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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 24, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Rok unit makes qui Nhon safer Thau Saigon qui Vietnam at terrorism is Andin Early february night around the coastal City of qui Nhon it is Safe to drive on the More important unlike most parts of a country where government control shrinks to towns and isolated about Square Miles of Rich Rice lands and mountains surrounding qui 275 Miles Northeast of Are under the control of the korean Tiger which has been based there since its arrival in Vietnam in october the koreans sometimes drive through the area at night in unarmed and local american officials say they feel much safer in qui Nhon than in the first attack in almost 18 months against americans wounded two soldiers in a undoubtedly the divisions main accomplishment has been to provide Good Security to most of the Southern half of Binh Dinh with control Over More than half a million the Northern districts of Binh Vietnam most populated province Side the Saigon is still very much contested airborne elements of the Viet namese 22d Are still based near qui when the koreans set up their base Camp in a former Viet Cong rest Camp and training they faced a Strong communist local two provincial further two main Force regiments of North vietnamese and Viet this Force has been greatly whittled Down during the past 15 months of opera which the koreans Divide into three the koreans did have a slight head defensive phase while they for Southern Binh Dinh had seen set up the search and destroy operations by vietnamese government and the still current Extension of troops by the 101st their tactical area of the first two phases were primarily a time of intensive patrolling and Small operations and the beginning of their civic action the third phase saw two major opera to 6 in the Phu cat Moun which destroyed Viet Cong Provin Cial and Meng to 8 beyond the cd Mong pass into Northern Phu yen Only once have elements of the Tiger operated away from the qui Nhon when one battalion was moved to the Central Highlands along the Cam Bodian with one successful night Long Battle to their they were pulled troopers move the Madonna vietnamese catholics watch As their Madonna statue is unloaded from a 1st men of the divisions 28tli painted and moved the statue from the deserted Village of an Ling to the new Village of an Ling Usa Vietnam has brawn for economist says Vuk w or a my t t it of f Al j i by William Trounson editor Saigon the leading Amer ican of a vietnamese eco nomic Survey team said tuesday he is greatly reassured concerning Vietnam capacity for develop David Board chairman of the development and resources of new Yorki said he had been reluctant to take the task of helping the Vietnam Ese plan the rehabilitation and economic development of their battered it seemed he said and added that lie thought the people would be so dispirited after 20 years of War that Hope for Prog Ress would be he that after a week Here and visits with leaders of Industry and la Bor As Well As with i have been greatly this is far from in fact it should have been stalled i have been struck by the extraordinary ability of the Viet namese they have the desire and the ability to Lilienthal firm has a three year contract with the government and will cooperate with vietnamese experts to plan National and regional former chairman of the Board of the Tennessee Valley authority first chairman of the atomic Energy commis said Tva Type planning May play a part in Vietnam develop pc help trim troops by sp4 Allen Fasoldt staff correspondent Phouc Vietnam with the help of a Guy named an infantry company Here has built an entire Barber shop for the Cost of a single haircut in the whats the shop put up by a unit of the 1st 1st brigade has a professional Barber to do the the shop began when the men of b 1st 2gth Learned one of their buddies owned a Chain of stateside Barber heeding the pfc Dwaine of donated his hair cutting equipment and agreed to become the Batta Lions official construction of the shop began under the direction of Del Bert Totty of we had some trouble getting building Totty admit so we improvised a lumber for the shop was 10 Pacific stars stripes 1967 stripped from ammo for a Cement Totty used a slab from an old mortar fire control Bunker a painted 105mm artillery Cas ing became a striped Barber and electrical connections were Strung with used Claymore insulators wove gleaned from grenade packing after a few Days of construct All the shop lacked was a Totty turned to the Viet Cong for of they didst have any say about Totty we used tin captured from the 9th pc during at opening the shop was Alexander Haig of the battalion Haig snipped a plastic ribbon Cut from a captured pc stressing that it was too Early to make final he that powerful organizations work ing outside Normal channels of government ministries could control development programs in Large sections of the he also said it May be possible to get work started in some Paci fied areas before total military he referred enthusiastically to parts of the Mekong Delta Cam Ranh Bay As pos sible Sites for pre Victory pro if some technical assistance is he the Mekong Delta could feed All Southeast a few of the projects he said might be recommended for the Delta Are control of seawater pests and recommendations be made to the two governments period Lilienthal so they can be put into effect As soon As pos we want to he that this is not a quickie it is a Lon term project and we want to draw a picture of the future of David Lilienthal Vietnam casualties Washington the de sense department has announced the following casualties in connection with the conflict in Killus in action army John sp4 Johnny los sp4 Eddie sp4 Marcus pfc Carl pfc Tracy l Joseph Grain sp4 Rex Sec Wolfram Bischof Fayette to Rudolph Hoer ii pfc Leonard Pella Pell Somers Marcus Colum Bia pfc Johnny sp4 Patrick in Marine corps Casimir pfc new Steve Cam miss Ltd to army sp4 Charles Green Haj not As a of Diostilio action Richard East missing to army cw2 Richard pfc Larry pfc Luis Mora sentry in service Newyork Kef Ituen to military control Marine coring pfc William Hill Cavern kills 1 West g or Man y a a Section of a Coal mine gallery collapsed Here monday killing one Miner and in bombing a a n d y c a p a6k Ive Over Ere ill give Fer one save a tourney

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