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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 20, 1967, Tokyo, JapanReady on the firing line a Marine gunner stays at the ready As two helicopters hovering Over Rice paddies prepare to make a Landing during a recent Aerial Mission in South Vietnam s Mekong Delta. Dpi Taiwan boosts War Taipei up nationalist army will tap ready reserves China is sending nearly 30 Mil lion leaflets to communist China each month in a stepped up psychological War against peking official sources said these leaflets Are be ing sent to All parts of the Chin Mainland through Airdrop mail secret agents and other said intelligence reports from red China indicate the Are being secretly passed around by the people and Are getting Good some of the leaflets carried messages from president Chiang Kai Shek calling on communist officials and cadres to Rise up against Mao tse Tung s promised anti Mao ele ments help if they Appeal to Tai wan for it. 7 but the sources said the mos effective ones Are those which appeared to have been issued byred guards themselves. These simply suggested hatred guards fight against Mao and the sources said the nationalist chinese government has never stopped its Airdrop missions Over red leaflets urged red Mili tary commanders along the coast to rebel and promised them that Chiang would Send Large armies to fight Side by Side with them if they ask for help. Leased channels to be cheaper Tokyo a Japan s postal minister Takeji Kobayashi said Friday the ministry will reduce fares on internationally leased communication channels fro Japan by an average 12.6 per cent. Kobayashi said the reduction on the leased channels from Japan to the United states via Hawaii and Guam and to the Philippines and Hong Kong will go into effect March 1. He said fares on the lease channels from Japan to Taiwan Republic of Korea Thailand Malaysia Singapore and indo Nesia and Australia will be reduced effective april 1. Washington up defense officials have announced most of the civilian reserves to be called to Active military duty Are now in so called control groups which Means they Are assigned individuals to the read Reserve. The army alone has 50,000 me who entered through the 6-month training program and Are Nowin the ready Reserve instead of the units to which they were originally assigned. Officials expanded on defens Secretary Mcnamara s announce ment wednesday that 20,000 to30,000 reservists who Are unable or unwilling to serve in Drill paid units will be called to Active duty. One official cited three Mai reasons Why a Man is transferred to the ready Reserve his unit was dissolved. Inthis Case the Transfer is the fault of the government and the Man would not normally be subject to being called up. The reservist moved from one City to another. He would be subject to being called up unless he can show that he made a conscientious Effort to get into an other unit at the new location and was unable to do reservist was rans feared out of this unit for failure to report for drills. These Are the delinquents most subject to Call under the new program. Hardship cases inability to re port for drills for work or family reasons will be considered. How Ever unless it is the fault of the government failure to serve in Reserve unit will be considered to have removed the original reason for deferment from the draft. The department has announce that some reservists will be Dis charged from the reserves an reported to the selective service system where they can see deferments on any grounds thai they May not have existed atthe time they entered the Reserve enlistment program. Reservists who Are still in unit but have been delinquent in re porting for drills Are also subject to being called up. Report yen to visit us. Taipei up nationalist China s vice president Premier c. K. Yen is scheduled to visit the United states for two weeks in May the China Post reporte saturday. The English language newspaper said an announcement is expected to be made simultaneously in Washington and Taipei in the next few Days. The foreign ministry has no comment on the report. Unger assumes control of flights in Ryukyu areas a Okinawa Bureau Naha . High commissioner it. Gen. F. T. Linger Friday issued Hicom ordinance no. 61, As suming responsibility for the regulation of civil aeronautics in the Ryukyu the . Civil administration executive order signed by president Johnson feb. 13 was the basis for the ordinance. According to a release issued by Oscar the executive order confirms the application of the Federal aviation act of 1958 to the Ryukyu in Sucha manner As permits the civil aeronautics Board cab to re Tain its responsibility for the economic regulation of International air transportation and investigation of aircraft accidents in the other air transportation activities in the Ryukyu will be regulated by the High commissioner with the technical advice an assistance of the cab and the Federal aviation Agency Faa the release said. The release said the recent growth of air Carrier operations in the Ryukyu has made i desirable for the High commissioner to have such advice an assistance from the agencies and that they have been participating for some years in regulatory activities Here in accordance wit the general authority of article 3 of the .