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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Tokyo, JapanRed Smith Glamor Park Mike Burke like an outfielder playing in the Astrodome. We re keeping so Many balls in the air he said we can t see the vice president of Columbia broadcasting system who now Heads up the network s answer to Peyton place that popular summer replacement entitled the Yankees son of Stengel was at lunch with Lee Macphail whose meteoric baseball career took him in on Short year from the Baltimore orioles champions of the universe to 10th place inthe american league. We be been trying to do something about the fans in right Field reaching out to interfere with balls hit into the Corner Lee said. One of the most exciting plays in the game is a double or triple of the Wall the outfielder playing the carom the runner going full tilt the throw and the one in the right Field Corner in Yankee stadium a fan leans Over the Walland grabs it and there s no play. Best idea we be come up with is to take out the front Row of seats and put a Chain link Fence in front of the second Row. It would Cost us Only about 60 seats and then the second Row would be the front seats. In effect we d bayonets clobber 2d inf. Bascom Downs bulls red Smith be giving up the last Row instead of the slum clearance project the loss of 60 seats would cause no grave overcrowding in the stadium these Days. So what else is new we re trying to beautify the place Mike Burke said. Paint Edall Over for one thing and floodlight the exterior. I keep Reading that it s an obsolete Park in the wrong neighbourhood with no Park ing space. I think it s still the greatest. The Astrodome Shea Busch memorial Chavez Ravine they refine but this is the House that Ruth built. This is the shrine the Home of champions. Maybe i m oversold on the idea but think Yankee stadium has Glamor that no other Ball Park in the world it was Only three or four years ago Macphail said that visitors to new York still had three musts at the top of their sightseeing list the Empire state Tower radio City music. Halland Yankee and a few years farther Back Lee s father personally create another tourist attraction As great As any of them. In Larry Macphail s noisy Days with the dodgers it was practically illegal for a tourist to leave town without joining the Lunatic fringe at ebbets Field at least once. The new Yankees Cince Lee became general manager he has made three deals involving minor deities of the Yankees recent past. He swapped Roger Mads to St. Louis for Charlie Smith who used to play third base and shortstop for the mets. He sent cletis Boyer to atlant for the Young outfielder Bill Robinson. He bundled Pete Ramos in a pure Havana wrapper off to Philadelphia for Joe verbanic. Exactly what was your thinking in these trades he was asked. This was the time to break clean he said. If this Tea had finished third or fourth we might reason that with Good health and a Little help the players could win a Pennant next year. Rut we Aren t going to make it in a year and we d Only be wasting time staying with the older Fellows. We have to play for several years in the future when som of those Fellows will be All finished. We feel that Bill Robinson at 23, was the Best player in the minors last year. Maris May Bea better Ball player than Robinson next summer. Roger could come Back for a couple of Good years. But at his age and with his medical history he s not the fellow you can build around. If we had him we d have to play him and we might not Beable to make proper use of younger men like Robinson and Steven Whitaker. Tomorrow and tomorrow and. A gain with cletis a really Fine player but not the one who la pick up a bad team and carry it. Hell still make plays tha Charlie Smith can to but we think Charlie can play for us. He had fewest errors for a third baseman this year. Ramos same thing. Pete will be 31 in april and he s been pitching 14 years. Verbanic is 23." i Hove about Bobby Murcer Lee was asked. He s a ballplayer. We re not sure yet whether he s a Short Stop. The feeling last Spring was that he was a Fine Batter but perhaps Uncertain in the Field. Then late in the season he played the position Well he has a great Arm but his hitting was t great. I think he s smoother defensively now than Tony Kubek was in his first year at Murcer s Fielding was Beautiful for the first two thirds offspring training Mike Burke said. Then the shortstop Job was his and he played like a Man who knew it. After they started alternating him with Ruben Amaro he began to wonder whether the Job really