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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 3, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 20 White defects Marcos visits from Page 19 four three of whom were assigned to the Kungyu station with were later arrested and charged with neglect of drastic drop in crime the sin City image of Republic of the got a Facelift in june when Pacific stars and stripes discovered Navy statistics showing a 70 percent drop in crimes committed against service members since mayor Richard Gordon took when i first took Gordon filipinos and americans were being mugged in the robberies were being committed in Broad purse you name it and we had a Navy Shore patrolman you can walk around the streets and feel the pickpockets Are just about people Are getting along the Jeeney Drivers Are wearing shirts with their names you just dont see our Guys getting Hurt or taken the Way they used a 36yearold seemingly tireless can be found patrolling City streets at three and four in the accompanied by bodyguards who follow him Day and he has stopped cockfighting in the organized Street enforced a Tough new vagrancy set up a police fund and implemented a series of festivals to enhance the reputation of his As for my the mayor i want them to know that i am Here to enforce the and the Law will be enforced with no Gordon made a statement of better things to breaking away from olo Agapos Dodge City reputation of the textbook controversy in late August Japan bowed to mounting pressure from angry asian neighbors and agreed to make adjustments in its newly issued history textbooks a revised version which brought Forth charges that Japan was trying to Whitewash atrocities it committed before and during world War the disputed revisions described japans bloody excursions into China in the 1930s As an left out the number of chinese killed in the infamous rape of and distorted or glossed Over incidents which occurred in their 35year colonial Rule of the originally approved by education minister Heiji sparked protests and demonstrations throughout the Pacific several Large citizens including a japanese teachers also protested the changes and police linked the fire bombings of the education ministry and Liberal democratic party Headquarters to the textbook i defects to North Korea telling his partner that he was cold and needed to get a Joseph White left his guar Post in the demilitarized zone Doz near Panmunjom in South Korea Early in the morning of a few minutes later the 20yearold Louis native shot the lock off a compound Gate and disappeared into the North korean sector of the he was sighted at least once during the next few hours by searchers and was heard to yell in i am help at about several North korean soldiers were sighted pushing an american Soldier into a North korean a United nations command announcement in Seoul later that Day cited a message sent to the North stating that an american Soldier was missing in the Buffer zone and asking that he be returned if he had strayed across the demarcation shortly afterwards a North korean radio broadcast monitored in Tokyo reported that the Soldier had crossed the line voluntarily and requested political both the army and Whites parents claimed japanese self defense Force members Clear More than 300 lives and caused millions of dollars debris after the Nagasaki which claimed in property damage in Ken George 1982 news summary 1982 that defection would be inconsistent with Whites his told a up reporter that Joey is nothing but Tungho a Tungho Patriot and Tungho a week after his White spoke to foreign newsmen in and the North korean government run korean Central news Agency said White defected because he Felt there was no justification for troops being stationed in South on 20 the army announced that its investigation into the matter was finished and that they had concluded that White voluntarily defected to the North the first american in 17 years to do so and Only the fifth since the end of the korean Marcos visits Washington philippine president Ferdinand left Manila on 14 to make his second visit to Washington in 16 seeking to bolster support for his his departure was marred by a involving Between and held outside the downtown Manila Cathedral in protest Over the two week amnesty on published in the congressional record an Advance summary of a 130page report charging the Marcos government with systematic human rights Viola Marcos appeared on Abc televisions night line and made a Public offer to meet with officials of the Londo based human rights group to prove the charges now is the Only time i am confronted with this when i come to the is that fair Why didst they confront me with this in the Philippines he returned to the Philippines on 30 and was welcomed Back by an estimated half a Mil lion people standing along a motorcade route bedecked with streamers Reading Welcome superhero and youre 1 in Marcos described his trip As phenomenally saying that he sees in America today a growing recognition of the strategic importance of the Philippines As a nation and an increasing appreciation of the contribution his country makes to International new prime minister in Japan Yasuhiro a japanese Imperial Navy officer during world War became japans 16th postwar prime minister in the previous prime Zenko had drawn criticism from political enemies and backers alike Over expressing his opinion that Japan should carry More of the defense Burden than it is currently detractors claimed that Suzuki was violating the no War clause of japans rather than stray from the policy outlined by Nakasone publicly sympathized with and european criticism of japans defense saying that we have a difficult fiscal but so do other nations in the others Are making so Japan must try harder to carry its Nakasone pledged to maintain close ties with the United japans major trading partner and stating that he thought it appropriate to describe japans Alliance with the As an a partnership in National the new prime minister said that he favors rewriting japans Constitution and has previously been quoted As saying he would like the noway clause itself

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