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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 9, 1967, Tokyo, Japan A Vietnam Iso began As a Small Viet namese boys plea for help for his mushroomed into a medical Aid station for the villagers of Hoa an the doctor is a Marine f food services technician from hot who de votes his Offut hours daily to treating 30 to 45 villagers for minor master gunnery Harold whose now lives in was approached by the vietnamese youngster on a rest break As his unit of Force logistic support group a was moving from the Danang Airfield to a red Beach Lanter looked Over the youths foot and promised to Back the next Day with Medicine to treat the when he returned he found his one patient had grown into a line of youngsters seeking treatment for minor and i knew i had Start a medical Aid station for Lanter Hes according to medical Lanter has been a member of stateside Volunteer Rescue squads in his of duty during his past 25 years As a the graduate of several advanced red Cross first air courses refers cases to the red Beach Nava he then gives follow up and is authorized by the doctors to give Inocula his Aid station want greeted too enthusiastically by the Vil lagers when he and some Marine volunteers he had gathered began putting up the Board Anc galvanized Sheet building from materials they scrounged Little at a As the building was going up Viet Cong sniper wounded one of the Marine from then shocked at the pitched in with a Fervour of move the to a safer spot across the then completed the building in two during one sick Call a Young vietnamese girl just slightly older lantern 15yearold Daugh Ter came to the dispensary and offered her she was instrumental in getting land on which the medical station now stands As she the daughter of the Village Between the Marine his vietnamese the Aid Sta Tion reached a Peak of 192 patients the last half of col Rice wins Silver Star Crew rescued from downed copter Vietnam in no possible injury or an army aviation Bat Alion commander dropped More Han 100 feet by helicopter hoist in Broad Daylight into a infest id to lift out the injured Crew of a downed Foy of was awarded a Silver Star for his action by George Seneff command aviation during a change of command ceremony who headed the 17th aviation groups 52d told members of the Rescue helicopter to lower him into 100 foot High Trees 20 West of where Huey gunship had fallen the previous Jesse sail Copilot of the cd 47 Chinook Rescue said Rice faced possible injury or capture descending on the hoist line in wide open to pc gunners known to be in All four crewmen were two when the 4th armed chopper was downed by what authorities figured to be Caliper machine gun and antiaircraft rounds during an at tack in operation Paul Revere search and Rescue efforts throughout that afternoon and evening had failed to locate the wreckage and the injured men worshipping in the Field Navy chaplain Mcgonigal holds services for members of a combined action of the 1st my 1st Marine members it the cac Are from Jen standing Lance Erie and pfc Lance new York City and and usic civilian experts help 1st 10 everything from butter and to tacks and the army s command per forms daily what Many military authorities have termed the toughest logistical Mission in the history of any military opera moving All classes of sup ply to and free world forces fighting in the Republic Viet helping in this Mammoth task Are More than 80 department of the army civilians who work in Small groups known As Quick re action assistance three army material command am Quick reaction assistance teams Are now operating at Logis tical complexes in Cam Rahn Bay and qui each team is composed of experts in the various phases of Supply operations including Stock shipping and thanks medics for saving son Vietnam has been about the Cal support received by combat troops in How does it feel to be a Parent and witness this support being rendered to your son Here is How one Force Charles pressed himself in an open letter 3o the surgeon Vietnam sir i would like to use this As a Parent who is Fortu Nate to be serving in the same area As my warrant officer Phillip to convey my thanks and deep appreciation to the 18th surgical Field Hospital located at this past week i was notified by the battalion adjutant at Camp Holloway that there had been a helicopter crash while on a mis Sion West of my son was one of the pilots aboard that copter and along with his aircraft commander and surviving Crew were taken to the 18th surgical due to the outstanding Coope ration and assistance from the staff at the 18th surgical arid the 85th evacuation Hospital located at qui i was Able to accompany him in the air evacuation dust off helicopter to qui i was permitted to stand by at qui Nhon until my son came out of surgery acid Able to i would like to take it upon myself to speak for the parents and wives at Home who have no Way of knowing the Type of care the servicemen get Here in the War we extend our thanks and deepest gratitude to the Doc dust off personnel and administration peo ple at the 18th surgical 85th evacuation Hospital and All other medics in country who is doing such an outstanding eliminate excessive this will enable us to join together again As a family next i am sincerely grate automatic data after an initial orientation be the teams study present and projected Supply they then make recommendations to commanders and help set up operating procedures to facilitate the movement of approximately 300 am civil have volunteered for duty explained Douglas Livingston of san director of general Supply for the log within 48 hours make our assistance need civil Ian specialists can been route from the states for a 90day stay with the 1st logistical command Here in already they have proven their value and Are continuing to do so daily by solv ing and potential Supply Livingston Volunteer team members As semble in Vietnam from army depots throughout the United some of the stateside depots represented in the program Are Anniston army at Lanta army letter Kenny army Lexing ton Bluegrass Pueblo army and Sharpe army Lawrence to Pruitt sp4 David Ohio arid pfc John a spent the night in the surrounded by a spotter Pilot located their downed chopper at 9 the next his own Huey in the attempted a hovering descent into the Small Hole made by the but found it too he flew to a nearby Artil Lery where a Chinook from his battalions 179th assault sup port helicopter was on a routine Supply hurriedly boarding the twin stored Rice guided its William to the downed tied the hoist line around himself and disappeared out the cargo door As Jones hovered at the tree High above the Only three of the downed Crew were at the crash injured but Able to Byer had struck out in search of water at 8 was Learned arid had not aided by the least seriously injured loaded the More critical into a litter attached to the dangling line and the Chinook reeled them after More than half an hour on the Rice was the last of the four to be winched up into the big As the ch47 headed for Leikus 18th a survivor weakened by his injuries and his nearly 20 hour wait in the motioned for Pencil and unable to make his voice heard Over the chinooks twin Turbine he pencilled on a pad that Byer had not returned from has search for by ordered Aerial search started the missing survivor before the copter reached the leaving the crash victims in Hospital the Chinook re fuelled and again set off in search of the missing forty min utes after first the the Rescue aircraft was Back where american infantry had arrived to secure the wreck Jones pushed his Chinook from 200 Down to 25 feet above the Trees for a better look into the towering Jungle violent winds whipped at the big chopper As it sometimes Tilting it so its Rotor Blades nipped the tree tops but Jones stayed Low and continued to at length hands was spotted less than 300 Yards from the crashed Jones eased the ship into a Small Clear ing and brought it to a 4foot hover the rough Byer was hefted through the cargo and soon was under treatment at the Plesku first Roy Laughrun of and was with Rice throughout the As acting 52d Jor sergeant a he As far As we not a shot was fired at i dont know Why i cant understand Chinook Crew chief sp5 Gary from praised the technique of who had held his Bird at a dead hover for 35 100 feet named to Post in Viet Washington pied Ward a Veteran Agri culture department has been named to coordinate american farm technical Aid activity in Pacific stars stripes 1967

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