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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 10, 1967, Tokyo, JapanTaiho s tourney favorite " # # cd Shirado in no. 2 sumo Slot Tokyo up sumo grand Champion Tai to is again the Man to beat inthe first of six annual 15-Day tournaments opening sunday at to Kyo s uramae covered Arena. The Japan sumo Assn. Place Taiho in the no. 1 spot for the 25th time in its ratings preceding tournament As Yoko Una on the East Side. East prevails Over the West in age old sumo won five of the six tournaments last year for an unprecedented total of 23 Champion ships. The no. 2 spot was Given Toyoko Zuna Kashiwada As Yoko Una on the West Side. Taiho and Kashiwase we relisted As grand champions for the 32d time since their promotion in this tourney vital to Jesse s future Tokyo Apt Jesse Kuhau la Kamiyama was ranked ninth in Lua a lanky hawaiian sum wrestler from Maui will undergo the most crucial test in his professional sum career at the new year tournament opening Sun Day. His chances of becoming a full fledged Suma wrestler depend largely on his showing in seven outs of the 15-Day tournament. Japanese sumo officials believe22-year-old Jesse will be promoted to the ranks of jury next Only tothe senior makuuchi division if he wins at least five out of seven outs in the year s first Tournai know this is my Chance to. Realize my ambition of becoming sek Tori full fledged wrestler and i will try my Best he told newsmen. I have promised my friends when i visited Hawaii last year that i will return after becoming a sek Tori the Japan sume Assn. Promoted Jesse to the second rank inthe Matushita Junior division. This was in recognition of his impressive 5-2 record at a tournament held late last year in Kyu Shu. The hawaiian who wrestles under the ring name of Daigoro to the division before his promotion. Jesse has been training hard Athis stable gym with expert coach ing from fur Wake former Gran Champion Asashi since he came Back from the Kyushu tourney. Officials at the Takasago stable to which Jesse belongs said Jesse has Strong arms but is still weaken the legs and his current train ing concentrates on making Good use of his arms and strengthening his legs. Jesse has been training hard after returning from the Kyushu tourney. Although he is in themak Shita division he trains with jury wrestlers at a ring set aside Only for senior Seki Pris. His train ing averages three hours a Day. Fuji Nishiki a makuuchi wrest Ler commented Jesse has be come stronger. He now weighs127 kilograms 280 pounds. He has made great headway in re cent Jesse came to Japan to become sumo wrestler four years ago. He has adjusted himself to the sumo society and now enjoys the Chan Onabe or special food for wrestlers of boiled fish meats and vegetables. Crossword Puzzle across a Long slender fish 4-frighten 9-the urial 12-Frozen water 13-assumed name 14-food fish 15-suited 17-arranged in sets of to 19-Mountain Nymph 21-employ 22-whhered 24-rpdent 26-pinochle term 29-title of respect 31-cleaning device 33-female Deer 34-King of Bashan 35-everybody s Uncle 37-existed 39-preposition 40-Range of knowledge 42-cheer 44-pursue 46-Lreland 48-dance step 50-dec la re 51-Lamprey 53-retail establishment 55-drink of the gods 58-disliking. 61-exist 62-at that place 64-Sailor Colloq 65-footlike part 66-greek poet 67-music As written Down 1-tomcat 2-High card 3-commit to writing 4-1dentical 5-Lucid 6-three-toed sloth 7-Knock 8-brother of Jacob 9-diatribe 10-Garden too 11-Tola i 16-regions it doctrine 20-obstruct 22-fumes 23-ardent25-haul 27-disjointed 28-put off 30-deface 32-Moccawfl 36-Chart 38-portion 41-relatives hide qhe1 3q Ebibh Hub anon she aug aoj3hh Solh Eabe 43-possesses 45-turns aside 47-openwork fabric 49-look fixedly 52-narrow strip of Wood 54-above 55-Short sleep 56-before 57-Greefc letter 59-posed for portrait 60-period of time 63-Printer s measure 1 15 22 29 40 46 55 61 65 56 41 51 16 35 47 13 30 42 52 62 66 24 36 48 57 20 31 43 53 63 17 25 37 49 58 8 21 32 44 54 18 26 38 50 14 33 45 64 67 distr. By United feature Syndicate inc. 10 27 39 59 11 28 60 inner inn september 1961, to sumo s High est rank and equated the record held by former grand now known Asko Konoe one of the coaches in Thede Wanouhi stable. The no. 3 spot went to As d e p u t y grand Champion on the East Side. The ratings no longer listed the name of by Koruna Tochi Noull who although Only 28 announced his retirement after he suffered four defeats against two wins inthe first six Days of the previous tournament in Fukuoka last no vember. To Chmonmi was compelled to resign because he could no longer uphold the prestige of a Gran Champion. Taiho missed winning Only the january tournament last year in which he did not compete because of a pre to Tirney injury. He is again the favorite to Winthe forthcoming tournament in which event he will equal his rec Ord of six straight championships Between july 1962, and May 1963. Taiho not Only is physically endowed at 6 feet 1% inches and 315 pounds for a grand Champion but is Superior in technique to All other competitors. Born May 29, 1940, Taiho is only26 and is destined to Vin Many More tournaments. The Only outstanding change inthe ratings was the big promo