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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 20, 1967, Tokyo, Japan 16 prep teams basketball Tachikawa Japan the 19th annual far East High school basketball tournament is scheduled to be played Here March eight teams Are entered in the class a division of the single elimination tournament including american school in a c h of Camp y o k o a m Christian Academy of Japan and Kubasak of teams entered in the class b division include Seoul american school and Seoul foreign Republic of Korea Wair Wright Taiwan King Casebo Narimasu marys to Kyo and the Junior Var sity Champion of the kanto Yamato has won class a laurels for the last two years while the Misawa missiles Cap and Bear it by Lighty is promised new chinese proverbs by cultural revolution Mao say this and but sound just like what confucius say Long time ago crossword Puzzle across 1mature 4roman gods 11individual 13cylindrical 15priniers measure 16lngredient 18sun cod 19preposition 21snare 22period of time 24cut 26gratuities 28noise 29hebrew musical sign 31secluded Valley 33nova Scotia 34european 36fate 38a state 40skid 42molar 45a state 47burden 49ripped 50aleutian Island 52unit of italian currency 54prefix Down 55a state 56unproductive 59parent 61debase 63taste 65earn 66symbol for tantalum 67before Down 1 2tender 3teutonic deity 4stupid person 6walkcd 7writing implement 8aspirinc to be artistic 9symbol 1er tellurium 10exert to the utmost 12compass Point 14merits 17servant 20tubricatet 23mans nickname 24civil service 25cronies Cohol 27narrow opening 30meeting room 32booty 35extreme 37frame of mind Naas Heib end Anno goes use 5jb a Sqq 000 Leo Ufal rebel eds d00 pc Seq 130313 oho bnk3q canal 38article of food 39national hymn 41couple 43earthquake 44prqnoun 46oelirium Kremens 48float 51employer 53girls name 57siamese native 58babylonian deity 60exist 62pronoun 64brother of Odin 15 24 38 45 50 55 h 19 39 34 56 2 30 57 26 35 52 17 31 4v 13 36 48 27 42 53 8 22 32 49 58 23 28 37 54 64 by United feature 18 33 43 59 44 60 Jim Murray tured the 1968 class b Champion seeding in both divisions is scheduled to take place at March at the kanto civilian tournament director for the second consecutive year is Joe Steffert of Yamate High the Yokohama red devils Are the pre Turney favourites to win the class a championship based on their impressive showing in the kanto Plain High school basketball the Kph by Champion has never won the class a the Sleeper of the five Day classic could be which has an enrolment of Stu Misawa is a slight favorite to repeat As class b wants 4 titles 9th Vietnam Amateur boxers from the 9th Are finishing training to prepare for the Usa re boxing tournament in Saigon concluding a month of train ing Are John Savoie and Ted Shipley of a 9th medical both will fight in Light weight Savoie weighs 125 pounds and Shipley the third member of the tour Namen bound squad is Cecil who started workouts a week after the two tips the Scales at 197 pounds and will fight in the heavyweight also joining the team was Aho of the 9th signal Aho fights at 145 the teams Trainer and Harry Van Deusen of took his team to Saigon for final ring physicals and the Sarv boxing Tournai conducted for fighters with a minimum of 10 open ring is open to All army divisions in a team is permitted Only one fighter to each of the 10 weight team scoring will be on a Point basis according to Amateur ath Letic Union boxing in each winners will receive two Points and the losers one in the championship the winners will pick up five Points and the losers team trophies will be awarded to the firs place team and the individual trophies will be awarded to each weight class Champion and the 9th team is Small because of the combat explained Earl a special services for tie four fighters consisted mostly of running and calisthenic in the Early stages and progressed into sparring Fillingham final preparations for their bouts were out in Saigon for two Days prior to the tournament he All participants must pass the physicals and make weight requirements our team is going to this tournament with the idea of coming Back with four individual Cham Fillingham one gulp of air the earliest and fastest residents of the Conti nent of Australia could run the mile in just Over two minutes in their Bare feet and sometimes carrying their Young in Builtin pouches in the but the trouble with kangaroos they get a rolling and they run Only out of passion or they fight with their feet and their faces while none of them has Ever held out for extra expense they break the aau Laws in several important most noticeably in eating the second place finisher which not Only Means you cant get a clock on his no winning time but also he gets no Chance to some fear the Kangaroo is on the Way to becoming extinct like the great Plains Bison of bygone far one the Kangaroo eats too close to the Bottom of the grass which sets up a severe Gas pains problem for sheep much As the australian is fond of his Hes fonder of his in a contest Between Mutton and the Kangaroo All kangaroos Are Good for is1 to make track shoes out of and to make children lord we always manage to put an end to things like i dont know whether it was the inspiration of the Kangaroo or the fact the Commonwealth was founded by Guys on the Lam from British but australians can run than almost any two legged creatures on one of the main traffic hazards there is Guys in their underwear pumping Down the City streets with spikes on their feet and Stop watches in their the 5 whistle looks like a bus tout in the worlds biggest crap they Are almost As curious aberrations As the an australian runner May be identified besides the fact he says Dine Lor and Trine for by an enlarged a pulse rate Down with the Guy who has just been Cut Down from a to function for a longtime on one gulp of fresh air Murray i Best of the Bunch Fonald William Clarke is the Best of the australian distance runners at the he May be the Best of the worlds runners at the next olympics a Small detail i will get Ron Clarke pronounce Clack or is a certified Public accountant who holds seven count pm world records at everything from the three mile to the on hour the last Ameri can to run steadily for an hour had blood hounds after who won the two mile race at in the los Angeles times indoor meet at the sports Arena last took a third in the meters at the last even though at the age youd think he was better off in a car at those he wants a Gold medal in Mexico City in the Only Australia is As Flat As the crowd around a piano bar at five minutes to at Mexico cites the White corpuscle count goes up so you have a better Chance at leukaemia than the finish Ron sensibly proposes to move to the Rocky mountains or the French Alps for six months or so before the but the International hassle is so the International olympic committee might just As Well mail the medals right now to the Kipchoge or the colombian distance both of whom live so High in the air they get the bends at anything Low enough to have Timber on the Ioc wont let the runners carry along any aids like oxygen but unless so to come up off their Low Clarke thinks they at least ought to allow sombreros and because he along about the the ath letes will find out Why mexican stake los Angeles times diplomats Clark Leroy Williams driven Basket with eight be cords remaining catapulted Clark to a 9492 Victory Over the Ysmael steel admirals and gave the underdog diplomats the annual command naval Philippines Fil american invitational basketball tournament title at Langley Points naval station the dramatic shot came moments after Bill Castle Man scored to tie the tension filled game before the Triumph was Clarks third in a Row and its second Over the Philippines 1 Amateur in the annual Langley a Day Clark whipped the Manila hoop sters the diplomats reached the of the double elimination tourney by overpowering another Manila the Yco painters who were the defending tourney a 511 guard from rammed in Bijj All inthe second including his game clinching which boasts of five former olympic players and four representatives to the fifth asian led Clark throughout most of the after trailing 4542 at the airmen staged a searing rally which saw them come to within two Points at then the moment came when Pivot Man Castleman scored his equalizer which sent the partisan crowd into a the ensuing Narciso Bernardo rated As one of the Philippines finest for a 25foot jump shot but Williams blocked Ralph Hodgson led Clark with 16 Points As he scored six Field goals and four he was followed by Castleman with other diplomats who figured in the scoring included Williams Jimmy Brown James Carter Wilbur Moore George Hartley 9 and Walker Pacific stars stripes 93 feb 1967

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