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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 3, 1967, Tokyo, JapanNeutral Swiss Are armed and ready by Geoffrey Atkins t Ern Switzerland a a potential army of half a million men over400 Jet fighters 1,000 tanks guided mis Siles antitank rockets an Early warning radar defense network. This is not part of the military inventory of a major nation. The Formida ble collection of modern weaponry be Longs to tiny Neutral Switzerland a country with a total population half that of is known for its Alps cows chocolate and yodelling Many people realize that the Mili tary indoctrination of the Swiss Peoples unique in the. West and that one third of the nation s budget is for military expenditures. Every fit Swiss male Between 20 and 50 years old must do military service no one gets out of it. Pacifists who refuse Are jailed but they Are few. The service totals 50 weeks and is spread Over 30 years. Men report to a military training Camp for three weeks every year. At Home they must keep an Auto Matic Rifle and 24 rounds of ammunition ready for instant use. An invading army would be shot at from almost every Home. Hans Kurz a senior official in the government s military department says Switzerland could Field 20 divisions in matter of hours More than 500,000 men. This would still leave some 750,000 men Given a new life by Charles Green Tyr Ericq City a she is a thin woman almost Skinny. Her 8-year-eld" son stands nearly shoulder High beside her. Her face is angular wit High cheekbones but not particularly in she smiles. The smite comes often now. It is Beautiful smile an obvious reflection of her Joy at being Del Valle Vazquez has a reason to smile often to savor life atthe modest Mexico City Home she shares with her sister s family. Six months ago her chances of Ever seeing that Home again were . Vazquez was the first person to survive artificial heart pump in 50 years that fact May be Worth Only a line in a textbook on med ical history. But it causes mrs. Vazquez to smile a lot and puts special meaning behind her favorite word marvelous. Her son Pepe sat beside her on there plastic covered Couch in their Home across the Street from a bottling factory. Shell be there Pepe s preparing for his first com Munion now she said. He misses some of the questions but hell be ready. An now i will be Here to see his first com mechanical heart a dome shaped device called a left ventricular bypass pump was attached to her body on aug. 8 at methodist Hospital in Houston by cardiologists at the hos Pital the pump took Over much of the work of her heart. For 10 Days it gave her heart a Chance to recover fro surgery performed to insert two artificial valves. Then the mechanical heart was disconnected and her own heart resumed Normal Days later mrs. Vazquez returned to Mexico. We re a v a i f i tt%l5m� this is How mrs. Vazquez looked sept. 6 the Day she left Houston methodist Hospital to return to Mexico after the historic operation. A it s hard for anyone else to under stand How marvelous the world is for me now she said. It is like being born again. Before the operation i could t walk a Block without getting tired i could t work i just could t do i can eat anything take Long walks and i m going Back to work at the Beaity 37-year-old beautician weighs 95 pounds about 10 pounds More than she weighed before the operation. She talks freely about her life before the surgery and her plans now. She still sees her mexican cardiologist or. Teodoro , twice a week. But that s not because anything is wrong she said. We just talk and that is a privilege for me. He must Bethe most wonderful Man on it was Zeserman she said who con Vinced her to go to Houston for an opera Tion to replace the valves in her heart damaged by rheumatic fever. He recommended her to or. Michael Debakey the famous heart surgeon who led the team from Baylor University which used the artificial did t want the operation but or. Zeserman convinced me it would Behest she said. Now i guess i owe my life to doctor s did t Tell me much before the operation because they did twant me to worry she said. They told me it was experimental but that i was in Good had read in a Magazine about an other operation like mine that failed. I m not ignorant. I had a pretty Good idea what was going on. Had Faith i knew there were no never Are guarantees on operations. And i did t expect any i did have much much Faith. I never really thought of death i guess until after it was Over. I was never really physically afraid. But i did get a Little scared when i woke up an heard All that machinery clicking and clacking and saw All those people looking at me. It seemed like every doctor in the United states was in my room. I asked them what was going on and they jus told me not to worry to let them do the worrying. I tried to do that because the Best thing i could do was think about some thing else. I had some bad moments though until i saw How Calm my sister was. I figured if she was t worried i should t be mrs. Vazquez said she tried to keep Faith in god and the doctors. I asked my sister to have the priest bring me a Crucifix or a religious medal or something i could hold in my hand because i thought that would help me she when the priest came again he was empty handed. He said you Don need anything to hold in your hands. You have Faith. Hold that and everything willbe Fine so i prayed i could keep my . Vazquez said the pump was exposed after the operation but she tried to ignore it. She could t Tell her own heart was not beating she wanted to cooperate in All this and the Best thing i could do was just with military training. If nato in Western Europe used it population As Well As we do it could have 300 divisions7.5 million men. Kurz observed. Every Swiss Home possesses a sol Dier s Book for use in Case of War. The 384-Page manual tells How to bar. Ricarde a Home and treat wounds or How to make a grenade attack. Women Are instructed How to take Over certain roles of the civilian police. Shooting has become a major sports Well As a military obligation. Almost every Village has a firing Range. Swiss marksmen Are highly placed in International Competition. The policy of armed neutrality is Pur sued with relentless Zeal. The picture most Likely to be seen in living rooms is that of general Henri Guisano com Mander in chief during world War it. Many Swiss believe his firmness toward Germany discouraged Hitler from invading Switzerland at the Start of the War with a View to attacking France from the rear. Guisano informed Hitler the Swiss would fight to the last. The a i dicta Tor apparently believed him. Switzerland has 57 French Mirage Jet fighters twice the Speed of Sounda secret number of British ground to air missiles an also undisclosed number of swedish tank rockets 400 powerful Cen turion tanks and an american Early warning system. Of Sov a " it mrs. Esperanza Del Valle Vazquez of Mexico City is shown in front of her Home with her son pipe 8. She is the first person to survive mechanical heart surgery. Pretend everything was Normal she said. Three Days after the operation the let me take some Steps. They did t want me to but i made them let Little Steps but they were Marvel life she said has not really changed a great Deal except now she is much More aware of life and has Dis covered Many new friends most of whom she has never wrote me letters from the United Stales and All Over the world marvelous Beautiful letters she said. I could t read the ones in English butty Brothel read some of them to me and i studied the others a Long time an figured out what they said. They Are Beautiful and there Are hundreds of them. I want to answer them All to say thank you to All those marvelous people for thinking of . A que said she returned to Mexico As soon after the operation a possible rather than accept any of the several invitations she received to stayin the United states. I m an ardent nationalist i love my country and i wanted to come Home As soon As possible she said. Everyone in Houston was marvelous but i wanted to come Story has brought out nationalism in other mexicans very first mexican reporter who came to see me hugged me and said How proud he was that the first person to survive this kind of operation Wasa mexican. Some people treat me like i m a famous athlete or a great cyclist or like i just won the olympics she said there Are no immediate plans to return to Houston although she is sure she will see Debakey again. I told him before i left i would Beback to see him again she said. I have to see him again. He gave me he s like my Pacific stars & stripes 9tuesday, Jan. 3, 1967

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