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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 27, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Sta Shorter and Shorter Dick West serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four editions daily at Japan by Pacific stars and i stripes Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions Are not those of this Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel m the Nagom area for 10 cents 15 cents saturday or sub script Iona Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and afr in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid Mai h e Swinney Usan executive officer Darcy usic administrative officer maj Morton Usa Vietnam Gordon Skean general manager Ernest Richter managing editor John Chamberlain across the Bridge and into since with the administration putting on All steam to build those Bridges to the soviet it would be Good to have a Clear realization of what we May expect to find if and when we go Over the is it a country with which we can Ever Hope to have understanding and mutually profitable Deal Ings or must every Effort to reach a modes Visendi end with backsliding into cold As has happened so often in the past there is no doubt that something has changed in Russia Stalin a recent study prepared for Thomas Dodd by Sergius Yakobson and Robert specialists in russian slavic affairs for the Library of con Gress gives a dramatic rundown of what has happened to break the ice in soviet intellectual life since Khrushchev delivered his secret speech at the party Congress of 1956 of stains the toward Freedom has had its Sharp ups and recalling what was More or less the Normal state of affairs under the when a Dostoevski could be condemned to death and then reprieved and sent to and when a Lenin was permitted to choose exile in Switz Chamberlain where he received remittances out of his mothers pension from the Imperial civil the at the is one of relapse for the trial rolling in Raycra Bufey t lessons on preventing future Vietnam show up in the successes and failures of unaided civic action projects in which the local Navy and air Force help with school health station and Well set up youth Camps for poor children and perform other deeds for local in most late countries its it really some people can sit around for years with a for tune right under their noses and never see and then a stranger comes along in this Case me arid in two seconds he spots the Poten tial and reaps the or he will reap the rewards As soon As he can get the project the whole thing came Clear to me in a blinding Flash just As i was Reading some literature about fake a company called Norwood Mills claims it has developed a new process for fabricating Imi tation Mink that looks so realistic even a Mink would be fooled from a that really not saying a whole lot because minks Are notoriously the True test is whether it would fool a chorus the process came about from what began As the creation of pile fabrics for paint it also can and whatever that Are said to be exceedingly West the military has furnished advisers and the government has Given modest amounts of these inexpensive Aid expert Success become practical tools for blocking the growth of Conui Hist if guerrilla wars can be nipped in the there will be fewer heavy scale Viet take Colombia As one at last report Only two full time and seven Par time military if Bridges Are built Between Washington and men were assigned we would find ourselves moving Over those Bridges into a they worked with colombian and sentencing of writers Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel to Long terms in a concentration Camp for the crime of permitting their works to be published abroad stands As a warning to those who would stray too far from the approved canons of socialist even As Yakobson and Allen stress in their the new Breed of russian Are definitely not Terri sixty three Moscow writers had the nerve to protest the treatment of Sinyavsky and and Brezhnev and Rosy Gin have apparently deemed it the better part of valor to leave the 63 the whatever the such pro Grams have often been successful when the government has come in with Doit yourself and Wel help you projects when and where insurgency is struggling for a toe the programs usually have flopped in areas where insurgents Are make pelted fabrics with an authentic fur the company then took what was obviously the wrong it began promoting the fake furs for such uses As com Mode furniture upholstery and Doorknob it May very Well be that a min covered Doorknob has a cer Tain snob even if the fur some projects have faced a bad is and what appears to pfc Tromley society where some tension Between the intellectual and artistic Community and the bureaucrats is at least barely whether this would get greater understanding for us of for where is the russian intellectual who would dare stand up in red Square to say that the is in Vietnam because it was invited by a Friendly govern ment to be there would the Kremlin permit a reciprocity in teaching there seems to be some slight change for the better in the Quality of social and economic life in if the soviet statistical handbook for As translated by radio can be agriculture seems to be recovering from the flops of the Khrushchev with Gross farm production rising by the Small increment of two per cent in 1965 its reportedly better in during 1965 the private plots allowed to workers Rose from million to million and Gross production on these plots jumped by seven per the private sector provided 40 per cent of the 40 per cent of the and 67 per cent of the eggs produced in the and the pragmatic Retreat from rigid communist doctrine in agriculture was paralleled by an increased respect for profit As a measure of performance in a real confusion of metaphors May be soviet Russia seems to be moving with the Speed of a Glacier out of its ice it seems just As Tough and As Kosygin remarks in Britain were not those of a Man who wants to give an Inch in foreign in dealing with should we be More terrified than those russian intellectuals who stood up to protest the incarceration of their fellow Sinyavsky and Daniel King features officers and in one project the colombian army assigned seven Engineer companies to the building of two gravel Al weather highways that crossed areas of the result Small trading Cen ters have sprung up along the Farmers can get their goods to the Peoples the Road in a five year caused ill feeling Between the military and local population because work progressed so it is under stood that inordinate delays caused by the rapid turnip ver of officers and key to some teams of sol Diers Pye in for a Day or few Days of real then move this causes the people had gained Hope when help they Felt let Down when the help this won friends for the the answer is that so far we Arent experts on what it takes precisely to Stop cold incipient these projects Are excellent As Pilot Hope Standard of living has the Well gradually learn what new roads mean police and troops succeeds and what then can get to the trouble areas More adopt the ideas that theres More thus some of the causes of Dis affection have been removed and the Job of handling the insurgents made such an Early stage of the insurgency in these troubled the highways were enough to quiet the trouble near the main for the time in another civic action the colombian Navy and air Force have been operating 32 Camps for boys aged 12 to 16 from poor families in threatened by one american military Man 140 colombian military men have newspaper Enterprise be a Chinchilla Rug might indeed make an impression on president Johnson the next time you have him to your place for even the company missed what could have been the most prestige Laden status Symbol of it was right there in front of them and they overlooked i am of course to Mink paint the sales potential there is Al most what a Way to bring a touch of class to the Doit yourself i suppose that if company officials see this column they will kick themselves a few times and then to Rush into but by then it will be too by then i expect to be on the Market with paint rollers made with real United press International strength is born in the deep silence of Long suffer ing hearts not amid Hemans been local teachers volunteered local merchants g Pacific stars stripes contributed Farmers in 1967 these troubled areas have started Purnell Bailey bread of life of George Mulier wanted to know what he considered his key to his life was one of great Joy and service to his answer May help us i have been a Lover of holy scripture and i love it More now than i Ever it has been my habit to read the scriptures through four times a year and it is important to read it in a prayerful to meditate upon what we and to apply it to our own do i understand this do i obey this what has this word for me he we must practice what we find in the scriptures and the result will be a Happy a Happy woman this Joy which Muller found came not Only from a belief that the Bible was gods word to but also from the regular study and discipline he brought to his blessed Are they that hear the word of and keep Luke

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