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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Rok style peace corps Seoul dispatch of a korean version of the peace corps to Vietnam has been discussed Here by korean vice minister Young Choo Kim and vietnamese ambassador Ngo ton the peace corps will assist in pacification foreign ministry sources the scheduled visit of Korea prime minister ii Kwon Chung to Vietnam Early next month was also discussed at the wins eagles Seoul Ken Nedy has been elevated to full col Onel Kennedy is assigned to Unis armistice affairs where he serves As joint observer f of fat f f voice of information education radio news on otherwise unless hour h flight music in Seoul music from Home from Lochen Lake City Tabernacle choir hour Chapel ser vices music weather and sport bulletin Board sports or music music today music of world weather sports with Holgor to the City of the Pacific Northwest Green Carroll Allen Tropicana classics by Candle Light 9 of Midnight and Western Parade Parade analysis Parade Coble world Ameche report me 8 of sound that jazz Light music Looi music Rogula Vagabond programs aired on pm i my 11 to to Channel 2 in Kunsan Pusan Channel 2nd infantry division area Channel Taejon and 7th infantry division area these listings Are subject to Are approximate 8 in sound is the life heart hour of the air report and you special football league highlights wrestling Oclock High College bowl real Mccoy he a 11 h agencies my line Oclock report highlights Hollywood pal Ace theater final Vunic the following music Grams May be heard daily Over the voice of United nations Seoul at 1100 to the Highway to popular music to music to classics to ing music to test hour to classics to the Highway to Rea popular music to music to festival of music voice of America recommended frequency 6075 6075 korean Standard time program contents English feature and cultural program have you a question today in the news to Asia news analysis and feature 17765 week in review and opinion Roundup 17765 press Roundup alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature 17765 to Asia 7235 week in review 9730 and opinion Roundup 7155 press Roundup alternate weeks and cultural program program and opinion Roundup press Roundup alternate weeks to Asia in the news to South Asia and feature special English Usa concert and music Usa concer t to Middle Asia 7155 Only Only 7155 7155 6195 7155 7155 7155 7155 6145 7155 7155 Christian practices build peace Bridges by chaplain Gene Landry chaplain advisor Rok Navy organized religion is always tempted to live for to be come dammed up As a Mutual admiration society which Mani fests itself by a kind of spiritual in this its True role As a Fellowship of the redeemed becomes a dead end and All the other aspects of mans life Are seen to be outside the Pale of his let me sketch what i we talk about a mans religious and mental but finally we must come Down to the Basic fact that Man is one one person and it is that one person with which we must Deal and for which he must be held Ever since i have been in Korea 15 have been re minded of the words of James Russell Lowell our country has a gospel of her own to preach and practice before All the still later someone penned the rhyme you Are writing a gospel a chapter each Day by the things that you do and the words that you each of these has a different Frame of reference yet each lays the responsibility for what a nation does and what a Man believes to the individual in other Public opinion however massive can never Cement society if private conviction is in one sense a Man inherits the nation from but in another sense he gives his nation to his he is a product of his coun All the Good and not so he is his nation personified and wherever he goes and whatever he so goes and acts his he is the Only snapshot that some will Ever see of his native land and he is the Only gospel that some will Ever know from any Bible he is the Only epistle that some will Ever read and he is the Only Sermon that some will Ever if christianity fails in his sphere of it is finally the result of what he says and in Korea As part of the team helping to guard freedoms Frontier it is Well for us to reflect and Ponder these what is the gospel we preach As americans while guests of the korean people and what is the gospel we practice As we live out our lives in this strange and new culture for in your Are the contrasts and comparisons Between those two religious figures who Tower above All else on the pages of history Christ and and How do you reflect the life and teachings of the former in the presence of those who live out the personality and teaching of the latter the Christian gospel finally comes Down to the question what is your disposition in christianity is founded on the doctrine of the incarnation be cause we can never forget that god was in the flesh in the Man reconciling the world unto because i happen to like a r you could drive me v Cooky you have been the sole Delight of my lonely ont let me Down Rescue of Cooky from an irate client has changed her attitude toward him abruptly fact viewed darkly by her in not a kid any 17 a year younger than mom was when she married you Stop crazy went for Mike the first time i i 5ave him the Brushoff because it bugged me when he didst fall for think 1love the i dont want any Mike 16 no in tramp for a Hes too Good 60 Back to the and remain there till i decide How handle this unfortunate ha5 been truly said he who children give h06ta6h to offs a 10 a Man asking Over by the Ferris better play it Cool till you size him got the look top Rall i need today a fight with the i Hope a name a j am footer May i be of service to you

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