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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 10, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Five smooth stones by Ann Fairbairn Crown and hate give a highly emotional charge to this 756 pages which tells the Story of one Davids courage Ous Battle against the Goliath of race it is the Story of David Champ a brow skinned negro who Lias been named for his a victim of a Lynch mob who is orphaned and raised by his with the help of the a Dane named David gets a scholar ship to a Small coeducational College in in this school with the fictional name of David almost becomes the victim of a Frame up by a White supremacist but his friends come to his them Are who in later years As a surgeon will help save Davids life and a Southern boy who has disowned his racist Back ground and is to become a minister working in the civil rights there also is Sara the Little White girl who Falls in love with David Long before David dares to let himself fall in love with David goes on to Havard Law joins the office of a famous negro studies inter National Law at and is about to take a diplomatic Post in but then comes a tragedy that throws him deeply into the civil rights there is a bitter Boycott and a Melo dramatic shooting incident in the deep this narrative contains about All the elements of the race question that you can think marriage a Young negro who cannot suppress his hatred a Northern educator with secret prejudices real liberals and uncomprehending liberals uneducated Southern Whites whose Blind prejudice is based on fear the questions of Vot religion and communication Between the but it also is a Story of individuals with their own these Are three dimensional and they come alive the Book gives the Reader a Fuller Early in the College the inbred fear of the negro a realization of Why David Champlin dreaded the consequences of a mixed it has a few occasionally the dialog is not quite As natural As it is in most in the fast develop ments of the Boycott a few twists of the plot Are a bit too but the flaws Are this is a re Mem it has a but so do the real classics of social and this May become ene of Miles a tailor editor makes some cutting remarks by Walter Logan United press International the most quoted Man in Britain at the moment is prime minister Harold running him a close second is John editor of the Trade publication tailor and Gutter with his Sharp and occasionally Ribald comments on the foibles of human each week Taylor writes a Leader or Brief essay in tailor and who has been observing the clothing scene for two has collected some of his observations in a Book its a medium and outsize world illustrated with ancient fashion cuts and offbeat some of his observations it the historians history edited by Andrew Berky and James Shenton 2 boxed Nhis is a Potpourri of historical writ a Ings about the United states by professional makers of journalists and arranged in approximate chronological order the order of the events they de there is Washington Irving on co Lumbus and his voyages Francis Park Man on France and England in North America George Bancroft on the Amer ican revolution Theodore Roosevelt on the winning of the West Bruce Catton on lincolns army Allan Nevins on the of modern America Wil Liam Allen White on a Puritan in baby Lon Herbert Feis on Japan subdued Henry Steele commager on the Amer ican a Host of As the publisher aptly describes the Book constitutes a pageant of american history from the outstanding works of americas Foremost up a tillable or 3 pet Pacific stars and stripes on a reported decision by the Marine corps to adopt a regimental the Many illusions were shattered with the in the first place it had Long been surmised that a Marine had been instantly recognizable from the facts of being ten foot tall and Hen from the solid Rock when next a Marine top sergeant urges his fatalistic flock for Ward into a solid Wall of with the sour demand wha Samadder you Wanna live forever might some Nerv Ous introvert in the rear rank hold up his hand and stammer on the first wearing of a silk top hat by James Heatherington on 1797 an immense curious crowd collected around the embarrassed inventor and the crush became so intense that several women caught up in the throng fainted dead dogs Chil Dren and with that Peculiar Genius Small boys Reserve for such Occa Sions the younger son of a Cordwainer named Thomas managed to get his Arm Heatherington was arrested on the invention of an inflatable Bra there Are Many Young housewives married and settled today who might never have attracted attention without the assistance of the pneumatic Bra which Calls proud attention to the fact that Many a Wallflower finally discovered that her air was her crowning 0 i96d by his stuff Doest be cause the Kennedy Arent interested in preventing its publication Best Sellers fiction tiie secret of Santa Crichton Valley of Susann capable of Drury Clavell the Birds fall West All in the Oconnor the mask Renault the Malamud a dream of Mark Petrakis the Robbins nonfiction Rush to everything but Levenson the Boston Frank games people Berne How to avoid Dacey with human sexual Howard masters and Virginia Johnson the random House dictionary of the English language the search for Amelia Fred Goerner the passover Schonfield affairs in a Small town the last picture show by Larry Mcmurtry dial in Small towns All Over Amer Ica if you follow what our novelists have been saying in recent years there is a great feeling of frustration and of course the Standard outlet for escape is so Here is femur toys contribution to the lore of sexual release among the denizens of a typical on stoplight the scene is a windswept Corner of the Texas where a town called Thalia gradually is succumbing to economic the main focus is on the Sonny and his Friend Duane Are in their final year of High school and this really is a caricature of a High Sonny has to Settle for a pathetic affair with the love starved wife of the football Duane has greater ambitions he wants to capture a flirtatious girl named the most Beautiful girl in the Duane is frustrated More than and Jay finally gets the tawdry letdown that she de Mcmurtry is the author of horse pass which became the movie and of leaving he has a Good ear and Eye for Small town sounds and and he has created some amusing country but in this Book he has pushed the sexual obsession bit a Little too far for a chopping Down an aggressor How to protect yourself with karate by Craig Lomack pocket books if youre a Man or child and feel then heres the Book you requirements Are a Little spare patience and someone to chop and kick then youre ready to learn Power karate so you can reduce an assailant twice your size into a helpless How to protect yourself with karate is supposedly designed for the entire family but parents would be Wise to think twice before trying to teach these potentially disabling hand and foot techniques to the pocket sized presentation Doest Promise learn karate in 30 Days or your Money Back but it does make it sound almost too easy to be and surprisingly if you follow the text and illustrations closely there Brief but pretty concise youll find All the Technics us reasonably one bad Point about the Book is the Over dramatization of the need to know the authors statements such As karate saves lives and your life is in your hands Are perhaps a bit too but if you have the time and determination to stick with the the Little paperback would be Well Worth the and Agency Given some publicity 14 Pacific stars stripes 1967 off Madison Avenue by David Lyon Putnam people in advertising and mar and those of us who Are simply Consumers deluged with All sorts of drenching will find this Book to be a Sicily opinionated report on a sometimes Daffy the title is Lyon spent enough years along the fancy sector of the big agencies of the Madison Avenue area to know the ins and outs of the Adver Tising but having been bounced put in one of the perennial Agency he decided to go off on his with his wife help he started a Small shop in his own concentrating on the problems of Small businesses which Are trying to Buck the Competition of the National from the he had an advantage his Home is in a new York suburb loaded with commuting artists and idea men whose Talent he taps for special Lyon is Well acquainted with the sins of which advertising is he offers a general defense against Many of the complaints raised by and and testifies earnestly to the Basic Virtues of but he also knows the business weak for an Agency tendency to expend More Effort pleasing tie client than on getting actual results in the for a bureaucratic specialization which he says nullifies creative efforts through committee Type Lyon is a in the sense that some physicians Are general and he decries too much specialization in his for the general Are lots of tangy insights into the Market pitch in this slam bang com a

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