 14 secondary explosions and killing 14 another 14 communists were killed when air Force super sabres attacked a Fleet of samoans off the coast of Quang Ngai province South of the in missions Over North Viet pilots reported Damag ing a Bridge 21 Miles Northeast of the planes also hit six other 51 three cargo Junks and two ferry com in other planes dropped More than two million leaflets on Hanoi and one million on the Industrial Center of Thanh both leaflet loads were win drifted Over the communist Candy wins friends children surround an american Soldier who is handing out Candy in a Republic of Vietnam working with pacification often find they can win a villages Friendship through its a radio photo pilots cautious Viet Vietnam Bureau Marine patrols and artillery fire killed 74 enemy Friday in scattered actions in the Northern Section of the re Public of before Dawn Viet Cong platoons attacked an artillery position of the Lith marines 6 West of Chu in Quang Ngai tire pc attacked with 82mm Small automatic weapons and hand v7 marines turned Back the attack with Small arms 105mm seventeen Viet Cong were killed and seven Marine casualties were described artillery King missions and air strikes of re Public of Korea marines killed 27 the action took place 7 Miles Northwest of Huang Ngai Cygy another Mission later in the Day in the same area accounted for another 13 reds killed a combined Marine air and artillery action resulted in another 14 enemy the enemy casualty toll in operation dec House 5 Rose to 20 killed As a result of seven enemy killed in a fight that occurred Between a Marine squad and an unknown sized enemy unit the action took place 63 Miles South of Saigon it Kien Hoa scattered clashes with Small enemy units during operation Cedar Falls in the Iron Triangle resulted in 10 enemy another 133 tons of Rice was found while conducting sweeps through the a total of tons office has been captured in the this is tons Short of the record haul of tons captured during operation London bomber Crews Are genuinely trying to hit their targets in the area of North according to a British journalist spent three weeks in the Norman Barr Maine said he watched two or three american raids a and some at night on Haiphong during the period he was Barr Maine gave an account of the bombing to the British Broad casting corporation bbl in Hong he said taking the Haiphong defences into the Amer ican pilots were very they were pressing Home their and not unloading their bombs on civilians by indiscriminate Haiphong to his did not claim mass casualties to buddy system tragedy 3 Marine pals die in Viet crash Washington up three youths from who enlisted in the marines under the buddy system of died in a helicopter crash near Pacific stars stripes Chu South the Pentagon reported they were Lance corporals Timothy William and Richard under the buddy the services allow youths who have been Good friends to enlist with the Promise they will be kept to Gether during and if pos sible throughout their tour of Coyne and Fuchs were still together wednesday night when the Marine helicopter killing five other and two Crew Mem the Trio was identified Friday after their relatives had been their parents in Massillon Are and Willard and John Coyne and and Fredrick raps visitors to Hanoi Indianapolis Upina tonal commander John Davis said Friday the Ameri can legion doubts the sincerity and questions the motives of persons who have visited Hanoi and then have denounced Amer ican action in if these people have an Iota of sincerity in their if they Are really concerned about the inhumanity of Why didst we Ever hear their cries of indignation Over the documented mass murders and atrocities of the Viet Cong against the civilian population of South Vietnam Davis Davis said the does not believe in bombing civilian population centers but neither does it sympathize with bleed ing

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