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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 3, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Losses remain lower Washington up the United states pushed its commit ment of men and Materiel to Viet Nam near the Peak korean War Levels As 1966 Pentagon statistics the past year saw a doubling of american troops and their sup a fourfold increase in Cas and More help from As of years there was a total of soldiers and marines and sailors and air men in the War they saw Over of their comrades killed and about when 1966 there were Only ground troops in Viet during the United states lost killed and in died in Battle and were wounded among the there in one not All the statistics were there were More and better and More bombs and this compared with Only tons of supplies in and tons in the biggest 12 months of the korean the Effort in How is expected to exceed the korean except in Bat the deaths and Early in in the korean figures already have been surpassed with More than jets and More than helicopters in Southeast enemy Battle deaths for 1966 were estimated at com pared with in through of the enemy had been More than had defected or sur compared with killed and defections in All of desertions from the South Viet namese forces were listed unofficially at for this and for the South vietnamese forces increased by More than for the 1966 was a rough enemy fire brought Down 353 planes through 14 in compared with 149 shot Down prior to last let asians Pia Htwar elect Mark Hatfield suggested sunday that the War in Vietnam should be turned Over to he called for an Allasia con Ferencei at which we place in their asian nations hands a responsibility to pursue the Diplo Matic at the same time he the United states should Dameri canine the military action to pro vide the asian diplomats with an asian military question and not an american military Issue to appearing on the to program issues and Hatfield said american troops should be gradually withdrawn in such a Way so we Are not leaving a void but we Are beginning to put the asian troops in or in lieu the american this be comes then an asian War to be settled by asian he said All asian nations with a common cause and a common purpose should be to the eventually including communist Graham peking april up evangelist Billy who made a Christmas visit to Viet w a r n e d saturday that America is on a definite Colli Sion course with communist he said that within five years bed China will be Able to strike anywhere in Asia with nuclear weapons and that within 10 Yean the same capability will apply to the Continental United Graham made the comments at a news conference at which he discussed his visit with Many americans in hospitals he visited were bitter about the Christmas halt in the he particularly those wounded or with friends who were killed during the Aerial photographs he studied clearly showed Viet Cong Supply trucks bumper to bumper closed for the holidays grenades Vietnam Bureau Navy patrol boats captured 40 Jolo rounds of Small arms am 500 hand grenades and other War material from an enemy junk attempting to Cross the Soi rap River 10 Miles from Saigon Early new years a spokesman said the patrol Craft retaliated after being fired on by persons aboard the 30foot a Viet Cong taken prisoner said eight Viet Cong were aboard at the Start of the fight and that they jumped the junk was towed to Nha additional captured material included a Light machine gun and 15 rounds of b40 antitank Armuni there were no Friendly casual Saigon docks Normal again Saigon strik ing Dock workers streamed Back to work ending a fiver Day walkout that tied up move ment of civilian about workers were or dered Back on the Job after military authorities worked out an agreement to find jobs for 288 workers Laid off at the new Ameri can military port about five Miles up the Saigon according to the military cargo at the port will be handled by army Steve but the military guarantee that none of the vietnamese Dock ers who previously worked there will be without the soldiers turn their attention to cards at a gun emplacement at the 1st Headquarters at i soon after the beginning of the 2day new years a radio photo ing South during the he wifi lands second brigade Saigon a some american combat who arrived off South Vietnam began disembarking sunday at Vung a military spokes Man he said a second brigade of the 9th and the divisions artillery batteries started unload ing from troop ships during the Day in the midst of the new years Viet not to quit new York North vietnamese Economy has been badly disrupted by the specifically by bombings but the people Are by no Means ready to quit the new York times reported my wife is is your son1 Daniel Davis wife had died Only minutes before the Marine corps officer appeared at his front door Davis at first thought he had come in connection with his wife perhaps to make arrangements for an emergency Pacific stars stripes 1067 leave for his pfc Edward a Marine serving in Viet he was the officer came to inform the family that the Only had been a Telegram from the defense department said the youth died shortly after the end of the Christmas truce the Vic Tim of an enemy explosive detonated near Quang he would write letters Home trying not to worry his Mother because he knew she was Davis but she always Wor ried Davis said his wife illness was a constant subject of concern in the Young mans it was How is mom he didst mention the War just said things Harrison a times managing wrote from the North vietnamese agree that the conflict in Vietnam is a rough affair for every official interviewed stresses the handicaps and hard ships that must be overcome to carry on in the face of american he effects on Industry and agriculture Are but no precise statistics Are possibly because they Are regarded As military secrets Eastern europeans Here say the Rice crop has fallen Short by a substantial largely be cause of bad the Basic q u e s t Ion would seem to be has All this Hurt the North vietnamese so much that they Are ready to quit their answer by no Means casualties Washington defense department has announced the following casualties in connection with the conflict in Vietnam killed in action army Coley sp4 Jessie sp4 Joe Richard san Frau Cook san Ceasar de 1st Chester fort Ben Sec Ellis sp4 Ernest sp4 William pfc Michael pfc Harry Tompkins pfc Leon pfc Arnold Oak sp4 Jack pig Donald sp4 Henry pfc Richard Frank Julius Greathouse Corpus Marine corps pfc Robert Hasbrouck Richard Central Henry pfc Mack Robert Ringler Brack died not As a result of hostile action army to Joel Albert Navy James Marine corps Joseph Jackson missing not As a result of hostile action army Larry air Force 1st David

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