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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 24, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Sta is he Cia i thought he was ipes serving All the services an authorised of the armed published in a filly Japan by Pacific stars and Apo the c1ncpac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Aie not necessarily those of the department of this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions Are not necessarily those of this Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacoma area for 10 cents 15 cents saturday or subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 find personnel in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post Sun Cal William officer charge executive officer Darcy us Vic officer Morton Vietnam Gordon general manager Ernest Richter managing editor Ralph Mcgill southerner Star on Rise in North politics among other a great it keeps brewing and sometimes the Tea is sometimes Sweet and there now is brewing in new York a cup of political Tea if it turns out to be Strong and yet Sweet and strengthen will prove to be one of the great human interest stories of All Morris who was born and lived most of his Young adult life in now is being talked about As one of the rising Young democrats in new York City there Are those who think he might become mayor of new York City or represent the state in the House or who was born in and who capped his educational experiences with a Rhodes scholarship at is one of the most Brilliant Young men in our it in a disappointment in Georgia politics that caused him to leave his very successful Law practice in Atlanta and move to new he is partner in the Law firm of and Mcgill he is 48 years old he is one of new York cites Best known residents and has attained a National he has been president of the american jewish committee he is a representative to the commission on human rights he recently was chairman and toastmaster at the 20th anniversary dinner of Ada americans for democratic he has been influential in he is deeply committed to philanthropic and Reform Meas his record on civil rights is one of sanity and for he and vice president Hubert Humphrey and Joe labor attorney and official of were influential in persuading Sargent Shriver to fund the child development group of in Morris Abram was a candidate for the democratic nomination to Congress in the fifth District of which Atlanta and Fulton county Are the key population he was an opponent of the strongly conservative and political reactionary James georgias political despite its present was much worse then than the county unit system seemed to be As strongly fixed As the appalachian racial which were openly included that of antisemitism As Well As Abram ran an intelligent which was based on programs that would have furthered the interests of the he was Defeated by and the county unit sometime after to the great distress of a wide Circle of admiring decided to abandon his successful Law Home and native state to move to new was nothing of vindictiveness in but it is a matter of record that the demagogues who used the county unit system to defeat him lived to regret it was supported by Many georgians who for decades had r fought to eliminate the iniquitous county unit who at last reached the supreme court with a Case and an argument that led to the abolishment of a system for generations had literally kept georgias people in political it surprised no one of those who know him Best that in new York his Star began to Rise almost with the Day of his the democratic party new York City and state is in most of its leadership is for at least a decade there has been an unwillingness on the part of these leaders to cooperate one with the the Reform faction of democrats has continued to gain strength at the expense of the old i sir Iea Mersin the past two elections the democratic party lost new York City and new York the appearance of the Young southerner Morris Abram As a coming figure in new York City and state politics is a warm the Hal the future has a habit of suddenly and dramatically becoming the Roger Babson 8 Pacific stars stripes 1967 caper other papers say Ryphe new York times on the Cia student Dis closures the impropriety and Folly of permitting the Central Intelli gence Agency to subsidize the National student cannot be mitigated by postmortem ration it is absurd to suggest because the student organization was too impoverished to take part in inter National meet the Cia merely assumed the role of a Bene Volent Patron of it is not the business or the habit of Intelli gence services to underwrite indigent Good causes unless the beneficiary can be expected to pay off the directly or in it was More reprehensible for Washington to let its intelligence service jeopardize a representative voice of the nations College youth than it was for a few student in Sec ret to succumb to the the sordid episode has dealt another serious blow to the credibility of american students and scholars Faith in their detachment already had been dam aged by earlier disclosures of secret links Between the Cia and some american a total ban on All Cia underwriting of collegiate activity is plainly Long he and Secretary of state Dean Rusk have been seek ing some form of Moscow Washington cooperation in bring the Washingtn Post on ing stability to the Middle East and there experiments have been cautious leaks on Progress from the White House administration has acted and the state in postponing a major nuclear excavation Experiment no sects he h1p Turin scheduled for later this month in i ejects by the indo connection with the atomic ener onesian by commissions Plo share pro Ray Russ Eye Indonesia president Johnson has had great Hopes of a softening of and the state Moscow willingness to cooperate has now been put to the the United states and other interested Western nations recently asked the soviet Union and East european communist nations to join forces in one noncontroversial Case the rehabilitation of soviet representatives have not been willing to come to meetings to discuss the Cromley possibility on any the russians Are going Back into Indonesia on their the indonesian example is theres no War going the United states and other Western Powers Are not proposing that the country join the Western when this reporter was in the Vietnam and Japan a Short time a number of private reports were available from men who had recently been in these reports but they agreed on one Many communist leaders and organizers throughout Indonesia had escaped though hundreds of thousands of reported communists had been most of those purged were Small Fry and hated local chinese red or Many indonesians took the Opportunity to eliminate ene their of Moscow has been work w to uj1l4jl in despite military the known As project cabrio situation in Indonesia is Ripe for Iet the Long pending test in it i 1 a Russia Type underground pro Many people Are roads Are in a it is difficult to get crops to less than a third of the country trucks operate the railways run at less than a fourth of graft continues inflation Nevada would have occurred on the very eve of the resumed discussions of the disarmament committee on a nuclear nonproliferation treaty and could have seriously damaged the Geneva the Nevada test would have is out of misery is wide served As an exacerbating re Rte Hick n i of 11 4 t t o he decision has been made at the top Levels in washing ton that the United states is not going Back into Indonesia for Indonesia will be a joint minder that the is pressing ahead with its own program for developing the peaceful uses of atomic Power at the same time that it is urging the nuclear have not to forswear even conducting peaceful nuclear explosions As it is Clear that aus part of a nonproliferation the the inter National monetary fund and the world Bank will be in on whatever Aid programs Are worked Britain and West Germany May also take the object of this joint planning is to prevent what happened to the United states we were thrown out and Indonesia left to v i Cut communist though the Given their limited this communists outsmarted them might in the Long run prove to be selves that the United states As disastrous economically As a is taking no nuclear arms newspaper Enterprise the associated press the Chicago daily news on the latin american anti nuclear treaty it is All the More regrettable that the latins have no apparent desire to enter into a similar pact to end the race for military jets and other sophisticated weapons that some of them Are engaged the p urn Ell Bailey bread of life the words of the archbishop of Canterbury at the time of a very prominent wedding should be written on the doorpost of every newlyweds Home we All wish you but our wishes cannot give nor can it come from outward it can Only come from your from the spirit that is within tue Choice wel1 be the life or death of a new when the chances Are that one out of four Homes will be broken today the ing to rebuild its contacts with Wise couple will turn to the living god for that Beauty of spirit and the e s e indonesian humility of conduct that can Marr age one cart the russians Are working to con himself to gods care too Early Tine their Aid and development the lord is my strength Ami exodus

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