-Japan peace treaty. The Hicom ordinance Issue Friday said All current operating certificates and operations specifications issued by the Faa to air carriers operating within an through the Ryukyu will remain in effect pending issuance of new regulations. The . Air Force will continue to provide air traffic control services in the Okinawa flight information Region. The High commissioner is expected to Issue a new ordinance and regulations governing civil air transportation in the Ryukyu soon which will for the firs time provide a sound Legal basis for the participation of non-.citizens and activities in Domestic civil air transportation under firmly established safety procedures and standards Oscar said. This legislation will permit the selection of a Carrier for the in Ter Island air services in the Ryu Kytus from among proposals currently submitted by air America Aloha airlines of Hawaii and Japan airlines. Air America has been provid ing the inter Island flight serv ices for about three years. The new measures will not affect the responsibility of the de sense department for the Regula Tion of All air traffic and the operation of All air navigation facilities within the Ryukyu. Japan acts to balance Trade Tokyo a Japan s inter National Trade and Industry ministry Miti said saturday i plans to increase imports of agricultural products from coun tries with which it maintains an unfavourable Trade countries As Cambodia Indonesia South Korea and the three West african countries of Kenya Tanzania and Uganda complain about Adverse Trade balance with Japan and demand Japan increase purchases from them. Miti said it plans to Book imports of Maize sorghum animal feeds rape seed and other Oil yielding crops from countries it has unfavourable Trade with As Astep to help balance it. To the three african countries Japan has offered Long term Low interest Loans in what appears Tobe a step to appease their Dis satisfaction. Miti announced the plans to balance Trade with these coun tries after it was forced to abandon a plan to create a news Organ to be assigned to handle the problem due to opposition from the finance finance ministry reportedly opposed the plan because it re quires additional expenditures. $8 Bil. . Claim rejected Washington up . Court of claims has Dis missed a Philippines Case forbore than $8 billion in world War ii damage decision was taken Friday on grounds that the claim was not Processable because of the statute of . Claim was pressed chiefly by Alfredo r. Abcede and Theap Rancap inc. Abcede represented about 150,-Ooc members of the japanese War notes claimants association of the Philippines. Japan Cap claimed that during the War general Douglas Mac Arthur ordered the printing an distribution of millions in counter Feit japanese military currency the same As was used during the japanese occupation of the Philip Pines to sabotage the philippine Economy. Because All filipinos were .citizens during the War Abcede and Japan Cap claimed that the United states had an obligation to redeem the counterfeit Japa Nese Bills As Well As the estimated $5.5 billion of real japanese currency circulated in the Philip Pines. But the United states contended that the claim was invalid be cause of the statute of limitations which set a 6-year limit in which claims could be filed. Abcede maintained however that the United states fraudulently concealed information on some alleged wartime counterfeiting which had a direct bearing on the claim. This according to Abcede s american lawyer Law rence c. Moore was grounds forthe court to reject the . Government s petition to the court Mohave the claim dismissed. The court Friday however cited the statute of limitations As its Rea son for dismissal of the Case. Detour set to ease Jam fort Buckner Okinawa 10 army traffic officials have worked out a suitable bypass route in an Effort to alleviate traffic congestion caused by construction near the Junction of Highway no. 1 and route no. 44.motorists moving South on Highway no. 1 going to nah Aport and other Points South of Kokuba River will be directed of the Highway at Tomari port onto Wakas Amachi Street to Pas through the Nam Inoue area and be returned to Highway 1 near the Bank of America. Drivers will not be allowed to Cross High Way 1 to enter route 44 at this moving North on Highway 1 will stay on the Mai traffic artery and pass through the actual construction and Gri police will be on hand to keep traffic bypass is expected to be in use wednesday through Satur Day feb. 25unless weather conditions a d e 1 a y construction work. ",.the construction is a part of the project begun near the a Hinato service area by the fort Buckner Post engineers durin August 1966. Pacific stars & stripes monday feb. 20, 1967 a

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