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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 3, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Star what a curious feeling said i Don Oakley ipes Mustbe shutting up like a Telescope serving All the services y0arli personnel in Viot Mim Are at William Usa a1 s Sarf officer hmm i officer Roii Pic Vietnam Gordon c snort m a nor 1y1 01 managing Edior Marshall a top Breed of fighting Man editors note the following is extracted from an article to appear in Issue of look it is written by Marshall chief historian in the european Thea Ter in world War ii and a combat correspondent during the Korea War and most recently in the Republic of War there is Only one line on which to judge How the american male is meeting the main test of his we have it in South the vast majority of Young americans undergoing ordeal by fire there Are from the Les privileged half of our in a time of great social unrest at they hold to a higher Standard than american troops have known it is too Early to despair of our youth and not too late to ask what the example should mean to the rest of for 25 years i have trailed along with Battle Early in world War i discovered that while our army is Superior in the higher management of it understands least of All the the fighting of the average Young american during the Early summer of i was with line troops through three major Battles in they Are they make common uncommon the problem of getting men to fire is a at the enemy has All but Marshall they will withstand More March farther Over rougher country carrying heavier loads and sustain heavier losses without crippling Shock to their spirits than any Field army in this All of this in a harshly enervating most of it within the gloom of a triple canopied and always against an enemy whose ways Are treacherous and a infantry battalion come out of line after two weeks or More of sustained it will be sweated through Stinky and hunched Over by the Burden of its fighting it looks up to 50 per cent of its people Are not average americans i puerto and with mexicans from the then move among these same men one hour Ait i they have showered and changed they us facts is called Battle an impossibly clinical i wonder about it and ask myself user the mix won we so he f out of Mutual trial they have won what the lesser tried inevitably miss True belief in a human brotherhood whose tokens Are the simplicities of courage Faith and these men care for one another the will risk his me to save any Comrade the same with the to Guai or White the deep 1131 Wynn in Thoj Ere we have a body of castaways removed which is As far As one can better than the rest of they know of the riots in the receiving threat to even a minimal stability in government the Antiwar Hom amc7can the confusion of opinion a ass t reporting of their achievement and All of that they have the answer we Are winning the War they went to Vietnam to with those few exceptions that appear to be rooted in our american a ure they Are efficient in this but they Are not professional fillers this newest Breed is not Given to heroic Linos or onstage it functions and communicates in a Low key the Soldier May believe that what he is doing in Vietnam has great but he feels Little or none of that about his own lets in Nefy r therein he reflects the mood of the or still More he May a better Man Oclay s Scofi Eis who have no time for professional Pride in your work is absolutely essential to adequate but keep the Pride a Grafe 8 Pacific stars stripes 1967 Ralph Mcgill its wigs the newspaper Story were big Christmas i make haste to admit that it is unquestionably an idiosyncrasy of mine to associate wigs with the Era of Marie Madam Dubarry and the reign of Louis and with wig wearing members of the British a number of feminine persons of my acquaintance received wigs for some Are marvels of the wig makers i Admire looking at even though their appearance As a priority item in Santa Glaus Christmas bag of gifts is somehow they reminded me of a Brief visit to a wig factory in Hong Kong buying they have their greatest Success with the some of the very poor will even sell hair Cut from the Heads of their admitted this is As the dead have a difficult time of it if they enter the next world without sometimes in Rural villages the Young girls will be persuaded to allow collectors to Shear off their hair for a pitifully few or some have even sold their hair a handful of Choco lates or hard a v v4 Hong Kongs newest Boom Industry while on a visit to one of now Little known Tea houses in Hong it is a place where chinese Bird lovers come Early in the morning to take their caged Birds for a the teahouse is near a the gentlemen come with their caged Birds before setting out on their walk and have morning Tea with perhaps a bit of cake or it was after an Early week Day visit to the Bird walkers teahouse that my Friend fell to talking of the Boom in wigs and of the Benefit thereof for Hong Kongs Ever ready seize Opportunity by the if american women want then Hong Kong will Supply them or the materials for craftsmen to make there Are perhaps 60 factories in Hong Kong that turn out most of their output goes to the United they use about 30 tons of hair per month to Supply their indonesian with those of the Island of Java in the Supply most of the the hair the women of Indonesia and neighbouring islands Are others Are demanding More buyers Are fanning out and extending their the demand it soon will be up to 40 tons of hair a month for the Hong Kong they Hope the women of America will totally succumb to the yearning for but this desire is coupled with some resistance May not All the women of the Orient Are going to be Happy going about with shaved the Best tip prepared to pay More for the Hall the Law of privacy article in of the Bill of rights of the Constitution states the right of the people to be secure in their per papers and of against unreasonable searches and shall not be and no warrants shall Issue but upon probable supported by oath or and particularly describing the place to be and the person or things to be the authors of the Bill of rights did of know anything Oakley about telephones or the tapping nor did they even dream of devices which could enable an eavesdropper to listen to conversations from a to unreasonable search and seizure was someone breaking Down their door and confiscating evidence without Benefit of a lawfully is sued yet the tapping of a private Telephone conversation or the bugging of a hotel room would seem to be As much a search and seizure of information As would be the actual physical intrusion of an unauthorized investigator and his stealing a per Sonal the great difference is that the traditional form of search and seizure is visible and easily controllable by Legal Safe the modern form is sub invisible and anyone with the necessary knowl Edge and equipment can get into the snooping the Law of the by virtue of a 1928 supreme court is that since wiretapping does not involve actual trespass ing on private it is not a violation of the fourth Amend but six years the Federal communications act of 1934 made it a Federal crime to intercept and divulge the contents of a private Telephone in the supreme court ruled that wiretap evidence was inadmissible in Federal Aphis says nothing about the several some of which permit wiretapping evidence and some of which there is no Federal Law Banning the use of other forms of elec tronic snooping devices which operate independently of Telephone thus electronic eavesdropping is both lawful arid and both an accepted and a condemned tool of police surveil newspaper Enterprise the Purnell Bailey bread of life Yoy favorite spiritual classic is the practise of the presence of god by brother i return to it again and again brother Lawrence was a Footman and a in when he was 55 years of he became a Lay member of the in As a servant the servants of god he worked in the Kitchen scrubbing the pots and and fulfilling the jobs usually done by Kitchen after ten years of spiritual his hunger for righteousness was and he reached the height where he saw every task o o o full lev to i i not chinese merchants s upon my Knees at the blessed

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