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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Tokyo, JapanWednesday january 5, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes vietnamese refugee exodus slows Hong Kong up the Boa people a exodus might be nearing an end judging by the diminishing numbers of refugees who chose to take the perilous flight from Viet Nam. An estimated 44,000 refugees escaped in 1982, the lowest number since the vietnamese began to Leaveen Masse in 1978 and almost half the 75,000 who left yearly in 1981 and1980. There has been a very significant drop in the arrival pattern said United nations High commission for refugees official Raymond Hall. This could indicate the problems coming under control Hall said. Possible causes for the drop include slight increase in stability and tighter Border controls in Vietnam program permitting Legal emigration and cutbacks in the West s resettle ment programs he said. However he added the flow of refugees is very hard to predict. It s like trying to predict the altering the trend a poor Harvest drought or Politi Cal developments such As a new sino vietnamese conflict or in creased fighting in Cambodia requiring a Large draft Call in Vietnam could alter the trend. The exodus has slowed to the Point that once overcrowded Camps in Indonesia the Philippines Malaysia and Thailand Are now sometimes below year about As Many who arrived in the Region found Homes inthe West mainly in the United states and Canada where quotas have just kept Pace with the refugee exodus. But the Overall number of resettle ment opportunities Are declining fast making it harder to place those still arriving and the backlog among the More than 44,000 in regional refugee Camps. Some asian nations faced with the Prospect of being stuck with thou Sands of refugees nobody else wants have begun what they Call human deterrence programs to discourage refugee arrivals. Thailand with More than 7,000vietnamese refugees rushes water borne arrivals to spartan holding enters where they Are denied Access to resettlement officials fro the West. Those arriving Overland through neighbouring Cambodia go into a barbed wire Camp on the thai cambodian Border described by one refugee official As unhealthful refugee film Milfs Hanoi Kuala Bumpur Malaysia up boat people a film exploring Why vietnamese Are fleeing their Homeland opened in Malaysia Over the weekend despite Vietnam s request the movie be banned officials said monday. The film is slanderous distorts the truth and Villi fies the vietnamese people Vietnam s first Secretary in Malaysia Nguyen Van thang said after viewing the movie. He said the vietnamese embassy asked the malaysian foreign ministry to ban the film on grounds it was detrimental to Vietnam s image but malaysian officials rejected the foreign ministry arranged a special preview and decided boat people was basically a fictional Story a ministry spokesman said. If we were to hold Back fictional films showing the dark Side of foreign countries we would end up Banning a lot of movies he said. Directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui boat people depicts Stark and ugly Vietnam through the eyes of a japanese photographer on assignment in Danang. It also explores the lives of vietnamese since the 1975 communist takeover and Why tens of thousands of people have chosen to flee their Homeland. Overcrowded and Kong announced a similar policy last summer. By the end of the year nearly 8,000 refugees had landed bringing the refugee popu lation to about 13,000. Hong Kong s deterrence program begins with a signboard warning away new arrivals As they land on the quarantine Barge in mid Harbor where they Are held for four Day before entering a Camp. If you do not leave now you willbe taken to a closed Center and be detained there indefinitely the Sig says. It is extremely unlikely that opportunities for resettlement will continually turned away in Singapore where More than2,700 boat people arrived last year the refugees Are Only allowed to land if a third country already has promised to accept them. Some 30 percent of the refugee headed for Malaysia where Camp conditions Are generally Good an they Are not threatened with in definite detention. Kuala Bumpur s openness to Refu gees however has been strained by the increasing difficulty in finding Homes for the vietnamese. Despite the frosty reception around Southeast Asia the refugees say they still have Good reasons Toffee. Nguyen Tien Loc a 35-year-Oldfisherman, told a reporter in Hong Kong we left because we had Norice no Freedom and no villagers plunder vessel stranded off British coast Hartland Point England the ship had been declared aban up in a revival of a centuries old practice a horde of wreckers boarded a freighter stranded on rocks off the Devon coast during the weekend and plundered everything of value. Done the looters did nothing was the owners responsibility to protect their property he said. About 200 villagers clambered if it s declared a wreck an people report what they be brought ashore to us then that s the end fit the spokesman said. Police also aboard the panamanian registered said no one was Likely to be by the Light of a full Moon. And stripped it of thousands of ships lured onto rocks dollars Worth of radio equipment the tradition goes Back centuries chains ropes furniture Beer baked when wreckers lured ships to the Beans clothing and even the ship s treacherous coast of Devon an Christmas tree the ship s skipper Cornwall with lanterns which Cap capt. Adriaan Broe Maulen said. Gains mistook for navigation lights. The 960-ton ship struck the rocks once the ship had foundered Theoff Hartland Point Devon in South scavengers would plunder the cargo West England in a storm new but As a latter Day wrecker year s eve in route from South said it in tas if any of us cause Wales to Rotterdam. The ship to be wrecked As in the old the seven Man dutch and asian Days Crew was winched off by helicopter and Lifeboat. Men women children but the tradition As far As getting what you can is concerned still lives on. We Call it going wrecking. There Are not Many people along the North coast of Cornwall and Devon who see much wrong Vylma it said the wrecker who confessed to car but on his return to the ship Broe Maulen 37, discovered that villagers men women and Chil 1 it a vol a a t t Aav v vat a a War a a it to in 5 us a Palms in is trying off some of the radar equip ladders and ropes to loot everything men that could be moved. ,. My husband is unemployed said one woman he has Little Chance of finding another Job this Side of the summer. We would what right have they got to go raiding my ship said Broekman Len. So much has gone. It just vanished but a British customs and excise spokesman explained that because be Daft not to take what we can especially kids love baked the freighter Johanna lies stranded on the rocks off the British coast where she was stripped by wreckers after being abandoned by her Crew during a storm. Up

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