Pacific Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1967, Page 31

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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 7, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Taiwan East West Taipei As Linkou Tien Mou grass Taichung Tainan Kelly Philippines titles 1 3 5 7 8 10 14 16 2 4 6 5 9 11 13 15 17 seven Slaveff against the Gordon Roger Browne fireball Franki Avalon agent Dirk bogarde a very special Rock Hud son sergeant Frankie Ava Lon the Rod Steiger Gulliver travels beyond the animated feature the three headed Mon Mithra Irona la Shirley Mac Laine Schales Navy joins the Alf Tim Joe Flynn Nevada Steve Mcqueen out of Jonathan Daly tops Mark Clark Roger recently Becane the air forces first c130 her Cules cargo aircraft commander to Complete Over combat support sorties in the Republic of Utley is an aircraft com Mander in the 463d Carrier wings 773d troop Carrier the Art of James Garner Tony Randall the Glass Bottom Doris Day marriage italian Sophia Marcello Mastroianni did i get a wrong Bob Elke Sommer measles claimed nephritis cure Taipei chinese physician claimed wednesday he had found measles a cure for infants suffering from a kidney disease to which they Are highly Huang Chichian said he had discovered this through experiments on monkeys conducted Over the past 18 Huang is head of the paediatrics department of the Taiwan University Hospital in 2 convicted of slaying san sailors were sentenced to death in san Diego tuesday for killing a cab they Are Lloyd Braw of Granite and Larry of they were convicted of killing Edwin Brewer last july in a i editorial department and news bureaus Tokyo All offices 4024101 City desk and reporters 4024101 ext 414257 night editorial duty Okinawa news night news Bureau 52122 Korica Yon san 4453 Guam naval station 326239 326145 Taiwan support 1 Taipei night phone Yang Ming Shan Philippines Clark air night phone 2s417 Subic Bay naval 48086 Langley 507 night phone South Vietnam Saigon 31952 Washington room pen 20301 circulation department and District offices Guam naval station 326239 326145 621135 Andersen fab Wake Howard 370 Hong Kong Swindon Book lock re Kowloon 62040 Japan Nas Katsugi 5r5767 Chitose Iii 3616 Camp zama31312 Fuchu As 45705 Gozemba 878 Grant Heights 7273 Ita Zuke a 65693 Iwakuni Mas 2745 Johnson As 55030 Misawa a 3444 Casebo 9890 Tachikawa East private rental 29121 Tachikawa West 24184 Tokyo private rental 4024105 Yokohama 206638 Yok sukans 4236 Yokota As 77752 area supervisor Yon san 7th Camp Casey 458 2nd Ideal 224r2 Bascom Seoul Yon san h650 i corps up red Cloud 2770 Chinchon Camp Page 172 or Ascom 2547 Osan 2014 Pusan 3400 Taegu 2748 Taejon 267 Kunsan Midway rm1 William Daniels Midway 2459 Okinawa Camp Hansen 2x4652 32296 and 5411 Kadena 6s2c1 Naha a w Bash 7119 Machi Naha 72324 Philippines Clark a 411s4 Clark of base Bali ago 1484r2 Manila 48086 Langley is 507 Subic no 442123 South Vietnam Saigon Lynx 331 Taiwan Taipei 4171 and 48313 Tainan As 502 Thailand Bangkok capital hotel 70070 Okinawa Church schedule Catholic Camp Hainge sunday mass Sokiran Marine mass daily mass confessions half hour be fore mass on and before daily mass or upon religious instruction by Sokiran army mass 8 9 pm daily mass 7 confessions sat urday 4 to to p m no monday first Fri Day masses 9 holy Day masses 9 and Camp mass 11 30 and saturday at Camp Actu Reotis Butler mass and Kadena a mass and and 6 base Chapel 11 Keystone theater Nursery provided at base Nursery daily mass 11 and through first Friday masses 9 confessions weekdays saturdays and first Fri Day confessions and Novena our lady of perpetual with Benedic Tion wed 7pm baptisms1 every sunday after 9 mass in blessed sacrament choir rehearsal senior wednesday Junior 9 saturday Chapel adult information class 2 tuesday Saint marys modality mass 9 first breakfast meet ing 10 Junior modality meeting 3d wed 4pm Chapel co mass 9 3d breakfast 10 meeting first monday 8 d m Chapel Annex