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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 27, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific sunday Pacific stars and stripes february 1988 Farouk father for Farah Bombeck secure in our ways d ear Pat i have a bet with my Uncle who says Farrah Fawcett is Dick Van patterns daughter Judy water you what has your Uncle been into although there Are no blood ties Between the Van Patten has a Good Many thespian including his sister Joyce Van Patten and his Nels and Champion Tennis player Vince who at one time was dating dear Pat i thought Bill Murray was great in but where was his Billing los it was Murray idea of a joke to have his name left off the but he wound up with the most Concrete sort of Billing Bank his upfront take was reportedly a Cool dear Pat is Mickey Rooney real name Yul and when was he born the diminutive and versatile Hollywood Pat Hilton Dudley Moore actor was born Joe Yule on in he spent a few years As Mickey which was also the name of a character he played in some 50 two reel he officially became Mickey Rooney in ing Crosby dear Pat i read somewhere that actress Sigourney Weaver came from a show business fam ily is that and is that her real name Minneapolis Sigourney is the daughter of Sylvester Pat former chairman of the Board at born Susan she switched to Sigourney a name out of Scott fitzgeralds the great gatsby when she was dear Pat could you please Settle a bet was Bing Crosby Ever married to Cathy Lee Crosby of that West Bing Crosby was married to Singer Dixie Lee Crosby for 22 until her death in in he married actress Kathryn the late Star had four sons from his first marriage and two sons and a daughter in the Cathy Lee Crosby is no dear Pat i was disappointed in six but i adore Dudley Moore and in willing to give him another when May i see him next Tina fall the pocket size actors new comedy from the Ladd was released this Tribune company Hen you think about the morality of the nation has really gone downhill during the last there int anything used by the Public that int nailed to the ground or sunk in that can mean one of two things there Are More Sticky fingers around or Sticky fingers Are getting it used to be just Little things were like pens in the Bank or the Post office that we All know were put there for you cant Tell me anyone wants to steal a pen on a three Inch Chain that didst just run out of Ink it never had Ink in it in the first the items Are but for whatever reason they still carry a take picnic just they Are set in two feet of have never seen weigh pounds and Are at wits end Erma Bombeck permanently stained with Bird on a nearby some Optimist has posted a picnic tables Are provided for Public those stealing a table will face the prosecution comes right after the hernia id rather steal two California redwoods and make my another source of amazement to me is whats made secure in a hotel the picture Over the bed is always bolted to the Why were not talking sistine Chapel Art were talking about the same picture that has been Over the bed of every room i have Ever stayed in a chinese junk ship in shades of Black silhouetted in a red and Orange Sunset that glows in the As for the hangers that Are welded Over the you can have there always made out of Wood and accommodate a very Large mans Topcoat never women the Genius who came up with the idea of putting a link Chain on an phone Book does not know i have never had a burning desire to stuff a five Pound phone Book in my Carryon which already does not fit under my no one Ever figured out that if you live in you have your own phone Book and if you you dont know anyone in it As for shopping carts with signs warning violators that theft will be punishable by fines and i wont even dignify it with a comment except to say that i was trying to get four Independent wheels to go in the same direction one Day in a parking lot and when a Man where Are you taking that cart i in stealing his laughter still rings in my maybe things Are worse than i a sign on the inside of a Chicago restroom Booth carried a dont put purse on for that cheap someone should get life Field enterprises Aries March 21 to april 19 a travel plan May be avoid the inclination to take be More responsible about Job duties and health Taurus april 20 to May 20 a change in dating plans could set you off on a reckless course of show your self Reliance without jeopardizing gemini May 21 to june 20 change is your Middle but you May be surprised at a loved ones sudden show of unconventional remain cancer june 21 to july 22 a series of surprises has you wondering what to expect make the most of available opportunities with out Leo july 23 to 22 you May feel the need to tighten your avoid unnecessary Horoscope Frances Drake expenditures and seek less costly ways of Virgo 23 to 22 a relatives outburst of temperament could catch you by dont expect to stick to schedules be Libra 23 to 22 youre inclined to let things unfinished tasks will escapist tactics Lead to Scorpio 23 to 21 some merry times Are in store for but youre liable to disregard common sense when it comes to safeguard Sagittarius 22 to 21 youre liable to push too fast too soon regarding a career slow Down and take time to consider things Capricorn 22 to 19 appoint ments Are liable to be changed travellers should double Check act in accordance with your aquarius 20 to 18 dont loan Money to others an unexpected expense could leave you Short of friends Are somewhat erratic in Pisces 19 to March 20 As you get to know another you May have some doubts about your King features an authorized unofficial publication of the forces overseas published daily except 1 january at Roppo Ngi 106 Apo san Francisco this newspaper is an authorized unofficial publication of the department of defense for authorized persons contents of Are not necessarily the official View of the government or the department of the appearance of displays in this newspaper concerning commercial publications or advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the department of defense or the commander in chief available to authorized personnel for 25 cents daily subscriptions Are monthly paid in Advance per a 2301 apr mail subscriptions Are available for minimum six month periods for third class postage paid at Zabu for local mailings second class postage paid at san for Fpo and official copyright restrictions preclude acceptance of subscriptions for delivery to individual addresses within the Continental United stars and stripes Joseph Bur Usa in chief Denis Usa Deputy commander business John Usan commander marketing operations Timothy Hutchens 3140 Don Mccaffrey Pacific editor Tokyo 2293152 Dwight Usan Washington Bureau chief Pentagon 2276695 Steve Usa Korea Bureau chief Yon san 7447 Helen Usa Japan Bureau chief Tokyo Dave Usan Pacific sports writer Tokyo 2293153 Danny usic Okinawa Bureau chief Mak Minato 6371680 Pete us Philippines Bureau chief Subic Bay 8846381 Laura Neitz Guam Bureau chief Navy regional medical Center circulation Telephone numbers Japan military 225 4507 or commercial 4049449 Singapore 2931422 Kuala Bumpur Hong Kong 3 0s51 20 Korea Yon san 7650 Okinawa Butler 635 2010 Philippines area Clark Clark distribution Subic Bay distribution Manila embassy 59 80 11 andersen366

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