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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 24, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Adviser pc shelf Bong Vietnam of the 1st air believe they May have killed a communist chinese adviser to the North vietnamese army during fight ing near the body was one of six in a Cave hidden in the Side of a Well in a Village just North of this coastal Plain documents found in the Cave indicated it was a hiding Ilace for Headquarters officers of he 3d of the 22d North Viet namese the body was later stolen by the but recovered by troops an autopsy by a brigade sur Geon to determine his nationality moved inconclusive because the Ody had but the remains have been sent to Saigon for further there have been reports in the ast that North vietnamese units Lave red chinese but never any conclusive the Cave was found 16 by soldiers of c 2d 5th it contained the suspected Chi Nese body and five we could not Tell too much prom his but he was bigger than the Well muscled and weighed almost 180 said 1st William the lieutenant said the body was almost 510 tall and that his skin pigmentation was different than the none of them carried any the bodies were removed from the Well along with a Large num Ber of maps and a pistol and cavalrymen buried the bodies nearby and then moved on to continue searching the when the platoon returned the next they found that during the night the Graves had been dug up and the bodies carried the brigade commander ordered a search for the they were found several Days reburied in a cemetery a Short distance two of of the suspected chinese and one of the been placed in Cas a Mark of High social stand ing or of hoi an Saigon a the Viet Cong twice shelled the Northern coastal City of hoi 358 Miles Northeast of with mortar attacks a vietnamese military spokes Man said shells hit a military de Pendents compound and killed one civilian and wounded 15 vietnamese military Headquarters also announced the Termina Tion of one of its most successful operations of the began last Friday in the Central coastal 328 Miles Northeast of Sai the vietnamese reported kill ing 805 most of them in Savage fighting Over last week and termed their own casual tics As vietnamese Headquarters also reported that Viet Cong terrorist activity during last week claimed the lives of 49 including three policemen and a Hamlet also in the week ending 171 c i v i 1 i a n s were wounded and 59 were vietnamese spokesmen a vietnamese spokesman re ported a Viet Cong Force wednes Day attacked a vietnamese revolutionary development propaganda team As members of the 59man team were eating breakfast about 30 Miles North of the spokesman said three of the team were one was one vietnamese civil Ian was killed and five civilians author Bernard fall left walks with marines he was killed by a searching for Booby traps and mines near a Booby trap North of Hue a radio photo trucks hit in North Vietnam Bureau attacks in North Vietnam entered on trucks in the Mugia pass again tuesday As pilots discovered that blasted Bridges and a landslide had trapped the vehicles near the another stroked author realized Friend says Tokyo Bernard killed by a Booby trap in the Republic of Vietnam wrote to a Friend recently he realized the risks that were required to obtain first hand information on the Vietnam fall wrote in his such information a More effective than waiting till the info is filtered Down As Malaysia refuses Viet volunteers Kuala Malaysia a the malaysian govern ment says it supports the Republic of Vietnam in that nations struggle against communist a but that Malaysia role is strictly the ministry of defense issued a statement saying that no malay Sian volunteers had been Given to fight in the statement followed reports that the South vietnamese embassy Here had received several applications from malaysian youths who wanted to fight in the 17 trucks were de pilots flew 70 missions Over the North to Ham Mer targets ranging from communications to staging the pilots reported a remark Able sight during the 10 hours or so the attacks were taking a North vietnamese operating a Road grader where the landslide had blocked the vital Highway continued to work at Clearing the Road despite the attacking jets months Mark a member of the embassy in said wednesday he received Falls letter it was written 6 and mailed in of and fall became friends in washing ton in Miller said he wrote to fall and the flying steel from the de Gaulle hits intervention Paris Charles de Gaulle called tuesday for self determination for the vietnamese neutralization of Southeast Asia and reconstruction and development of War torn de Gaulle again referred to the Vietnam War As odious and detestable and blamed it on foreign he has made it Clear in the past that by this he Means american de Gaulle made the remarks in a Toast during a luncheon for Prince Norodom Cam Bodian chief of from All the operator of the grader never stopped Dur ing the weather conditions limited at tacks in the Hanoi and red River Valley so the pilots concentrated in the on the Southern pan Republic of b52s attacked wednesday morn ing in Quang Ngai province to support operation dec House troop concentrations were the big bombers hit base Camps in Tay Ninh province just before Midnight and three times during the Early morning air Force and Marine pilots flew 466 sorties in South Vietnam tuesday to support ground actions and hit enemy troop recently congratulating him on winning a Fellowship to conduct research in Miller said he heard fall planned to study the Viet Cong and their the Falls body was flown to Saigon Tan son Nhut a wednesday and placed in the army officials said they Are awaiting burial instructions from Falls who is now in Hong ease duty obligation new policy for Reserve officers Washington a the House armed services committee said wednesday the defense department will liberalize its policy on release of Reserve officers held on Active duty during the Vietnam principally affected Are about a Pacific stars stripes 1967 400 to 500 Reserve officers in Viet the Pentagon announced last month that such Reserve officers would no 1 o n g e r be retained against their armed services committee chairman Mendel Rivers d said under the new defense department policy no Reserve offi cer May be retained on Active duty involuntarily except to com plete a term of duty to which he or to Complete an Active duty obligation of a definite Rivers said Reserve officers involved will be released on an orderly but in no event later than june peking steals Russ say Washington so Viet Union has accused communist China of stealing Jet fighter planes and other War materials on their Way from Russia to North the chinese also delay or sabotage other shipments and change markings on antiaircraft equipment to make it look As if it came from according to Moscow radio broadcasts and in formation made available by rus Sian sources Here such charges have been hinted at by Moscow radio in broadcasts to Eastern Europe for several bombing slows reds envoy Washington up the vietnamese ambassador to the said wednesday american bombing of North Vietnam has restricted infiltration into the South to a level which Allied forces can Deal with Bui diem said in an interview North Vietnam had a Reserve capacity of some men ready to infiltrate the if it were not for the bomb there would have been in filtration beyond our capacity of diem the the ambassador have made it difficult for the Northern troops to reach South Vietnam and much of the Reserve capacity was needed to repair bomb diem said the result was that infiltration was Only up to the level that we can Deal Viets leave for Saigon a a Hundred vietnamese 35 of them War left for the United states wednesday for study financed by the american Aid pro by says he wont run for president Bien Vietnam a Premier Nguyen Cao by said wednesday he would not be a candidate for president under Vietnam new the Premier was questioned by newsmen when he left Iii corps army Headquarters Here after a Brief by had addressed a seminar on Village and Hamlet by smiled and said no when asked if he would be a candidate for president under the new con by has reversed his position on his possible candidacy several times in recent

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