Nia Hinato Mast daily mass 7 Mon Day Novena first Friday masses 9 and 7pm Satur Day confessions 4 to 530 7 to 8 Nairn port Chapel sunday mass u confessions before each mass daily mass tuesday through saturday o confessions saturday 5 to 6 m Naha air 10 5 p holy Day masses 11 p m daily masses Mon through Fri 11 sat 5 first Friday masses 11 p m confessions 8 and 4 to 5 p m to 9 week Days and holy Days half hour before mass Bapt isms by appointment sunday 4 teachers and administrators meeting an class monday legion of Mary thursday 730 p m chaplains school of re Ligion preschool through 8th Grade sunday 10 a m Adams 9th through 12th and adults tuesday 7 modality mass com breakfast meeting first Fri Day of each month 9 Annex 2d monday social 8 Annex name society 2d sunday 8 com Munion mass followed by breakfast co teens tuesday 8 p in an nex first sunday 8am communion followed by breakfast knights of the altar saturday 11 Chapel tuesday of Junior saturday 9 Chapel Torii station mass a m confessions 30 mins before mass Bible thursday pm first Friday mass Camp maps 930 and at mass holy Day confessions before Sun mass Onnon mass a in Sokiran mass 11 h m army Hospital compel sign Day mass 11 daily mass my Day through Camp Courtney sunday Insp it and Friday at Camp Fuji sunday mass 11 1ft m m mass new Macli Inato theater sunday Masse 9 11 mass and daily mass Mon through confessions before All protestant Camp protestant worship service Camp Mctureous Tant worship sunday 9 Kaki i a school preschool age 3 grades 5th thru 12th and adult class in elementary school primary Chil Dren grades 1 thru 4 at primary school Young adult Bible class in Chapel Annex worship services 8 at Onna at Keystone 1015 am Chapel communion at elementary 11 pm at base proc Sun 6 proc tue and proc last Tuc each month 7 p m Chape Annex Bible study class t30 p in tuesday and wed nos Day Chapel choir senior thursday 71f Junior saturday 9 m Charli Iimoto school mercy elem school Wor ship services 11 a m family Fellowship 6 adult choir 7 Junior choir saturday Sokiran sunday school 9 15 worship service 11 youth Fellowship 6 adult choir thursday pm Junior choir saturday 1 p m primary choir sat urday 2pmyouth choir sunday 430 p m Sokiran Marine divine service 9 and 6 sunday school 10 daily services Camp Schwab sunday worship service 11 Macau Worsen service 10 Naha lutheran Wor ship service Chapel Annex sunday school a m Tyler school general protestant worship Chape Annex Chapel 11 choir Chapel Annex p Fellowship groups office and Annex b p evening worship service p m Chapel wednesday proc Chap of Annex third wednesday 12 childrens choir rehearsal p m Annex thursday proc Chapel an nex 1st thu 9 adult choir Cha pc Annex pm naval air fail it sunday school 945 service am Torii school worship service 11 p adult choir pm wednes Day worship service Ham Onna worship serv ice 8 Hospital Chapel sunday worship service Camp Kubasak Chapel sunday service comp Kue worship service 11 Naha port Chapel episcopal Sun Day service 8 worship service 930 7 Camp worship Sei vice 9 Camp worship service Camp Fuji sunday worship service 10 Camp Kinser ser vices have been personnel Are invited to attend the service of their Choice at the Kadena Koza Baptist Church Nakan Marhi school worship services 1045 7 30 train ing Union wednesday auxiliaries p m prayer service and Junior choir 730 Chapel choir 830 u m services 9 and 6 other services lutheran service Center sunday worship service 11 sunday school and Bible class 2cl and 4th sunday 10 n in Christian science service aware Meadows shopping school 10 worship service a m midweek service 8 Church of Church sunday Bible class Wor ship service 6 wednesday midweek service p m thursday ladies Bible class 930 a m episcopal souls Church a communion 9 sunday school 9am morning prayer and Sermon 11 Nahn port Chapel hold comm Mon 8am latter Day Branch Priesthood 9 education Center sunday school Sokiran elementary school Sacramento meet ing 530 Torii station