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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 20, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Okinawa ceremonies 8 Chu Vietnam Iso Are right below if you fire rockets just below our position you cant miss that was the message a trapped Marine reconnaissance team radioed to the pilots of two a4e skyhawk jets circling Over that patrol was in bad trouble and the Only Way we could help was by firing rockets extremely they had marked the advancing pc position for us with the pc were Only about 30 or 40 feet away from said Marine Robert of East Long my plane want armed with the Ideal Ord Nance for this continued but my Ijohn was carrying a full Load of the Job of blasting the advancing Viet Cong off the Mountain fell to after being assured Fey the ground marines that their position was protected toy began his rocket whose was loaded with heavy bombs not suitable for this particular strafed the Mountainside with his 20mm Camp Okinawa Iso Michael Camp Smedley presented Camp Butler marines with three Bronze one Navy commendation four purple hearts and two retirement certificates to the Fleet Marine re serve in Camp Mctureous Parade Field All of the combat awards were for actions p e r f o r me d during operation against enemy forces in the Republic of gunnery Jeremiah Purdie received the Bronze Star with combat v while serving As weapons platoon r 3d 4th Marine during operation Prairie Quang Tri the successful completion of prayed intense Small arms grenades and mortar fire to effectively position two m60 machine guns during his company fifth and final assault on Well fortified North vietnamese bunk although under intense Purdie among his distributing and encouraging them to repulse a of one armed with a he moved to a position that was receiving intense sniper fire and eliminated a North Viet namese in the fierce 2hour fire fight that his actions and effective fire inspired All who observed and were instrumental his units Alfred Henry Millette received the Bronze Star with combat v in connection with operations against Viet Cong forces while serving with b 1st amphibian tractor 3d Marine upon arrival at the Village of be 5 unit came involved in an intense Battle while providing support for i 3d 9th Marine the amphibian tractors had just arrived at the Forward command Post of i when came under heavy attack by a 500 Man Viet Cong battalion the enemy had 81mm and 60mm mortars in addition to machine guns sup porting As they advanced into of i Cam rank Vietnam 10 somewhere once its an ill wind that blows no admittedly those on the Short end of various ill winds would probably want to de Bate at 864th recent High that washed away some of the units proved a disguised the company which was the subject of much complaining and scene of chattering Teeth and Goose was constructed near one of Cam Ranh Bays Many then came the Rains and High last seen the Shower resembled a Graceful Craft As it gently floated but to that ends the sad part of our prompted by Shower less and itchy truck drafts clerks and other assorted Pencil pushers became construction engineers in three a 30by 20foot Concrete pad was a 20by 20foot Shower was erected and a luxury commodity not present in the old showers was pleasant Surprise at Hickam sp4 Joseph Remez of a Vietnam War Hickam a member of the gets a kiss from miss Loretia 4th was the patient flown by Ann and a Box of Candy As ithe military Airlift command c141 he was on stopped at Mac within the Pacific area since Usan army Steps up fort the army is intensifying grenade training to improve the american combat Effort in the warfare in the Republic of Vietnam lends itself to the extensive use of the said a spokesman of the Continental army which is responsible for before increasing grenade pm each trainee was required to throw one live fragmentation and three fused Vietnam Guam up Road Andersen Guam general John air Force chief of said Here that american servicemen in Vietnam Are doing a terrific Job under extremely difficult everyone in America should be proud of those men out there and i mean the seeks View duty to serve country Binh Vietnam 7th of Richard of is an air Force reservist who requested recall to extended Active duty so he could serve in i Felt that every had a duty to come Over Here and serve this attitude seems to be some thing of a family Folfas older Edward Tolfa is an army helicopter Pilot who flew 525 hu16 gunship mis Sions in the Mekong Delta from until american his Tolfa his air Force Ernie is due in Vietnam in March As an a1e sky Raider Tolfa is an aircraft Load flying aboard ac47 dragon ships from this Delta which is also the Home of the vietnamese air forces 74th tactical his e 4th air commando flies the Only armed air Force com Bat aircraft from Binh Thuy it is responsible for supporting vietnamese villages and outposts throughout the an automobile sales manager in civilian Tolfa joined the air Force Reserve in after six years in the regu Lar air i wanted to be a yet i love to Fly and enjoy being part of the air so i joined the air Force flying As a Load master in i even had the Chance to Fly two mis Sions to Santo Domingo during the crisis in 1965 and earned the air Force expeditionary Tolfa since coming to Vietnam in he has flown 26 mis air the whole lot of there doing a terrific Job and that Means the people Mcconnell Mcconnell stopped Here briefly tuesday As his plane refuelled in route to he is returning an eight Day visit to at a plane Side interview min utes before his Mcconnell was asked about the use of Thailand As a base for b52 he replied we Are thinking about but nothing is being Thailand is not Mcconnell would not comment actions in charge of the two amphibian immediately positioned them where the enemy was attempting to break through the he then directed the amphibian tractor Crews to fire at the Viet his return machine gun fire successfully pinned Down the enemy and prevented them from break ing out of the killing which was being hit by air throughout the 3hour engage Menov he repeatedly exposed him self to heavy fire while Man Euver ing the amphibian when the Marine positions ran Low of ammunition directed the amphibians to resupply them and then returned to the line to rein Force the the third Bronze Star was awarded to Robert be also in connection with operations against the Viet while serving with c 1st 1st Marine Nepon was assigned a Mission of setting his fire team As a part of a perimeter protecting a civic action operation in the Vil Lage of Viem Dang his Mission was to prevent infiltration of enemy forces into the during the Early hours of dark infiltrating Viet Cong tried Roget though the but Nepon detected their movements and challenged the Cne Niy hurled grenades into his seriously injuring him and his although in great pain from shrapnel fragments in his left Arm and both Nepon directed fire on the enemy and hurled routing them from the disregarding his he turned his attention to his seeing that one of his team Mem Bers had lost his lower left leg he took off his Belt and applied 0 which saved the mans the Navy commendation medal with combat v was presented to Lance George while serving with c 1st 26th again for heroism displayed in Dolhn Sworths platoon came under intense fire while crossing a hedgerow in Quang Tri pro one Marine was wounded and lying in an exposed position 30 Yards Forward of the platoons when a corpsman tent to his both were taken under heavy automatic weapons fire by the dug in 50 Yards to their to 11 ing s w o r unhesitatingly left the safety of his covered position and with Complete Dis regard for his own exposed himself in a kneeling Posi Tion Between the enemy and the wounded Marine and the corps for five minutes he delivered effective fire on the wounding two of them and enable Krivoy sworn in Taipei a Tang former Secretary general of the president Chiang Kaish eks ruling party in nation Alist was sworn in Friday As ambassador to the Republic of Tang succeeded Admiral Liang who returned Here in december and lying the corpsman to move the disabled Marine to by his courage in the face of enemy fire and Loyal Devotion to Holingsworth undoubtedly saved the lives of his four purple heart awards were made to the marines of Camp Butler for wounds received in combat while in support of the forces of the Republic of Viet Nam against Viet Cong those receiving the purple heart awards were Louis Gold Star in lieu of the third award Robert Foster Gold Star in heu of the Sec Ond award and Henry Williams and Lance Lynn retirement ceremonies concluded a total of 47 years of serv ice for gunnery Whitney Beattie and Edward Pacific stars stripes 1967

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