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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 21, 1967, Tokyo, Japan 60foof be Jain at Niagara Falls piled 60 feet High in some jams the Rivetiv at the base of Niagara much of the ice was swept Over the Falls by Gal Force winds from Lake forming an ice Bridge across the Niagara a radio photo 30cars Farmland freight carrying perishables such As meat arid derailed sunday at the derailment blocked the new York centrals Lou Stonew York five of the units1 overturned and broke state and thormities roped the area to guard against Railroad officials estimated it would take up to three Days to repair tremendous track a temporary track was put into use late in the derailment of the 45car super Van occurred in Randolph in East Central about 12 Miles West of the Ohio state no injuries were Munaf Ciarci Sonthi died from Page who Are these people Mcnamara said he should not identify the Secretary pointed out that had been halted several but there never had been any indication that North vietnamese or Viet Cong leaders would respond at the same Mcnamara strongly opposed fallout bombing of All military and other targets in North he noted that such selective bombing had failed to Cut off Petro Leum and other weather f weather Central Tokyo area monday nit Fht fair Low Noar 30 Cloudy High mid sos pundits temperatures Ixo High Tokyo Chitose Seoul temperatures Naha Taipei Manila Jurii Saigon h l 52 27 36 23 48 25 39 12 h l 52 59 85 76 84 75 91 73 stateside temperatures were not 24 Pacific stars stripes 1967 Dies continued from Page 1 Heimer and by a 21 lie was a Loyal citizen that his Security clearance should not be he was dropped As consultant to which upheld the boards recommendation by a 4 to 1 vote the secs majority opinion held Oppenheimer was a Security risk because of fundamental defects in his it also c i t e d Opper theimers associations with persons known to him to be communists which have extended far beyond the tolerable 1 i mits of and self Oppenheimer had been accused of associating with communists before and during of hiring communists arid former communists at of contributing to communist and of a t i by opposing bomb project after it had been approved by president Harry s Many of the nations leading scientists opposed the secs action the Fermi award hailed Oppenheimer for setting up the ground work1 for peaceful tons of atomic Oppenheimer in accepting the award in december said Mankind was testing whether it can preserve Freedom arid live without v in this no Tine bears a greater responsibility than the president of the United in reference to the Politi Cal implications of the decision to Honor he said to presi Dent Johnson t i it Joist that it has taken some Charity and some courage for you make this award to that would seem to me a Good augury for a our was born in new York City april son of a wealthy textile importer and a Baltimore he was educated at Cambridge in England and the University of where he received his in 1927 v he was a thin and wore his1 hair he was a Chain smoker of and was addicted to a Brown pork pie his friends called him Oppenheimer was named pro Fessor of physics at the univer sity of California and at the Cali fornia Institute of technology Ter two years of postgraduate study in he taught at the two institutions until world War ii Oppenheimer f i e 1 d s were quantum theory of electrons and cosmic rays and theory of nuclear he was a student of eight Lan italian and French literature Art and mers and associates of Robert Oppenheimer received the news of his death with Shock and remembering him As Noble spirit a a Fine arid wonderful Praise of the Atonic who saturday night at Vyas led by Glen chair Mari of the atomic Energy people As the whole world of science have suffered a i Seaborg said in he one theoretical physicists i of his role far transcended Phy sics arid for he was a great humanitarian with a Sensi Tive concern for the sociological implications of science and the total we Faile of David former chairman of the now in Sai gon As a special presidential and was visibly shaken at the news arid asked some time Rok honors a newsman Saigon associated press correspondent in charge of aps operation sin Viet has received a plaque from the Republic of Korea forces an inscription said it was presented to White in appreciation of Fine cooperation Jroud Piave rendered Rok spi fir compose himself before he said the world a Noble Genius who brought to Gether poetry and those of is who were his friends and neighbors know that life for us will the the world of science and imagination have been profoundly affected by this Man of great David Weisskopf of the Massachusetts Institute of tech a longtime close Friend and remembered Oppenheimer As a firs class Seiner Tisi he the one who r really brought the physics of the United states to the level it is now he not Only directed the almost unbelievable feat the atom a Pink but much More in he created new style of to perform a task of this tremendous urge to system for ads Washington a food and drug administrator James Goddard suggested sunday a nationwide television network to keep doctors posted on new research and treatment advances including any fresh evidence on effects of he advocated that both Federal and private health officials seriously give thought to the concept As a possible new technique for More quickly and widely disseminating information to the average 3 he addressed the annual meet ing of the american Colteau of in an interview Goddard said what he has in mind would be a National biomedical system quickly Post graduate medical education of All including such things As any newfound Adverse Side effects of and its he that if such a system Yvere it eventually might be tied in with some future orbiting educational As to make worldwide develop cents in medi Cine promptly he offerell no a Leiws on How such a system would Jeftie ils reefs Austria a a 23yearold East German girl and her West German Fiance swam to Freedom in a daring escape through the Iron curtain from co m m u i i s t Czechoslovakia to local authorities reported wearing ski diving the pair Slid past communist towers shortly after Midnight last Friday arid crossed the icy March River Northeast of some Tii Ries swimming under Brigitte a student from and Eckehard a 24yearold Gardener from Offenbach on the main told austrian authorities had planned the escape for months before the girl Able to travel to for the secret rendezvous with her Mac secretaries to meet in Rok Seoul 330th Mili tary armistice commission secretaries meeting has been called for 11 tuesday in the joint Security area near the United nations command called the meeting to discuss minor administrative continued from Page 1 county Gallagher joined the Marine Corpse in new York City where he was general William cd commander of forces in awarded the Cross and said its a pleasure to pin this Ori your Dinsmore was chief surgeon at the Navy Hospital when a South vietnamese army private was brought in with a mortar Shell lodged the Impact fuse of the Shell was partially activated arid would easily have detonated at any time during the resulting in certain death for the Captain arid the citation exhibiting outstanding professional skill and Captain dins lore took command of situation arid successfully re moved the

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