Tion of Kot Tsuyama from no. 4maegasliira to sek Wake on the West Side. Kot Tsuyama 24,hokkaido, Japan s Island where Man tiers Hail from had in the november tourney. He is member of the Asa Hiyama stable. Burly Fuji Nishiki 29, of the Takasago stable was promoted from no. 3 Manga Siira to Kom Subi on the West Side. Three Well known wrestlers Waka Chichiu Wak Sugiyama and Daislian were demoted from the makuuchi or top division to the jury class. Futa Godlake and t o d a were newly promoted into the Maku uchi division from jury. Fut ago Dake became the first member of the stable owned by former Gran Champion Wakan Ohana now known As fun Taoyama to enter the top division. Also significant was the promo Tion by seven ratings of hawaiian wrestler Jesse Kuhaulua know Nas Tak Miyama to the no. 2 spot on the West Side in the . He was a Chance of gain ing promotion into the jury classic he makes a Good showing in this tournament. Competitors in the Makushik Taclas fight in Only seven bouts Dur ing the tournament. Members of the jury division compete daily. The Stem Christie is demonstrated by Skeeter Werner. By a native of northernmost of the Wres a 12-3 record crash kills Ore. St. Skier Bend Ore. A one Mem Ber of the Oregon state univer sity ski team was killed and five others injured saturday in a two car Accident on a Mountain High Way in Bend Ore. The victim was 18-year-Olddavid Foote of san Carlos Gal. Oregon state ski coach Mike Hartley and team members Mark Fisher and Jim Mcdonald were hospitalized with undetermined injuries. They were in the same car As Foote. The occupants of the other car Francis Avery of Powell Butte Ore., and his son Randall also were hospitalized. Police said the Highway was covered with Snow and Slick at the time. Ninth of a series Skeeter warn Erwith Doak Walker written for Nea have practice the Side. Slip in which the heels push Down and outward turning. Accompanied by a traverse this is called an Uphill Christie. Now you Combine both the Uphill Christie and the Stem into the Stem Christie. This starts exactly like a Ste turn but instead of keeping your skis in a v or Sno plow shape until the turn is completed the downhill ski is brought alongside the outside ski As soon As the skis Start to turn and you really go across the fall line in a parallel position. Now to help this along fro the traverse position As you get ready to turn the Uphill ski i stemmed with a Down motion of your body. With an up motion the weight is transferred to the stemmed ski the inside ski i slightly advanced and brought parallel to the outside ski As mentioned the moment the turn be gins. At the same time the out Side shoulder is brought slightly Back with a Down motion again the edges of the skis Are reset to Complete the turn in a new traverse. This introduces the principle of weighting. To your stems or turns and paves the Way for the ultimate in turning the parallel method. The Down up Down motion of the body is critical. In the Stem Christie the final Down motion begins As you approach the fall line or line of steepest de scent on the Hill. With practice you Loput the turns together in the Stem Christie Roget a fluidity of motion. Next into the parallel learn to smoothly that you turn. Wakabayashi to debut Detroit Mich. A the University of Michigan s All America hockey Star Mel Wakabayashi is expected to make his pro debut thursday night with Memphis of the Cental hockey league. Wakabayashi a Cana Dian of japanese ancestry was signed by the Detroit red wings of the National hockey league Japan to ignore Boycott Tokyo a the japanese organizers of the fifth world women s volleyball Champion ships to be held in Japan Jan. 21-28 announced they will godhead with the meet despite a threatened Boycott by six communist countries. The soviet Union and five other communist bloc countries have objected to a decision by the organizers to omit the display of National flags and playing of National anthems. Masaichi Nishikawa president of the Japan volleyball Assn. And chairman of the championship organizing committee called news conference and read an a peal to the communist teams to reconsider and come to the meet. It said we should like you All to realize that. The fact an impression is Given to the people of the world that the socialist Conn tries Are simultaneously boycotting this championship meet would affect adversely not Only the future of volleyball but also that of All the decision not to have an National flags and anthems at All was because Japan has no Diplo Matic relations with North Korea and cast Germany and wishes to avoid wrangling with Bonn and six countries which have threatened to Boycott the meet Are Russia East Germany Poland Czechoslovakia Hungary and North Korea. Nishikawa said the players willbe allowed to compote in their National team was no Throat to Boycott from communist China one of the five other countries entered in the meet. The. Four others arc Japan the United states Peru and South said the organizers have an obligation to conduct this meet no matter How Small the number of participating coun tries will be reduced and assigned farm club. I i $ to the Memphis Pacific stars & stripes 23jav 10

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