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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 11, 1967, Tokyo, Japan F n w a f f f f f i Rev f f f f of a v s r x Over the Waves and to school Rivkis is getting an education the fun he rides a breeches buoy every Day for 200 Yards 50 feet above the Atlantic to get from his Island Home to the Mainland and Cape Ned Dick Grade school at York Rockies dad is a coast guardsman and keeper of the Cape Ned Dick also known As nubble up indians take children Home to die Mexico City up Chankin and Maria two of the few remaining Mem Bers of a dying trudged Back to their Home Cei in the Jungles of Southern Mexico this they carried Bright new Tennis incurably ill children and a gloomy forecast from the White Medicine Chankin and Maria Are members of the primitive la Candon Indian they Are descendants of the Mayas who ruled cities of White Stone temples and pm tamils across Southern Mexico and Central America when the spaniards their determined not to let themselves be swallowed up in the White mans retreated to the Jungle vast Nesses of in Southern near the that determination is killing scientists in Mexico City said inbreeding and incest among the few remaining Lacan highest estimate of their number is and most observers think there Are Only about 400 causing serious genetic and afflicting the children with incurable Chankin and Marias children Are they the Indian couple was brought to Mexico City two weeks ago for a dual Experiment to see How Well they would adapt to 20th Century and to give doctors a Chance to examine their two paralysed in the the Experiment was a Success in one said Alfonso a geneticist with the National nuclear Energy commis who oversaw the they showed they could adapt to our they were quite if members of the most isolated group can do certainly other Indian tribes with More Contact with civilization should be Able to do in another there was the two boys have an incurable nervous the doctors it May be caused by a poor but Leon said he was sure it was a result of diseases such As Hankins and Marias sons have will become More he and be passed on in strengthened form with each if they do not Start inter marrying outside the it is probably within a few he no one expected leons warning to do much explorers who have visited the Laca dons say tribe seems to have a mass death determined to hold out in the Jungles until their Way of life Dies with Zap youre rocket experts look to Venus Cape five Mammoth saturn5 rockets might to be launched within 11 Days the United states is to Send an expedition of Astro seeks air link with Siberia new York a scheduled air service Between Alaska and neighbouring Siberia the possibility arose sunday with disclosure that Alaska air lines has asked the civil aeronautic Board for authority for scheduled service Between alas and Northeast and Between via Anchorage and to soviet approval would also be flights Between Moscow and new York recently were approved both by the and Russia for Aeroflot and pan american world prov Deniya is a Dee water port 245 Miles across the Bering sea from Pacific stars stripes 1967 nauts flyby trips to Mars or Venus in the each rocket would have the Power of huge Jet producing that much firepower would place severe demands on launching operations this new launching pads and facilities would have to be Check out and countdowns of the com plex and spaceships would have to be with computers and inboard electronic systems doing most of the the flyby of Mars or Venus is just one of Many missions that officials Here Are studying As they make Long Range plans for the Type of launching facilities that will be two experts recently prepared a report on what will be needed for manned space flight in the next they Are Mccurley of the National aeronautics and space administrations Kennedy space Center and of try systems the report said that although Nasa has not defined any specific missions beyond a manned lunar it is possible at this time to make some reason Able speculations regarding the most Likely types of and to draw some Basic conclusions relative to expected launch operations problem licked president Edward Willard left and executive Secretary James de Voss of the american philatelic society look Over forged Stamps made by Raul de thin of the forger took stamp collectors for millions of dollars Over a 30year period by forging antique on the table in front of Willard and de Voss arc the Dies and tools of the mexicans operation which the society bought out in under mexican thin is not considered a England British psychiatrist proposed sunday that compulsive Speed Law violators be cured by electric Shock he asked for John consultant psychiatrist at Shelton Hospital said there must be an army of motorists who realize that Speed limits m e a n nothing to including Many who have lost their driving licenses his proposed treatment would Start with a film of a Driver exceeding on an Airstrip or nonpublic whizzing past Speed limit in the doctors consulting the Driver patient would recognize himself in the film breaking the Law and he would receive shocks up to 70 volts through a strap attached to his who claims to have cured compulsive gamblers with Shock said it simply boils Down to associating excessive Speed with discomfort and plumbers approve pact a the last of four unions involved in the longest strike Ever at the general electric Plant at Schenectady voted to approve a settlement the Accord reached Between the company and local plumbers and followed agree ments gained Over the past week with local International Union of electrical local american federation of tech Nical engineers Schenectady drafts ens and teamsters local the teamsters struck the due local and the craftsmen 17 and the plumbers the walkouts idled a total of of the employees at the robbers set victim afire new York a four assailants blindfolded their robbery victim drenched him in a flammable set him afire and left him a human the Joseph his clothes still staggered several blocks to a he was in critical police said Prochilo had left a Brooklyn social club for Home when the four men grabbed dragged him to their car and up Bod him of then they tied on a doused him and set him Pari Bonn talks set Bonn a Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger flies to Paris Friday for two Days of talks with president Charles de it was announced afo san Francuck 96503 published daily per be class postage paid at san

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