was his. I suspect the pressure bothered c 1967, publishers newspaper Syndicate Mexico planning color to for 68 by sp4 Wilson Burgess Koiva Bureau Camp Casey Korea in one of the Best played basketball games of the season the Cham Pion 7th inf. Div. Bayonets owned the 2d inf. Div. Warriors 104-95 Here Friday while was com s frontiersmen moved into second place with a 67-60 Victory Over the last place i corps group bulls eyes at Camp red bayonets clinched first place in the Eusa basketball conference last wednesday with a 93-66 Victory Over the Ron Brack of the warriors fired his off balance jump shot for 33 Points in a losing cause. The bayonets put five Menin double figures led by 20 Points from guard Charles Lead changed hands and the contest was tied seven times be off in a full court press. The jumped ahead 5-0, Only to have the warriors tie it up for the first time 7-7 on a 12-foot jump shot by guard Dan Keegan with16 17 left. The game was even for the fore the first half ended 54-49,bayonets. As usual the bayonets started following two minutes with Bot teams trading fast break tallies. But with 13 18 left the warriors had a three Point Lead at 17-14. At that Point Bayonet coach Bill Thomas put in his no. 1 guard Foster Thomas and minute later the bayonets led 20-17, Thomas hit for four Point almost immediately after taking the floor and set up another two Points on a fast break. Time and time again in the first half the bayonets would pull ahead by As much As Sevenpoints but the warriors always seemed to find the Range for minute or two and close the Gap. Many of the Warrior surges were new York a Mexico expects to have a compatible color television system in practical operation beginning 1967, fully tested in time for the 1968 olym pics says variety an article from Mexico City the entertainment Field Publica tips said the system was already checked out late in october Dur ing the Little said that although Mexico already has a color Tele vision system it was not compatible with the radio corp. Of America system without special adaptation. Bascom Forward Wes Edwards tumbles to the floor in scramble for the Ball against the 2d inf. Div. At Collier fieldhouse in Seoul. The warriors beat the frontiersmen .67-64 in Eusa basketball. Is the result of Brack s outside shoot ing. The warriors were Down 50-43with 1 47 left then closed the spread to 50-47 some 20 second Slater. But 7th inf. Div. Ran out the clock to a 54-49 halftime the most part the second half belonged to the bayonets. A times 2cl inf. Div. Played positive Ball but a three minute Bayonet scoring burst Early in the half when they bombed to a 75-60lead via the Ball handling of Thomas and Marcon quenched Warrior Hopes. With 7 10 remaining the warriors had pulled to within seven Points. The last minutes were nearly even but the bayonets had the Lead they needed to rack up their 14th Victory against three defeats this Camp red Cloud Center Kermit West and company broken tie for second place with the warriors As they handed the Bullseye their 16th loss for the frontiersmen Are now 10-7 with one game left in league play. The bulls spurted ahead 11-5early in the game but with 11 minutes left Bascom guard Jesse Peoples hit two consecutive jump shots for a 16-14 frontiers men margin. Peoples totalled 13 Points in the first half and along with the rebounding of West led Bascom to a 35-30 intermission some fancy shooting by Center Bob Odum and two jump shots by Forward Brian Farney the bulls eyes tied the score 41-41with 14 45 left in the second half. Minutes later West hit for Athree Point play followed by two More Quick buckets and the frontiersmen were on top to stay 52-46 Midway through the last was the Only Bullseye capable of stopping West to an degree. He fouled out with 3 30 left and with him seemed to Fol Low the bulls eyes chances. West Cut Loose for Many of his23 Points late in the game helping Bascom to the 67-60 Victory. League standings l pet. Go 14 3 .824 frontiersmen 10 7 .588 4 warriors 9 8 .529 5bullseyes 1 16 .059 13 clinched title. They la do it every time by Halo the Pitchman showed mow not even a Sherman tank could Wear out a certain re 3, and Tureen was impressed " she buys said product then barricades the door lest somebody step on la Rug " Kio you re not i Don t want anybody conning through Here till i get throw rugs to protect it the Wear ability test six months of continual punishment and it s like new that s what wended cob 60ucic-e.lyon5 Dun Thompson Pacific stars & stripes 23sunday, Jan. 8, 1967

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