Pacific Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1967, Page 35

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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 19, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Chip Down checker test t is said impossible takes a Little the checker contest at is a Case in p o i n White mov ing up thai to move and win in seven move is the How is it done hint its All Over but the shouting after five plays the rest is mopping longtime Champ Millard Hopper provides his solution m St n l in name the though none of them Are you should be Able to identify most of the following relatives famous Etc j it made famous by Lifavi Sefc be Echt Stowe father who goes on As strongly As Ever All the time aunt of Tom Sawyer r Husland at who want John but John husband of who could eat no fat wife i of John Alden who chose him instead of Myles 9 9 theres to when you feel so satisfied that you have Noth ing to kick about just try this draw an shaped line on put your Heel inside the Angle and take three Steps always placing one foot directly in front of the with thei heels and toes in next put an empty Matchbox at the end of the Foremost the then bring your right foot Back to its original position in the now try to kick Over the Matchbox with your left foot without touching the and bring it Back beside the turn four into a Hundred 4 Mong the twelve mixed numbers listed four May be wadded to total exactly i Cari pick them 14 15 7 19 20 12 41 17 42 19 youll probably have to Pencil and paper to hit on the right v it strike out by Scovie a strike Cross out Correct numerical an Swers to each of these statements the to riffs on Bighorn sheep this will be on next years Calendar behind t h e a of senarian is at least years it 8 8 t phrases now in common speech testify How widely per sons have listened and perhaps been influenced certain men and can you Supply whats omitted Here in a quotation from the past 7m do i n of what i ought we deserve no because it is our what Ter word is miss ing from the above quotation is p o 4 a u score 10 Points for using All letters in the below to form two words in St a b l e Ftp Enscore 2 Points each for Al All words of four letters or More found among the try to score at least 50 a question of Ages no Mir is president Johnson is in How Many years will of nines age be on third that of president Johnsons see if you can solve this in your if resort to Pencil and if to Eurof p b a Nimox Iiara Aufu us torts sunday crossword Puzzle in this multiplication the multiplier is equal to the mul that is to the two figures being multiplied Are the xxx xxx xxx xxx to b e g i x times x results in it both is must a either a 4 or a now go i across 1 6 girls 10 15 marching 17 19 21 architectural 22 23 24 25 being 27 mens 39 Metal 30 32 33 94 noun forming 35 37 38 red 39 goddess of 40 run 42 43 44 46 All right is 47 wheat 48 49 biblical 50 walking 54 moslem 55 56 Bond 57 58 59 degrees of 61 prayer 62 High musical 63 Small 64 tiny 65 66 68 make 69 refines 70 makes 71 physically adept 72 73 spoken 75 76 77 78 after part of a 79 september 80 camera 83 84 musical drama 85 Type 87 89 railway Union 90 ruths 91 93 Rocky 94 98 chemical 100 stows 101 102 103 104 105 to turn Down 1 Flash 2 3 covered 4 5 6 7 8 9 part of 10 woo hair 11 12 civil 13passed As 14 16 biblical 17 speak from 18 3 score 19 20 26 28 members of a 31 33 strokes 34 36 More 38 39 41 42 43 affirm 44 45 46 musical 47 wild 48 49 50 51 mexican 52 53 55 56 Rock 59 60 Coral 61 63 65 67 68 greek 69 station 71 domiciles or 11 72 part of 73 partook too much 74 began 75 Flower 76 time 77 seaweeds or bacterial 78 79 alarm 81 be aware 82 propelled a 85 86 88 90 part of 91 nothing 92 Days of 95 wooden 97 animal 99 dividend abbr answer to today Puzzle my Eib fihs Sarao Emu him 300 he handing you a laugh line Tow often do you stutter asked Doc Jet what was the i patients reply i ii what kind of a dragon breathes firewater y what made the new executioner give up his to of what happened to the angry strip lease artist a Jinq h u Jjo nov aug

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