Chapel Naha Branch Priesthood meeting 8 sunday school sacrament meeting 6 fast and testimony meeting 11 Central Baptist sunday school am worship service 1045 am train ing Union Woder slav prayer meeting 7 15 pm choir rehearsal 815 p m reorganized latter Day saints Hwy 30 behind tiros bakery or ship service 10 sunday school 11 a m Fellowship service 2d and 4th Widne Sony once month 7 30 p m Eastern orthodox divine Liturgy Etc Marine corps air facility Chapel each second 2d sunday of the month at jewish worship Sokiran army Chapel Friday Sabbath service 8 Oneg Sabbath Satur Day Junior congregation 9 a Dena Chapel adult education by apes ant Taiwan taipei1560 taichung1570 7 evening report sports billboard chaplains Call stars stripes preview gun smoke Dixie 66 grand Ole opry Navy hour Silver Platter news sports world of jazz China night 8 news on the hour unless otherwise blast off 4 Roscar Brand sing with Mitch sunday serenade billboard tales of Britain wishing Well music on deck Treasury of music Monitor Catholic hour viewpoint 11 protestant hour 12 00 noon news billboard travel Hawaii Calls football game of the week if Avail Able philharmonic Bolero time Monitor an Tom Taiwan 3 7 nit Cap 8 05 morning tide Folk ology show stoppers age masters of Melody our musical Herit Jim Ameche 4 Milton Cross album showcase sound tracks sym phony Light music ant Taiwan taiuan1590 7 report Call and stripes review showcase 66 soundtracks sym phony Oclock report moments in night sunday jan8 off Brand along with Mitch serenade report of great Britain Well on deck of music report of Melody Calls of the week York Phil harmonic american forces Philippines network master schedule for All for programs listed As local see schedule under individual 7 from around the world West news Ole opry is my beat big bands and sports Pendleton Story sounds of the night 8 of Money world Carroll analysis show news morning show news morning show forces digest report to the City news for sunday hour hour study hour news Cross time report frolic time news of the 60s music of the world from inter Lochen Usa news calling report time Clark ab1520 kc94mc Camp John Hay baguio1309 ice 8 of the air topics by Candle Light Subic bay1300 pc 8 special to relax by Langley point1220 pc 8 matinee serenade san miguel1520 pc 8 afro St Philippines Clark 7 wizard land of All Kazam Kangaroo report court you know perform Ance a of Broad casting Midnight Thomas Palace analysis afro Okinawa 7 news on the hour unless otherwise report room about music Platter swinging years old opry 650 report night 8 sings Calls in sound 650 serenade of music Lake Taberna Cle choir Maria hour music room service report report from Amer Ica from inter Locken sings hour to Page Allen Afroim Okinawa 7 editor of music Garland to remember and soundtracks for a Lazy saturday afternoon news the Capitol Calls serenade swings by Candle Light Bakers note Book for the Middle mind 8qqrnews 8 05ikeystone keyboard of jazz o Sab Okinawa 7 hour in wifi brother Hood hour portrait wrap up concert of rest 8 for sunday echoes for sunday Bible class hour Bible for sunday congregational Church for sunday of sacred song of prayer of Bles sing for sunday Christ to the nations concert hour Whitney hour Ksyk Okinawa 7 asterisk denotes simulcast news on the hour unless otherwise Indi for a Happy morning Mandel show 30 noon news 30 show Remote swinging sat Jay show Jay show Long show off 8 asterisk denotes simulcast news in the hour unless otherwise Indi with Ksyk in Faith gospel Church of living of Blessing Story hour serenade band sounds tomorrow Newman show of decision from Uncle afro St Okinawa 7 in sound Kangaroo report of the week report Midnight finns report my line family favorite Martin Palace report Martin theater report 8 in sound carnival report Mack show Street Golf classic the world report heart if the news Flintstones High film report report Pacific stars stripes 17 1967

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