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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 7, 1967, Tokyo, JapanGhosts lofted in Antarctica to study winds at South pole Mcmurdo station Antarctica Pao ghosts have been sighted in Antarctica. Ghosts appear in the form of partially inflated Clear plastic balloons and Are used in deter mining wind direction in relation to the South pole. Under the code name project ghost global horizontal sound ing technique weather scientists Are working As a part of opera Tion deep freeze the . Navy annual support for scientific efforts on the White continent. Balloon flights began in March 1966, at Christchurch new Zea land. At the latitude of new Zea land they circled the Earth in 12days. Scientists Are hopeful that the balloons will stay in the air six months before the helium Gas Dif fuses. A Quarter Pound electronic transmitting device powered by solar cells is suspended from the balloon by a thin 16-foot wire like Antenna. This device enable scientists at the tracking Center at Mcmurdo station on Ross is land Antarctica to record the balloons location. The device transmits a Morse code signal that varies with the balloons an Gle to the Sun. Because the balloons Are de signed to travel horizontally in Stead of vertically it is possible that All six balloons will eventually gather at or near the South pole. This fact would demonstrate to meteorologists that wind from the Southern hemisphere does con verge on the pole from All directions. Other experiments in the Antarctic Are conducted by Ernest Lichfield of Provo Utah an Marcel Verstraete of Philadel phia under the sponsorship of the National Center for atmospheric research. A Bright future has been slate for these unique balloons. In 1969, a satellite will orbit the Earth an store data received from the balloons thus adding to existing weather observing network around the world. Seoul up Premier ii won Chung will visit South Viet Nam and Bangkok during the lunar new year feb. 9, highly placed sources said thursday. In Vietnam Chung will visit korean troops and meet with vietnamese leaders the source said. From Vietnam he will visit Bangkok for a meeting with thai Premier Thanom Kitti Fachorn an foreign minister Thanet Kho Man. They will Exchange views on the second ministerial meet ing of the asian and Pacific Council scheduled for Early july the sources said. Chung s visit to Vietnam was first disclosed late last has a standing invitation to visit Bangkok. \ a a wow a 1 Marcel Verstrate of Philadelphia s National Center for atmospheric research prepares to launch a weather balloon which will carry aloft an electronic transmitter package for project electronic package collects particles of the upper atmosphere and transmits data on atmospheric conditions to Mcmurdo station Antarctica. Us fund Campaign nets $2,629 Camp Howze Korea 10 the 2d inf. Div. 1966 joint korean National red Cross and korean National tuberculosis Campaign netted $2,629. It. Col. Ray r. Hoke division g-5, civil affairs officer and project chairman announced that Over 5,000 members of the Indi ahead div. Contributed in the november december Campaign. Rok denies plan to Send of units to fight in Viets a Korea Bureau Seoul Rok defense minister Sung Eun Kim thursday denied published reports that Rok air Force units might go to Vietnam to support Rok ground forces but confirmed that vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao by last july did request Rok air units be sent to the request was humbly turned Down in View of present conditions Kim former commandant of theron Marine corps said. Kim s denial grew out of a Washington evening Star report dateline Seoul claiming that such a plan was under study Byboth american and korean Mili tary officials. The Star said if sent the Rok air Force would operate Southof the 17th parallel to support Rok ground troop operations. Commenting on the i e p o r to Kim said his ministry has never had any official discussions on such a possibility with american officials. Kim also said that Rok ground troops need no additional air sup port in fighting guerrillas an that . Air support Given Rok ground forces is sufficient to carry out operations. But following Kim s denial it. Gen. Chi Ryang Chang Rok air Force chief of staff said the Rok air Force is ready to Send pilots to Man one combat Squadron Chang said the Rok air Force is already involved in the Viet Nam War in some he was referring to a number of Rok air Force officers As signed to the Rok forces joint command in Vietnam for combat support missions and a number of c-54 air transports operating for Rok forces in Vietnam. Chang also said that if a Dis Patch order is issued following political settlement be tween the nations involved presumably the republics of Vietnam Korea and the . He can Send the pilots without weakening Korea s own air de lenses. 30-Yeor pin Seoul Usk James h. Hauseman department of the Navy civilian has received a service pin from maj. Gen. Ray mond b. Marlin chief joint Mili tary assistance advisory group Korea pro for 30 years of Federal service. Korea Doz visitors set record in 1966 is Korea Bureau Panmunjom Korea More than 31,200 free world visitors viewed North Korea from her during 1966, breaking a record of 27,000 set in 1963, armistice affairs officials reported. Tourists to the korean truce heart Massage saves pfc is Korea Bureau Camp Howze Korea pfc Norman Ulmer received the Best possible gift near Here on Christ Mas eve his life. Thanks to the fast action of a 2d inf. Div. Surgeon capt. Rob Ert b. Sarajian. Ulmer was brought Back to life five minutes after his heart had stopped beat ing. Sarajian was working in his office at Camp Young when he noticed a crowd gathering under a 20-foot platform on which two soldiers were splicing Power lines a moment outside Sarajian climbed the ladder to find Ulmer unconscious from a Shock he received while splicing wires. Sara Jian put Ulmer on his Back and carried him to the ground where he began massaging his stilled heart to bring him Back to life. Ulmer was later transferred tothe 121st evacuation Hospital in Ascom where his condition was described As Good. Talks site ranged from american soldiers serving in Korea to members of Cong Ress on tour. As guests of the United nations command the visitors Are taken on a guided tour which includes the Republic of Korea Freedom House a Pagoda flanked by two exhibition meeting Days the tourists May watch a military Armi Stice commission Mac meeting in Progress. For Many the tour also includes their first look into communist North Korea. The communists according to officials had Only 562 visitors during 1966. Most of them were vip s from communist bloc countries or people who the red were trying to win Over to their Side. Lbs sends new year greetings is Korea Bureau Seoul up president John son has sent korean president Chung Hee Park a warm new year message praising Korea s contribution to the anticommunist struggle in Vietnam. In the Jan. 1 message Johnson said on behalf of the american people i Send you Heartfelt Greet Ings for the new he said "1966 was an especially historic year in the tradition of Friendship Between our Johnson added that your men and ours stand Side by Side i South Vietnam to defeat aggression and to permit that nation to determine its own you have made a major contribution to the common Effort there Johnson said even As your own nation has gone from strength to strength in showing what can be achieved in Security when aggression is Johnson said he was confident that in the new year we shall go Forward together toward the achievement throughout East Asia and Pacific of the goals1 of Freedom that we proclaimed in Manila with our comrades Korea backs Tokyo a North korean Premier Kim ii Sung has Given qualified approval to creation of a korean conciliation commis Sion and said he is conditionally willing to hold reunification talks with the government of the re Public of Korea. In an apparent Effort to split South Korea Kim offered to hold unconditional talks with South korean political parties organizations and individuals who want to unite Korea without outside interference. He said he would meet with them at any place agreed upon to end the tragedy of National but he reiterated that Korea unification could not be achieved under the United nations and insisted that United states forces must first be withdrawn fro South Korea. The communist korean Centra news Agency monitored in to Kyo thursday said Kim mad these Points in a letter wednes Day to Kim Yong Jeung presi Dent of the korean affairs Institute in Washington who pro posed establishment of the com Mission in a non aligned country. Pacific stars & stripes 7saturday, Jan. 7, 1967

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