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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 16, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Red Smith i old Grinders red Smith Johnny Keane the thing about Johnny Keane was his one summer his cardinals slumped after setting or forcing the Pace into late discussing the situation at the manager was As honest with a newspaper Guy As he was with Louis pitching had been spotty from the Start and at this late stage there was no reason to believe it would on the John the Burden on his re liable starters was growing More nervous As the Long season wore the hitters had carried the team this now they were tailing off at the worst possible if the slump had come in june or even july there might have been time to recover but now they were running out of Ball but youre not giving John his Friend there was a thoughtful you hate to John meaning he had Given both of them knew what Gussie bus chs reaction would be if that admission were published and the Gardinal owner read by baseball until a club is eliminated the manager must insist that this race going right Down to the wire and Well be in it All the this deceives but the manager who violates the code knows where his next Dollar will be coming unemployment commitment to honesty co Johns surrender didst get but he did not ask p that it be off the this was a standup Guy deeply committed to the i to link the Only time Johnny Keane deceived himself was in 1965 when he Clung to a belief that the Yankees were a team of Pennant Caliper thwarted by in this he was not the Yankees had been so clearly Superior to All others so Many years that almost everybody in baseball took their Dominion for it had become an article of Faith that the manager of the Yankees had the Best Job and the Best personnel in to get Ting that after 35 years in the but four in the Bushes or in a subordinate like going to heaven without the inconvenience of it took him a year to discover that hews one in the ear in Johnny died other All the obituaries cited the frustrations he injury that destroyed his Promise As a the 23 years he waited in the Louis Organ being passed Over again and again when the big club needed a the irony of 1964 when his team won the world Champion ship and he was hailed As manager of the year after his employer had quit on his summary dismissal by the Yankees with the 1966 season Only 20 games the obituaries mentioned that he never yielded to and that is the farthest he Ever went in that direction was in reference to the time a pitch by Sigmund Jakucki almost killed even then there was sadness rather than anger in his tone when he said i never like to accuse anybody of throwing at a but that fellow he told me he was going on his previous time at Bat Johnny had hit a line drive Between outfielders and gone All the Way a genuinely hard Guy who later pitched for the retaliated with the when Gussie ate Crow of there had been any malice in Johnny Gussie Busch would have brought it out of him after the 1964 world chagrined because the team had not won a Pennant during his the Beer Baron dumped Brig his general Man that summer and made up his mind to ditch the Field manager when the team came on to win the Gussie urged Johnny to write his own ticket but Keane put him off until the cardinals had whipped the then John submitted his Resig for personal Busch had put himself at his managers mercy and knowing he stay on with an employer who had lost Faith in could have made the Boss his quiet dignity helped Busch through a hopeless in the classic this was a gentle c publishers newspaper Syndicate is of year up coach Tom Cahill was named coach of the year by the american football coaches the Acca named Dan Jessee of Trinity College in Connecticut current president of the coach of the year in the College the plaques were formally presented Friday Cahill guided army a 82 the Best since red Blains team went 801 in Caius team lost Only National Cham Pion notre Dame and powerful Tennessee the past Cahill was named coach of the year of the american foot Ball writers lessees Trinity team won six games and lost two in his final season As head he re tired after 35 years As the two top vote getters in voting for the University division coach of the year award will direct the opposing teams in next Summers coaches Al America football game in Cahill will guide the East Bob Devaney of Nebraska will Mentor the they fade one knows what happens to old but what becomes of old football players do they just fade away according to Keith president of the new York Stock they do not fade away or vanish or anything of the they become Stock at least they Funston says the football player has the Ideal qualifications to be come a financial wizard the values common to Success in Busi he Are the same As those on the football he lists those values As competitive emphasis on Victory and respect for the Funston football play ers to gain by scout ing the securities business care because the personal traits important to football Are important elsewhere As Busi Ness in general and the invest ment Community in a san Terback John Hadl of the Ameri can football leagues san Diego chargers confirmed that he is asking to be traded to some other Hadl said he wants a change because he Doest get along Well with Sid who has signed a new five year contract As Charger Hadl 1 told Gillman it was very important to me to get with another team and he said if it is that important then hell do his Best to work put Hadl was the ails leading passer in 1965 and finished second to Kansas cites Len Dawson last there Are reports that sail Diego and the Houston oilers Are working on a Trade involving Hadl Houston sounds Good for a lot of it will depend on what Sid can a Brabham awarded trophy Saban completes staff new head coach of the Denver Broncos of the american football Lou completed his staff by hiring Hunter Ennis As offensive Back Field who played quarterback for the Bron cos briefly in had been an assistant coach at Texas Christian London a australian world Champion Auto racing Driver Jack Brabham was awarded the Frodo trophy for his a que performance in being the first Driver to win the title in a ear of his own the trophy was received in London by Brabham compatriot and Eon 92 Pacific stars stripes 1967 three time world grand prix now also won the world formula ii championship in 1966 and the French formula Iii Brabham could not attend the ceremony because he is in new zealand for the Tasman series of motor the Frodo trophy is awarded annually to the Best British Commonwealth achievement in Auto 4 Leo picks pirates for Pennant Chicago manager Leo Durocher of the Chicago cubs has tabbed the Pittsburgh pirates As the National league team to beat this Durocher said the san fran Cisco giants and the Atlanta braves Are the next two Best clubs in the Durocher you have to write off the los Angeles dodgers without Sandy Koufax and Maury Grin and Bear it by Lighty film Lars is care to step outside and try it out by some passing squares crossword Puzzle the across 1succor 5the Sweet sop 9uncouth person 12appellation of Athena 13path 14beverage 15river in Nebraska 17prefix Down 18born 19twist 21hinder 23declared 27pronoun 28cubic meter 29mournful 31obstruct 34river in Italy 35lrritates 38symbol for cerium 39sink in Middle 41nothing 42gives up 44pronoun 46lawmakers 48rematn erect Sidi patched 52rocky Hill 53lndefinite article 55takes unlawfully 59ancient 60young horse 62disorder 63dance step 64gpddess of discord 65plumlikt fruit Down 1occurrence 2cloth me Airt 3meadow 4sample 5wideawake 6symbol for tantalum 7finish 8sow 9tilted 10toward shelter 11antlered animal 16soup dish 20fonjdles 22printers measure 23snakes 24portico 25compass Point 26pigeon pea 30pour 32genus of Maples situs shh Shaa Hsu Naff Loffl Casein shhc5 Sis hubs a an Aacie ise 33army meal 36lt is 37hunting dogs 40protects 43note of scale 45symbol for tin 47birds Homes 48cease 49weight of India 50freshwater fish 54conjunction 56be ill 57game at cards 58sainte 61chinese mile 2 3 23 28 34 39 48 52 59 24 49 25 40 44 35 45 41 50 53 60 64 29 36 46 26 51 61 21 30 47 55 22 27 42 37 65 8 31 43 56 by United feature 32 33 57 1 58

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