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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 20, 1967, Tokyo, Japan16 prep teams enter . Basketball tourney Jim Murray Tachikawa a Japan the 19th annual far East High school basketball tournament is scheduled Tomarch 7-11. Be played Here eight teams Are entered in the class a division of the single elimination tournament including Yamato american school in Japan Chofu Johnson Cam Zama Yokohama Christian Academy of Japan and Kubasak of entered in the class b division include Seoul american school and Seoul foreign school Republic of Korea wainwrighth.s., Taiwan King h.s., Casebo Narimasu St. Mary s h.s., to Kyo Misawa and the Junior Var sity Champion of the kanto won class a laurels for the last two year while the Misawa missiles Cap Grin and Bear it by Lichty 7s prom Sec new chinese proverbs by cultural revolution Mao say this and that but sound lust like what confucius say Long time ago crossword Puzzle . I. 1 mature 4-roman gods 6-quarrels 11-Lndividua 13-cylindrical 15-Printer s measure 16-Lngredient 18-Sun god 19-preposition 21 snare 22-period of time 24-Cut 26-gratuities 28-noise 29-hebrew musical sign 31 secluded " Valley 33-Nova Scotia 6-walked 7-writing implement 8-aspiring to be artistic Colloq 9-Symbol for tellurium 10-exert to the utmost 12-Compass Point 14-merits 17-servant 20-lubricates 23-Man s nickname 24-civil service abbr 25-cronies Colloq 27-narrow opening 30-meeting room 32-Booty 35-extreme 37-Frame of mind Nara by go Etc the a a a she shed h00h c3h33 hhqc3 Baba a by ugh in q0hqqo 38-article of food 39-National hymn 41-couple 43-earthquake 44-pronoun 46-delirium Kremens abbr 48-float aimlessly Sanaa -7 51-employer 53-girl s name 57-siamese native 58-Babvlonian deity 60-exist 62-pronoun 64-brother of Odin 34-european 36-Fate 38-a state abbr 40-skid 42-molar 45-a state abbr 47-Burden 49-ripped 50-Aleutian Island 52-unit of italian currency i 54-prefix Down 55-a state abbr 56-unproductive 59-Parent Colloq 61-debase 63-taste 65-earn 66-Symbol for 67 Down 1 Simian 2-tender3-teutonic deity 4-stupid person 5-lifeless 11 15 24 29 38 45 50 55 61 19 39 65 20 34 46 12 16 25 40 51 56 21 30 47 57 distr. By United 26 35 52 17 31 41 13 36 48 63 27 42 53 8 22 32 49 58 23 28 37 54 64 feature Syndicate inc. 10 18 33 43 59 14 44 60 tured the 1966 class b Champion ship. Seeding scheduled in both divisions isto take place at 7 30 ., March 1, at the kanto civilian club. Tournament director for the second consecutive year is Joe Steffen of Yamato High Yokohama red devils Are the pre tourney favourites to Winthe class a championship based on their impressive showing inthe Kinto Plain High school basketball league. However Therp Hybl Champion never won the class a title. The Sleeper of the five Day classic could be Kubasak which an enrolment of 1,320 Stu dents. Misawa is a slight favorite to repeat As class b champs. Rok threatens Boycott Seoul a the Republic of Korea threatened to Boycott the world women s basketball championships in Prague in april if its basketball team is denied the use of the official designation Korea by the czechoslovak organizers of the meet. This intention was cabled bythe South korean basketball Assn. To the communist organizers after it received notification that the koreans would be designated Ashe South korean team. An association official saw the czechoslovak decision As a retaliation against the japanese organizers of the world women s volleyball championships in to Kyo last month who allowed South Korea to enter under the name of Korea while telling Kommuru St North Korea to enters North North Korea and other communist nations boycotted the meet in korean olympic committee Koc official said that the Koc will ask the International olym Pic committee Ioc to intervene in this matter. One gulp of air the earliest and fastest residents of the Conti nent of Australia could run the mile in just Over two minutes in their Bare feet and sometimes carrying Thieryoung in built in pouches in the front. But the trouble with kangaroos is they get a rolling Start. An they run Only out of passion or panic. They fight with their feet and their faces and while none of them Ever held out for extra expense Money they break the aau Laws in several important respects most noticeably in eating the second place finisher which not Only mean you can t get a clock on non winning time but also he gets no Chance to fear the Kangaroo is on the Way to becoming extinct like the great Plain Bison of bygone America. For one thing the Kangaroo eats too close to the Bottom of the grass which sets up a severe. Gas pains problem for grazing sheep and much As the australian is fond of wallabies he fonder of Mutton. In a contest Between Mutton and Kangaroo the Kangaroo loses. Besides All kangaroos Are Good for isto make track shoes out of and to make children smile. And lord knows we always manage to put an end to things like that. I Don t know whether it was