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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Guns pretty hard est at by Norton Mockridge the damnedest memory is evoked when i go to the Rainbow room on the 65th floor of the Ria something happened there one night in 1951 that made me feel i never could go Back i had written a Book with my Bob called this is Bob and i were appearing on a lot of radio and to shows to promote the Book and late one afternoon we were guests on the Jinx Falkenberg and Tex Mccrary on since it was we had with us a lot of brass switchblade sawed off tear Gas guns and even a Thompson sub machine we had been asked to provide these for what then was termed visual effect in connection with what we had to about gangsterism and the after the show was and aided by our de packed the in a Satchel and wrapped the machine gun in a Large piece of Brown then we went up to the Rainbow High above the to have As i remember lifted the heavy Satchel to the counter at the Check room and said to the hat Check girl be careful of its full of and laughed the mirth Lessly and rather in you sure it aint Gold bricks from fort Knox i started to hand Over the machine gun and i thought i ought to a word of please handle this i till be ruined if you drop its a machine she the brow paper pack age and pulled it from my As she the air cooled muzzle broke through the paper and pushed by into her Iii Iii she and she fell Over backward in a the machine gun clattered to the stabbing her in the both Prall and i turned to de Peck and said simultaneously you got us into now you get us out Peck blinked his eyes and peered in All but there was no Way to get out because we were being surrounded by Security assistant Man waiters and a lot of people who stared at us As though we were in no time at the police a sergeant gently removed the machine gun muzzle from the hat Check girls stomach and another officer revived her with a Well placed Glass of cold four cops grabbed and Mockridge and one of them shouted hold out your three sets of Handcuffs appeared like magic in time we explained every m1ssw oust want to Check them during dinner by Dick West of the things that makes us americans so lovable is our willing Ness to Aid victims of when a major typhoon or other Type of calamity the american Public generously responds to appeals for i personally can at test to the intensity of this charitable feeling toward strangers in Dis when a catastrophe befell me i West was immediately be friended by a Host of magnanimous Bene most of whom were previously unknown to the tragedy which i allude was the loss of my priceless collection of desk litter which was inadvertently thrown away by a janitorial Crew after the adjournment of i Call the collection priceless be cause it want Worth never the the loss was a great blow to but i shall not sympathetic touched by my have been sending me copious quantities of new material with clutter my already my appointments Calendar has disappeared beneath the my Telephone is submerged up to the or dial a colleague in new York sent a department store advertisement featuring his and hers Sailor suits for Louis a Chicago drug com Pany passed along a Survey showing that in some areas 15 to 30 per cent of the mens Cologne sold is bought by these and the other gifts make splendid litter but they Are Only the found after a slum int built in a United press International an actor who played a part with lbs a1 by Dick Kleiner so in the Scorpio is Oscar a Fine actor with a fascinating Beregi is a the son of Hungary top shakespearean the son fled the country in when Hitler loomed hate fully on the and went to South for a he ran the Best restaurant in in the Only Man Ever to lose my hungarian citizenship he says Hitler took it away after the it was the communists asked me to come when i they took my citizenship he tried to get a visa to enter the the hat Check girl was reinstated United states and finally he met some the management was mollified and the cops were mollified with a couple of cokes or Peck and Mockridge then sat Down to dinner and enjoyed United feature Syndicate credits one who had a Friend in the the senator helped Beregi enter the United it was a senator named Lyndon Beregi knew no English when hear Rived in so he took a Job As a figuring that salesmen must talk All the time and that was the Best Way to learn a after six years he began acting now Hes a successful and a successful dog raises a White hungarian sheep when she first came to Mitzi Gaynor Sawa photograph in the newspaper of Sid Grauman helping some Star put footprints in the Cement outside Grain ans chinese its too Mitzi said to her that he will be dead before i get to put my feet in what a terrible thing to Mitzi Mother maybe it was terrible but Sid Grau Man died the next a the associated press Page a2 up Page a3 Masahiko staff photographer pages a5 the associated press pages a7 Andrew Headland staff writer pages a9 up pages All a Page a12 newspaper Enterprise Page a15 Copley news a2 a executive officer Page a12 newspaper Enterprise feature editor Richard Larsh feature James Shaw Art director Dale usic Bright new step in the Bright and challenging career of Beautiful Carol Carol is the ii who fought her Way Back from a crippling polio at tack to resume her career As a concert now she is a marrying Morris who she describes As a Man of Many Carol is off on another concert tour miss Legal Lovely of 1964 miss Avo Cado miss pet Lover Given her by some animal not by a committee of boy honorary mayor of honorary fire chief of honorary Brownie cookie sales girl honorary Queen of the water works of East honorary scout for the California with a can buy a i most of the movie companies believe that the Days of that Nice Little extra income from movies in air planes is about reports indicate now that the airlines Are charging for movies on Over seas flights and that practice will soon spread to Domestic flights very few Pas sengers Are and is with the in the studios Here believe that the airlines decided to charge in the Hope that the whole idea of inflight movies would it was too the air lines they like to Chuck the whole and this is the Way there doing and that the handwriting on the newspaper Enterprise week of up

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