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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 21, 1983, Tokyo, JapanMonday february 21, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes National 5 legislators Battle nerve Gas funds a Cong res rep. De Bethune r-ark., warned Are mobilizing to defense Secretary Caspar w. Wein Berger at a budget committee hearing that this House is not going Ling them or to civilians living to authorize production of binary around storage areas. However weapons this the political mix in the House and the environment in the country is More against you this year so just Don t see How you expect to get that Back into this budget he on Capitol Weinberger replied that we bldg similar Pentagon it on what we see Are our needs. They Washington signal opponent fight the Reagan administration s renewed push for a $140 million program to build a new generation of nerve Gas think that our chances Are reasonably Good to Block it in the Senate sen. David Pryor d-ark., said , one of the leaders of last year s successful Hill to defeat request asserted that the army have been measured by the threat has not made a Good Case for production of the weapons Are those in which two non lethal chemical components Are packaged separately and then combined to form a killing nerve agent while the projectile carrying them is in flight toward a that the United states already has a massive stockpile of nerve Gas Pryor said the new Arsenal of binary weapons which would be produced in his own state does not economic or military sense the fiscal 1984 funds being sough by the Pentagon would include Money to Start turning out 155mm shells to carry binary chemicals. We budget on what we see Are our needs. The have been measured by the threat said defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. Specialists contend that the new for $54.4 million to Start producing binary weapons will not be Dan binary weapons the 155mm artillery serous to military personnel hand Shell and a bomb called the army s annual report to Congress delivered earlier this jul we a . Pc v a v � y o % a _ critics claim the program is Militar week contains a Brief reference to a ily unnecessary and politically in bid for funds to begin producing w j ise 155mm binary shells in fiscal 1984, James f. Leonard a former . Which begins oct. 1.arms control and disarmament asked about this army officials Agency official testifying before a said the request includes $18.1congressional committee considering Mil Ion for initial production of such the administration s request last shells $65 million for the chemical that form the nerve Gas when mixed $31.5 million for a production Plant for the Bigeye bomb at the Pine Bluff ark., Arsenal and $25.2 million for research and development work. In its Appeal to the new Congress the army said the soviet Union possesses year said their production would outspoken opponent of the program said that what is needed is chemical weapons arms control not a new arms race that nobody can Reagan appealed to Congress in 1982 to approve product of the nerve Gas munitions they Are needed to deter i upset our the United states has manufactured no chemical weapons since 1969. Meanwhile military officials have told Congress repeatedly that the current stockpile of chemical expanding warfare capability and continues to devote significant resources to re search and development of chemical warfare programs. To meet this threat the army must have a chemical retaliatory War. Chemical fails weapons if deterrence sex Dod official Navy s buildup May Handicap other services Washington up the administration s buildup to a 600-ship Navy will cripple Overall readiness and gut modernization programs another services a former Pentagon official says. . Komer former ambassador to Turkey and undersecretary of defense for policy in thearter administration told the House budget committee he agrees an Overall military buildup is necessary because of the increased soviet threat. But because the Pentagon lacks a coherent unified strategy regarding its conventional forces which take 85 percent of the military budget the United states is spending More for the military than would be otherwise needed he said. Even if the Congress does not Cut the Reagan defense budget Levels but especially if it does we Are liable to end up Down the Road with a three Ocean Navy but an Overall unbalanced and Unready Force posture incapable of protecting adequately our vital interests in Eurasia a recipe for disaster in my View Komer Secretary John Lehman or. Disputed that past 12islands have assessment and said the events of the months particularly the Falkland conflict and the growth of soviet forces confirmed our said the Navy is Halfway to the 600-ship goal from its 468-ship level when Reagan too office and morale has not been higher in two United states is Well on its Way toward maritime superiority Lehman said. I ascertain that with your continued support we shall achieve , who also has held posts at the Cia and the National Security Council said the join chiefs of staff Lack Power to resolve jurisdictional disputes among the military branches. The Weinberger defense department com pounded this problem by leaning even farther toward letting the individual services dominate program As Well As policy with even less satisfactory results he said. Though it lists readiness As its first priority in fact it allow major procurement of service big ticket items to dominate Reagan drug bust a narcotics policeman guards suspects of a drug bust who Are lying on Steps of an abandoned new York City apartment House. Forty police rounded up 17 suspects 1,000 pounds of marijuana and 10 weapons in a raid on a wholesale marijuana factory set up in the building. A

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