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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 20, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes 8 Philippines february 1983 sailors career to wind up even by jo2 Glenn Jochum Navy aboard the guided missile destroyer Hoel Jerry Morris has led two the first seventeen years he spent in not accomplishing but his next 19 years More than made up for Morris went from Hometown boy to citizen of the and at he is one year away from retirement As a chief Petty officer in the Navy and a third after quitting High school in eighth he says he fell in with a rough i was somewhat he that All i care to for the next few he did the things any Hometown boy would do he worked in a textile a garment factory and drove a truck for a soft drink in 1964 he followed his Brothers example and joined the the draft was swiftly approaching and it offered me the Best Choice of All the he updated leadership the sonar technician and chief Petty officer is in charge of 22 consisting of torpedo ans gunners mates and sonar he has attended six technical schools in his As Well As the navys updated leadership and management training Morris took advantage of a Navy program in operation in 1970 that sent him Back to High the Navy paid my Way Back to school eight hours a five Days a week civilian government graduation in Cap and the whole he his shipboard education consists of duty on five including his current the he is a Veteran of two one Middle Eastern and four Western Pacific along the Morris has seen Home grow a Little farther away As his marriage to a Florence woman but he remarried 12 years my wife the last of the Good old he says with a Trace of his South Carolina Shes really he produces two snapshots of his teenage stepchildren from his Wallet and these two kids Are probably the bes behaved kids youll Ever they dont smoke or mess with he looking sheepish As he draws on a he is particularly proud of a Stepson who is a member of the Navy based in he got offers to play music for All four said Morris has Good reason to Champion abstinence from nicotine and while at sea duty in he suffered a mild he was transferred by helicopter to a Shore based medical facility but in the meantime came to terms with thinking each moment might have been his the Navy gave Morris limited duty in san Diego while he was under medical in october he was judged fit for sea duty aboard his Alma the chief Petty officer Jerry Morris examines the one of the Guys brought him and condition of a sonar division Mascot ten years later Hes managed to said first brought aboard the Hoel during the Vietnam jo2 Glenn Jochum today Morris limits his alcohol intake to an occasional Beer at the chief Petty officers when i figure out How to quit smoking ill have it he Morris has witnessed the brotherhood of men at sea during during the last four or five months of wed get Beans and bullets All Day Long and fight All he you would catch a Nap while leaning on the we fired rounds that first class Petty officers and below would All get in line and pass the bullets you never heard anyone complain about serving on working and 19 years of experience has made Morris Well versed in management most of the leadership Ive Learned is from watching poor said Ive Learned from bad leaders what i didst want to be what makes him truly effective is his finely Down Home sense of youll never learn How to be a Good Petty officer second class until you make first he in a real Good first class by now although in probably not the Best chief in perhaps the Best idea of his value aboard the Hoel can be gained from talking to his division Ensign Perry whom Morris notes is four years older than his musicians mate my chief keeps me out of Tuey says in a Little new aboard he takes care of his people and makes sure i have what i he has taught me How to be More aggressive and attack problems one by when everything looks like a priority Job to chief Morris puts it in Hes also not afraid to let people know what he which is the chief has been through it All and he knows what is going to happen and what people Are going a rare rapport tues admiration for Morris is there Are two kinds of division officers and Ive had both Morris theres the kind who gives the impression Treyve been to College and know everything and the kind who Ive been to i majored in now what does this equipment do but theres also a rare rapport with us because theres no subject i cant broach with when a problem arises we just sit Down and talk it in his Navy Morris has seen his share of but Hes also had some rare Liberty the list includes Over 35 overseas ranging from saudi Arabia to puerto but when the Hoel visited Australia on his last Western Pacific it fulfilled a longheld dream for Ive waited 19 years for its really fitting that this was my first West coast ship and the one in going to retire he the Navy Doest owe me he they gave me 20 years of i gave them what they gave me Twenty Good Well wind up even in the Long stranded fishermen aided by Clark airman by a1c Christine Prichard air Force Clark an airman assigned to the 1961st communications group has been awarded the airmans medal for displaying exemplary courage in the Rescue of four local Timothy Aukshun was with a scuba diving party in the san Fernanado Harbor in la Union when he noticed a half mile away there was a boat full of people in upon reaching the Aukshun found four filipino fish Ermen in the water clinging to their capsized boat for two of the fishermen could not swim and had been in the water for Over two with rough seas and a 15 Mph wind Aukshun voluntarily entered the water and assisted the two no swimmers into an adjacent then he helped to Salvage the stricken the outrigger to one Side was removed and the boat was forcefully turned Over to an upright the with its rigging now was balanced but remained swamped due to the Waves breaking Over after the other two fishermen boarded Aukshunas the stricken ves Sel was towed approximately one mile to the nearest where the four rescued fishermen Dis less than thirty minutes after the fishermen were a heavy rainstorm hit the causing heavy seas and fierce wind had it not been for the timely efforts of Aukshun and his the lives of the fishermen would have been placed in grave danger and quite possibly Aukshun received Heartfelt thanks from All four fishermen and was highly commended for his efforts by Vincent maj 1961st communications Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this if you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this please let your Pao know about

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