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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 10, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 14 Pacific stars and stripes 35 3 Pacific january 1983 marines expect new Landing Craft Washington usic future marines might not have to get their feet wet during Beach landings if the navys new air Cushion Landing Craft Lac lives up to the expectations of Robert Comman Dant of the Marine who has called the Lac the most significant Advance in amphibious warfare since the introduction of the Helicon scheduled to be introduced to the Fleet in the first six cacs will go to West coast although the Navy has said they could eventually maintain a Fleet on both coasts totalling up to 107 the Lac is a Shipto Shore and Over Thebach amphibious Landing Craft that travels on a pressurized Cushion of skim Ming Over the oceans surface at up to 50 it can operate Independent of water depth and underwater traversing a beaches surf zone and providing a dry Landing for marines and their say the types of Landing Craft currently in use by the Navy and marines Are based on world War ii technology and can successfully land on Only about 17 percent of the worlds the with its unique will open up at least 70 percent of the earths shorelines to a forcible entry by according to Marine corps the flexibility of the new say will allow greater Freedom in the selection of Landing Sites and increase the survivability of assault Barrow said the Lac will provide us with Speed and will contribute to Surprise through greater standoff thereby reducing the vulnerability of our amphibious ships to enemy with a Range of about 230 the Lac is almost the same size As older Craft now being used 88 feet 47 feet wide and 23 feet tall on its Cushion and has a Pound cargo the same As the older Landing Craft it will an artists concept of the navys new Landing Craft As it pulls into a More conventional Craft Are slated to be phased out by the late 1990s after having served since world War usic Singapore military rules change by Kenneth Whiting associated press Singapore enlisted men dont have to address officers As new recruits Are no longer scalped by their first army haircut and reservists Are encouraged to use their military rank in civilian these and a number of other Steps have been introduced As Singapore tries to improve morale and give More status to those in its armed defense minister Goh Chok Tong wants All million people in this prosperous Island Republic to be aware of the need to defend it against foreign it must be a total Effort that All of us must mount on the entire that Way we Hope it will seep Down to the level of the private he told a potential threats who sometimes is listed As a successor to prime minister Lee Kuan did not identify any potential external other senior officials occasionally question the regional ambitions of Vietnam and the soviet defense strategy is based on the which is Small and normally Friendly but is armed with dangerous quills to use against very few animals take on the Porcupine that the kind of Overall defense strategy we will Goh concern about Low morale is not new in a 1978 Book titled youth in the army reported that Many draftees did not understand Why they were in the service and wanted Only to shed their uniforms As soon As avoiding Active duty the Book said Gold bricking was common with some desperate enough to chop off their trigger fingers to avoid Active to curb draft the government recently increased the Bond that Young men eligible for military service must put up before they go abroad to study from to those who Complete their 24 to 36 months of full time service can wind up in jail if they ignore followup compulsory Reserve training each year until they Are the army has men plus the Navy has personnel and the air Force other paramilitary units include police and a Home guard of about women Are not subject to the draft but do serve in noncombat too Early for results Singapore is part of a firepower defense agreement with Malaysia and new new zealand bases a battalion Here under this pact which requires Britain and new zealand to consult but not necessarily make a defense commitment if there is an external threat to Malaysia in addition to unmotivated defense planners have been bedevilled by the Lack of suitable training space at Taiwan has been used for Armor and artillery training and Maneu vers Are sometimes held in Australia and the British protected sultanate on officials say it is still too Early to measure How much More attractive the series of moves might have made military life to Young officers got an average 26 percent pay increase earlier this dreaded first which exposed much of the Scalp and left recruits looking like prison was replaced by a modified officers and enlisted men were Given the option of addressing their superiors by rank rather than the traditional officer training in performance in the reserves is expected to be a Factor in determining advancement in civilian said formerly confidential military records would be made available to private employers and government departments to help influence their decisions about whom to new career development programs have been devised for the chief of the general Winston returned from Duke University in the United states in july with a masters degree in other senior officers Are studying in the United which this year provided to Aid professional officer the Only military Aid Singapore received from Reserve and retired officers Are encouraged to use their military ranks in civilian they May add their ranks to business letterheads and personal and official officials Pacific people in top running Hickam Hawaii Usan a red horse unit and eight men from the Pacific will vie for honors in the air Force engineering and services awards the red rapid Engineer deploy heavy operations repair unit is the 554th civil Engineer ing Squadron Ces at Osan the unit ranked tops in Acaf and earned it a nomination for the Robert Curtin red horse commander Harry Glaze is among the eight nominees for air Force wide Glaze was nominated for the Newman recognizing contributions to engineering through con research or devel a second Osan Philip Celmer combat support Engineer and chief of operations and 51st has been nominated for a meritorious achievement Hickam winners Are Taichi military construction pro Grams Deputy chief of staff for engineering and Acaf Yoshimi air conditioning equipment Lead 15th Ces and senior master James chief of service 15th Nomi is a nominee for a meritorious achievement award Takashige is Pacas top civilian Manger and Schaefer is the nominee for the Goddard recognizing outstanding enlisted contributions to troop construction or base Clark has the senior civilian manager and noncommissioned officer of the year for they Are Bernard Power support systems Mechanic general Power production and systems and Paul Bench material control both Are with the 3rd the 6112th Misawa contributed the outstanding senior senior master Philip financial management Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this if you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this please let your Pao know about

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