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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 27, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 6 world Pacific stars and stripes february 1983 paper says Reagan knew of the Mia raid in Advance los Angeles a actor Clint Eastwood told president Rea Gan in Advance that former Green Beret James to Gritz planned a raid into Laos to find american prisoners of the los Angeles times reported the newspaper said Eastwood told Reagan he had Given Money to the Rescue and that the govern ment should be officially according to testimony before the Senate intelligence when Reagan asked his advisers about Robert chief Deputy to National Security adviser William told the president the government should not get involved with the Vietnam War the times quoted an unidentified administration official As the president the official claimed Reagan support Gritz team members said messages they received in Southeast Asia advised that Reagan supported them the newspaper former Green Beret Charles of told the times he heard Eastwood say he could get help from Reagan if he said he could get us in Contact with the said who was part of the Rescue he Eastwood had the phone William Shatner and when we supposedly got a he was going to Call the president and Tell him we did have one and that we needed help to get the Eastwood has declined comment on the the times said that in a novem Ber Telephone Call to Reagan at his Santa Barbara Eastwood told the president he had contributed to the Gritz grits Panama claims envoy is possible spy Washington says no Panama Panama a Panama says ambassador Everett Ellis Briggs is guilty of diplomatic misconduct that could affect National the foreign ministry said Briggs has acted not in Complete Harmony with the usual rules of conduct in diplomatic it did not specify but National guard chief Ruben Dario who is considered the real Leader of pan said Briggs May be a the ministry judges that activities of the said removed from the norms and rules of could affect matters having to do with National the statement adding that the foreign ministry had informed the embassy of the importance and necessity of faithfully complying with the norms of although Briggs has declined comment on the the embassy denied that Briggs or any other embassy official tried to arrange secret meetings with panamanian military As charged by the National panamas error or distortions an embassy statement said the Content and conclusions of the charges Are in error or represent a state department spokesman in Washington also denied the spokesman Alan Romberg said that since arriving in Panama last october the ambassador had been involved Only in habitual diplomatic Paredes issued a sharply worded statement saturday saying Briggs had openly violated protocol by attempting to meet with key panamanian military officials without the consent of their Given these i find that i am obliged to warn you in the face of another act of this this command and its chiefs of staff will ask the government for your withdrawal from the Paredes demonstration at embassy Paredes statement touched off a Small demonstration in front of the which was protected by National guardsmen in riot the from the pro government leftist federation of panamanian shouted that Briggs was a Cia pro government Channel 2 Tele vision said that the demonstration attracted no More than 100 people and showed that panamanians can no longer be has worked in the foreign service since holding diplomatic posts in Para West Ger Many and he was born in when his father was ambassador associates have put the amount at actor William Shatner contributed to which Shatner has said was Only for rights to grits life a retired lieutenant led a patrol of americans and anticommunist guerrillas on a futile search into Laos last but hostile forces killed one guerrilla and wounded three Gritz led a second raid and another guerrilla who reportedly is on another Mission in told the times in a message dated 12 that he has some pow he did not say if the id was from a living possible government involvement in grits failed missions has been the subject of closed hearings before the Senate intelligence intelligence Agency the times said it was the defense intelligence Agency that in late 1980 or Early 1981 first interested Gritz in a Rescue Gritz had been vocal about his belief there might be prisoners left in Southeast the Senate intelligence committee was and the defense intelligence Agency advised Gritz he would be Wise to tone Down his profile if he wanted to join a government the times the Agency later decided he was too risky to Deal with the newspaper on Lyndon International China prevents hijacking peking a China will station Security personnel aboard its commercial flights in a move to thwart an aviation official Lin an advisor to the civil aviation administration of said the number of anti hijacking guards will be determined by the flight he did not say if they would be aboard All the aviation administration Al ready is training its Crew and flight attendants in How to Deal with attempted it also is limiting the amount of fuel that planes May carry so that Hijack ers will not be Able to reach their potential he seat of the rival nation Alist is the most Likely destination for those trying to escape chinese officials have con firmed Only one attempted Hijack but never acknowledged that the hijackers in that failed attempt last july wanted to go to foreign passengers aboard the flight to Shanghai said the hijackers denounced communism and demanded to be taken to they were overpowered by later they were exe largest Jade on display Burma a a 33ton Jade Boulder the largest Jade Stone Ever found is on display after several attempts by bandits to ambush it As it was moved along a Road made just to transport it from the Jungle to the the Stone was put on display to coincide with the 20th government Clint Eastwood White House Deputy press declined to answer specific questions about the Eastwood and there have been a number of or a number of different in which information has come to the government about this Allin these Cross order forays and other inde pendent efforts were official visits administration officials Are concerned about relations with Laos or jeopardizing official visits to search for pow the times rear Allan Paulson at the Pentagon told the times people claiming to represent Gritz were told that we could not support or condone any operations they were contemplating we dont consider them the operations Gem Gem experts said they have never seen such a Large which was hauled out by a heavy truck along an 80mile Road built especially for the the Jade Boulder was found last year half buried in Kachin about 800 Miles North of it has an greyish but Green hues and streaks will appear when it is experts officials say bandits ambushed the Convoy several times in but government guards held them the final leg of the journey was made by train Early this officials said the Stone will be Cut and put up for auction in later they declined to estimate its present the largest previously known raw Jade Stone was 22 they f 9f vandals puncture tires Tokyo up vandals moved into Tokyo Chofu Airport sometime after it closed and punctured the tires of about 100 Light air planes parked on the police every tire was flattened by holes so Small they were almost said an employee of the new Japan aviation at the Northwestern Tokyo the planes were mostly Beech Craft or single prop Elle engine he about 24 Light air planes stored in a Hanger were not police the Small which has a Fence around is used primarily for private pilots and Aerial photo

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