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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 23, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Ipes maybe in time Well find More comfortable Dick West serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four editions daily at Japan by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the not necessarily those of this Pacific stars and in distributed to authorized personnel Iii the Pacol Are for cents 16 cents saturday or subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and personnel in Vietnam Are papers without charge through second class postage paid at san William officer charge executive officer Darcy officer Morton s Usa Vietnam Gordon Skean general manager Ernest Clit or John Chamberlain if there is any doubt that the War is going Well in South a Subtle shift in the attitude of chief of state Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia could be enough to dispel the not that it is easy to read Prince Sihanouk but people close to thai lands delegation at the take seriously a report that the cambodian government has hard evidence that it was proved chinese saboteurs directed from and not guerrillas from who train in Cam Bodia last the thais had been directly and Prince Sihanouk had used the incident As a basis for rather heated anti thai now the apparently with second thoughts has softened his criticism of the Point of All this is that the Story about pro peking train wreckers would never have been leaked in Cambodia capital of phenom penh if the War in Vietnam were going against the Amer when it looked As if the Viet the North and red China were a winning coalition in Southeast Prince Sihanouk considered he was insuring his own his Way of proving his loyalty to be Chamberlain King was to attack Thailand As an aggressor that had violated the cambodian if which has provided a Refuge for Viet Cong guerrillas in need of refreshment and is looking for a Way to show its Independence of red it explains much about the frantic efforts of the Vietnieks to Force a peace in Southeast Asia while North Vietnam to Chi Minh is still in a position to get reasonable the spurt of High pressure for peace by those who made the War in the first place is evidence of the main question now is whether Lyndon Johnson will have the Forti tude to stand up against the screeching of those who would like to put the As much behind the eightball As possible if peace dealings Sihanouk tacit admission that the so called client of the is not a Border aggressor is just one More proof that the american stand in Vietnam has been a everything has gone Well for the free worlds cause Ever since the first demonstrated it was serious about the first big break was the army in Indonesia decided its future did not lie with the red if we haunt been winning in Sukarno would still be in break number two came when a big majority of the off Shore and nations of East from South Korea All around to Thailand Cambodia being the important except took various occasions to affirm no communist opposition to a red chinese Victory in break number three was the sudden unravelling of the supposedly firm fabric of life in red China break number four was the recent japanese in which candidates were returned in Force to the and break number five could be the wavering of Cambodia Prince in spite of the plainest evidence in the world that washing ton is on the Side of the just aspirations of the great noncom Monist and anticommunist majorities in East the Ameri can intellectual Community persists in what amounts to a Blind hatred of both common sense and common contrary to what might have been several British including Kingsley Amis and John Braine wrote to the times in London to defend both the practicality and the morality of policy in Southeast Asia against conformist five american professors who happen to be teaching and studying this year in Britain we write to oppose the views expressed by Kingsley Amis and who support americas War against King features the acknowledgement of our weakness is the first step toward repairing our a Kempis Pacific stars stripes 1967 Bruce the latest Public opinion polls suggest that gov George Romney of Michigan up to now is Riding out his troubles As a candidate for the 1968 Republican presidential they show of beating both president Johnson and the first time Robert Romney obviously is judged High on his character and his deeply religious is Blessing a lot of people keep complaining to Congress about junk for the life of me i cant see most of the personal let ters i receive make pretty Niu Dane but junk mail brings a bit of excitement and Advent into my not to mention count less opportunities for advancement and it can t e 11 you things about y o or you never knew be other f or i was selected to West receive with out obligation an extra income health and Accident it was sent to me by a Benevo Lent insurance c o m p a n y which addressed me As dear abstained Friend and which explained that i was entitled to this valuable Protection because you do not the company went of to list 24 important questions and an about the but it left one important question in namely this if i dont How come my liquor Bill is so High my first thought was that the i decided it was unlikely that an insurance firm would be that nor did it seem Likely the com Pany would merely assume i didst the other insurance his business experience As a Gover but the poll figures indicate that one persist ent Critis has taken hold among voters the charge that he is Green in foreign to help change that his 1 associates want Biossat him to make a major foreign policy at present that May not come off until at least late his coming swing to half a dozen Western including alaskan is intended to make major speech news at several but not in the for eign it signs of improved grasp in this Field can hardly come too some county leaders in an Eastern state presently Bent toward Romney Are grumbling Over his vagueness in foreign mat that to be is not founded wholly on his weak foreign affairs it reflects a much wider party feeling that Romney general organizational Effort has lacked in a single week in one Michigan source heard specific complaints from Republican politicians in 11 different the gripes All had the same Core that Romney was not moving fast enough and was not responsive enough to offers of As this reporter noted after the republicans new Orleans meet ing last Romney forces recognize their critical need for More professionals in their their chief requirements now Are for a seasoned strategist and a National press while William former governor of would lend Romney immense prestige As firms i Deal with take nothing for a National Campaign a Delegate rustler of the High Caliper of Clifton former Gold water would possibly have sharper Impact at the work ing professional White still has not made his the company must have done some Check bet by deciding where to throw Dival pressure from the Nixon has to be Nixon recently has been bidding for a woman to take on a key Job As and a Veteran pub Lic relations Type has been sitting in on some of his his Campaign to take the 1968 nomination is Well under an experienced Eastern professional is quietly cautioning fellow professionals and political observers against making too much of Romney Early fumbling and disorganization Are not uncommon in presidential even the winning Eisenhower team in 1952 looked pitiful at and the newest polls underscoring Romney strength with the electorate ought to give the critics serious newspaper Enterprise ing up and arrived at the conclusion that i didst drink enough to this is exactly what i kept Tell in my wife at that party the other should the Issue Ever arise again i can to junk her with in dependent Speaks More highly of junk mail than the fact that it is now being used by the Federal government to recruit clerical a Friend of mine recently received from the Navy a let Ter addressed to dear it Are you interested in working the Bureau of naval personnel has Many openings for typists who can Type 40 words a minute or my Friend is about As much of a typist As i am an yet this neighbourly gesture on the part of the Navy gave him a warm glow of United press International the Purnell Bailey bread of life to came to my attention recently that a lady unexpectedly received a legacy of True to her maintained through some very difficult she at once put in her tithe and it was used for the work of never mentioned the disposal of this Money to her but after her death there was found entered in heir diary the record of bitter temptation which assailed her the Day she received the her answer to that hastily was before my heart gets hard the master would not have commended the legalistic but he did commend the person who was disciplined to his the tithe May be Only a beginning for some who go much further for others it May have to in the words of the lady with the legacy before my heart gets hard the tenth shall be holy unto the

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