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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 2 personalities Pacific stars and stripes january 1983 chivas underground Solzhenitsyn by Neal Robbins United press International Hong Kong chinese author by Naif wrote a novel More than twice As Long As Tolstoy War and peace and smuggled it out of the country Page by i wrote he said in his first interview with an american if the authorities had Ever found me they would have accused me of counterrevolutionary activity and thrown me in i could have been what i wrote was not beneficial to the so the manuscript had to be smuggled out of the i sent pages to my brother in Hong brother is Taiwan official who had never before left has arrived in Hong Kong for a reunion with his by an official in the nationalist government on political analysts in the British Colony viewed the meeting As a sign China was eager to show open mindedness in its Effort to achieve reunification with the exile government on chinese reporters who interviewed by in Hong Kong Call him chivas a refer ence to soviet author Alexander author of the gulag by said he believed chinese authorities allowed him to leave because now they need they want me to talk about reunification with of i support peaceful Reu Ifica he would not comment on whether he would go to Taiwan or return to under Taiwan any chinese who leaves the Mainland for Taiwan May never again return to communist by became famous As a novelist in the 1930s and that period saw him Complete the first three volumes of his major a spiritual history of the chinese intelligentsia Between 1916 and the work is million chinese characters in length times the length of Tolstoy what i wrote was not beneficial to the so the manuscript had to be smuggled out of the i sent pages to my the untitled work was completed under the communist which took Over in at extreme risk to the in 33 years of life in i was never by if i was not i could write according to my own if i worked for i would have to accept their i did what Gandhi i practice by was supported by his brother and a Hong Kong editor of bus manuscripts said the author wrote when no one was his Mother would stand guard at the warning him to hide his writing if outsiders by said the fifth and six volumes of his major work were written Between 1950 and with each Page smuggled out in letters to his brother and friends in Hong who passed them on to the Hong Kong who now publishes a widely read Magazine by used to Send the Handwritten pages a few at a time to Hong but each letter went to a different most people can write characters on a piece of typing he would write in minuscule enabling him to fit several thousand characters on a single he is very highly respected for his said the who asked not to be jailed during cultural revolution whose pen name we Ming Shi Means was Able to avoid official Wrath until the 19661976 cultural when he was jailed and his manuscripts were during the 15 months the author was he composed some 200 some of which subtly compared the cultural revolution to and Mao to he i could not have pen and so i made them up in my by he smuggled the poems out through Hong Kong to where they later were published along with his Only one of his Short stories has been published in bus writings were returned to him after when the chinese radicals led by maos Jiang were deposed and moderates led by vice chairman Deng Xiaoping took since that he the political climate in China has real life James bond9 slain in Miami Ricardo Morales Navarette Miami up Ricardo Mon key Morales described As a real life James Bond who had a 20year career of International intrigue and is dead after his family decided to disconnect a Respirator that was keeping him he was the cuban who had at various times worked As terrorist and Fri in had been brain dead since being shot during an incident in a fashionable Miami police Are searching for a Man who shot Morales in the head at the Cherry disco on key investigators say there were probably 10 or 15 people in the bar at the All of them fled and have not come when asked who could have killed former Federal prosecutor and Friend Jerry Sanford How Many Points does a Compass have for two Morales worked alternately As an intelligence officer for the cuban chief of counter espionage for the venezuelan secret an anticommunist mercenary in the belgian and an informant for the the Cia and the Federal drug enforce ment More he worked As an informant in the Miami police departments tick talks drug trafficking before Accord ing to a 1980 deposition Given in the tick talks he said he was an anti Castro among other Morales admitted giving explosives to anti Castro terrorists who killed 73 people aboard a cuban airlines commercial Jet by blowing it up in midair in Morales also admitted his responsibility in the 1973 murder of cuban exile activist Eladio charges in that Case were dropped when the key witness against him disappear he also testified that he shot an anti Castro terrorist 17 times in and that he took part in at least 10 bombings during miamis Bookie wars turf fights Between rival gambling International Herald Tribune daily via the Dolly draft United press International Dolly Parton Dayton Ohio performing arts fund needs please Call so goes the billboard erected on Nashville music Row so Dolly Hast Richard executive director of the said his organization wants Dolly to visit Ohio to help the fund and boost the morale of citizens hit hard by the right now the Ball is in her Mccauley maybe that int completely but we dont have much weve tried the proper we were this was a Las ditch a spokeswoman for Parton we dont know if Shes seen it phone Michael United press International wont have to Call his lawyer after the dispute involved the the storybook album released by a Singer Michael self proclaimed the problem was that Jacksons record didst authorize his appearance on the Mca album and obtained an injunction preventing its Sale a month Gene president of the Mca records now says the Issue has been amiably the injunction was lifted and the album is Back on record no details of the agree ment were Only subscribe Call your stripes office on look for it at Pacific stars and stripes bookstores and army and air Force Exchange Pacific stars and stripes usps417900 Apo san francisco96503 published daily 25 cents per copy or per second class postage paid at san

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