the inspiration of the Kangaroo or the fact the Commonwealth was founded by Guys on the Lamfrom British Law but australians can run farther faster than almost any two legged creatures on Earth. One of the main traffic t hazards there is Guys in their underwear Murray pumping Down the City streets with spikes on their feet and stopwatches in their hands. The 5 Whistle looks like a bus tout in the world s biggest crap Are almost As curious aberrations As the Kangaroo. An australian runner May be identified besides the fact he says Dine for Down and Trine for train by an enlarged heart a pulse rate Down with the Guy who just been Cut Down from a rope and an ability to function for a Long time on one gulp of fresh air so much so that when an australian runner Dies they re afraid to Bury him for a month or two. The Mere fact heart in t pumping in t evidence of anything except that he s not very excited at the moment. Best of the Bunch Jonald William Clarke is the Best of the australian distance runners at the moment and he May be the Best of the world runners at the next olympics except for a Small detail i will get to. Ron Clarke pronounce it Clack or Clacky is a certified Public accountant who holds seven count pm world records at everything from the three mile to the one hour run. The last Ameri can to run steadily for an hour had blood hounds after him. Clarke who won the two mile race at 8 41.8 in the los Angel Stimes indoor meet at the sports Arena last saturday took a third in the 10,000 meters at the last olympics and even though at theage of 30, you d think he was better off in a car at those distances he wants a Gold medal in Mexico City in 1968. The Only trouble is Australia is As Flat As the crowd around piano bar at five minutes to closing and at Mexico City s Altitude the White corpuscle count goes up so High you have a better Changeat leukaemia than the finish line. Ron sensibly proposes to move to the Rocky mountains or the French Alps for six months or so before the meet but the International hassle is so great the International olympic committee might just As Well mail the medals right now to the kenyan Kipchoge Keino or the colombian distance runner both of whom live so High in the air they get the bends at anything Low enough to have Timber on it. The Ioc won t let the runners carry along any aids like oxygen sniffers either but unless they so to speak come up off their Low horses Clarke thinks they at least ought to allow sombreros an scrapes. Because he thinks along about the 6,000th meter the ath letes will find out Why mexicans take siesta. C 11967, the los Angeles times Demarco to boost warriors Camp Howze Korea 10 part of the double play Combina when the 1967 International inter service baseball league begins there will be familiar face at first base for the2d inf. Div. Warriors. Tony Demarc will be patrolling the first base area for the tribe for h i s second consecutive sea son. The 6-2, 215 Demarc Pounder was a Warrior regular in 1966 when the club finished in Sec Ond place in the Bibl with a 20-8 had a Good club last year but we could t get everything go ing at the right time. Thus far Over 100 applications have Bee turned in for the club and we should get some outstanding play ers from the Large group de Marco year Demarco hit .320 for the warriors with five Home run sin league contests. He was also a Tion that led the Bibl in twin kill Ings with 27. During the 1966 Campaign de Marco had Best four game series during a Goodwill tourney in Seoul. He helped the Warrior become the first american team to win the event. The tribe swept the tournament in four straight game s. Demarco helped Start a triple play for the warriors in the tour Ney. He also hit a Home run Over the right Field Wall in Seoul stadium which gave the tribe a Vic tory Over first City Bank. The native of Wyckoff . Had urge 4 new sports Manila a the philippine proposed that Archery softball gymnastics and yachting be added to the events of the sixth asian games in Seoul in 1970.the philippine Amateur athletic federation made the proposal Ina letter to the South korean organizers of the coming asian games. Previous minor league experience before joining the warriors last year. He signed with Elmira of the class a Eastern league in 1964 and played 1 the 1966 baseball Campaign Demarco was a Mem Ber of the undefeated warriors eighth . Army football gained individual honors As the All eighth army defensive left end. Demarco expects the Easco frontiersmen to be the team to beat during the 1967 baseball sea son. Bascom four or five goo players coming Back. Buck learn and Mike Grebeck both hit Over.350 last year and the two will be Back this season along with catch or Bill Sablich Demarco com the baseball season Here Demarco will be discharged fro the army. He plans to attend Louisiana tech this fall on a foot Ball scholarship. Pacific stars & stripes 93monday, feb. 20, 1967

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